Main character hides his strength – Chapter 148 is out!

Thanks for the long wait. Please enjoy the next installment of Main Character Hides his Strength

This is a re-edited version of the chapter we had released a while back. Previous one has been removed.

Chapter 148 – Unexpected Encounter (3)

(Edited) Notice from GamjaLvL1

I am Minsoo ‘GamjaLvL1’ Kang.

I have been trying to get back into translating and administrating for OTL. I have variety of tasks that need to get done for OTL to operate normally. I am currently dealing with Short Term Memory loss, but luckily its most likely a non-permanent condition.

The reason why I worked on stories  meanwhile is to help me improve my memory, because translating without the aid of short term memory is basically impossible.

Thank you everyone for your positive support.