(Edited) Notice from GamjaLvL1

I am Minsoo ‘GamjaLvL1’ Kang.

I have been trying to get back into translating and administrating for OTL. I have variety of tasks that need to get done for OTL to operate normally. I am currently dealing with Short Term Memory loss, but luckily its most likely a non-permanent condition.

The reason why I worked on stories  meanwhile is to help me improve my memory, because translating without the aid of short term memory is basically impossible.

Thank you everyone for your positive support.

19 thoughts on “(Edited) Notice from GamjaLvL1”

  1. Glad to see you’re doing better. I appreciate the work you’ve done and hope you make a speedy recovery.

  2. Die you rotting rat!

    Hah! Edit your comment more you asswipe. Join your mother in skin cancer hell

  3. Just take care of your health and do your thing man. Wishing that your conditions gets better.

  4. Yeah take care of your health and die already. Make sure that skin cancer goes terminal so you can end it once and for all. Be quick.

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