MHK – Glossary

This page will keep getting updated as new equipment and skills are introduced

Effect of Ranks on stats of weapons

[Rank affects stats as follows.]
[Rank E – x0.1 | Rank D – x0.2 | Rank C – x0.5]
[Rank B – x1.0 | Rank A – x1.5 | Rank S – x2.0]
[Rank SS – x3.0 | Rank SSS – x4.0]

Number of titles owned by K and their effects:

  1. Master Hunter – All Stats increased by 30%
  2. Treasure Hunter – Twice during raids, You have rights to ask the Operator for hints about the hidden locations
  3. Elite Samurai – increases damage dealt by Katana type weapons by 40%
  4. Adjudicator – When killing Party members who entered the ‘Troll’ state, obtain two of their equipped items
  5. Inquisition – When hit by spells cast by others, gain 10% increase in speed and damage
  6. Summoner – Familiars summoned through ‘Spiritual Link’ will last 10 additional minutes longer
  7. Blue Magician – Increases Blue magic effects by 20%
  8. Assassin – Attacking unsuspecting enemies increases damage by 100%
  9. Iron Will – Auto protects twice against abnormal status such as ‘Sleep, Confusion, petrification, and blind’
  10. Dragon Slayer – Attacking a Dragon deals four times the normal damage.
  11. Frozen Heart – See any other Hunter’s items and stats at will. Available 2 times while equipped. 1 time while unequipped.

Potential Future Allies:

  1. Watanabe Hiroaki aka Hiro – Met in the 3rd raid. Introduction chapter – Chapter 15
  2. Mahadas – Met in the 3rd raid. Introduction chapter – Chapter 45
  3. Hildebrandt – One of the Final 10 before Sungjin’s Regression
  4. Mustafa – One of the Final 10 before Sungjin’s Regression

The Chosen Ones:

Title obtained by the Chosen Ones:

Chosen one – Receive 20% of the chooser’s stat as bonus stat. Once a day, you may summon the Chooser with his permission.

  1. Franz Hosenfeld – Met in the 9th raid. Baptised in Chapter 86
  2. Nada – Met in the 9th raid while Troll Hunting. Baptised in Chapter 90
  3. Serin Han – An Olympic archer who K met in the 4th raid. Baptised in Chapter 108
  4. Gerald Baltren – A Policeman K met in the 1st raid. Baptised in Chapter 130

K’s current equipment:


Blood Vengeance – Bloodthirsty devourer
Unique Legendary Katana – Strength SSS Dexterity S

Active Skill
Baptism of Blood (V) – Consumes 10,000 HP per second from the user to increase attack power.

Passive Skill
Vengeful Spite (I) – When HP hits 1, become invulnerable for 1 second.
Final Strike (V) – When HP hits 1, the next hit against enemy deals 5 times as much damage.

He who wishes to confront great evil must become a sword.
A Sword sharper and stronger than any other.

Moon Specter – Possessed sword of the Malevolent Spirit

Unique Legendary Katana – Strength SS Dexterity S Mind A

Soul Absorption(IV)
Recover 4% of the total mana per hit.
Blessing of the Ghost(I) – Spirit of the Ghost Blade protects the user.

Active Skill
Deathly Wail (IV)
A ghost will roam the vicinity for 10 seconds to induce strong fear in all nearby creatures.

Cooldown 20 minutes

Sword possessed by a malevolent Spirit

Artemio – Magic Slayer
Unique Legendary Scimitar – Strength SS Dexterity S

Passive Skill
Spell Eater (III) – Reduces damage taken from spells by 30%
Mana Burn (I) – Each strike with the sword reduces 10% of remaining mana of the opponent, and deals damage equal to mana lost.

Active Skill
Absorb Magic (VII) – Absorbs offensive type magic spells used against the caster under 7th class. Cooldown 10 minutes.
Expel Magic (VII) – Fires absorbed spell. 3 Uses available. Cooldown 10 Minutes

The Sword of Artemio who abhorred magic, Ironically
He came to be unable to live without the support of magic.

Ariane – Dragon Lady
Legendary Katana – Strength S Dexterity A Magic Power B

Active Skill
Mana Flow (I) – Provides half of the mana used for the next 10 seconds. Depending on the size of the Dragon’s Heart, there is a limit to mana provided.

Passive Skill
Mana Respiration (I) – The Dragon’s Heart and the user restores 1% mana per second.


Free Ark – Free man’s Shackles
Heroic Wrist Armor – Defense 28%

Active Skill
Remove Crowd Control (III)
Removes unwanted Crowd Control effects.
Cooldown: 5 Minutes

Swift Paw – Wolf’s step
Heroic Shoes – Defense 22%

Active Skill
Swiftness(III) – When out of combat, move at 1000% the normal speed for a brief period of time. 30 Seconds Duration
5 Minute Cooldown Time.

Telkron – Jester’s Gloves
Heroic Glove – Defense 12%

Active skill
Pa – Throw the weapon or shield in hand.
Haa – Thrown weapons return to the hand it was thrown from.
The weapon’s flying speed scales off of the total weapon damage dealt. Cooldown 20 seconds.

Besgoro – Dullahan’s head
Legendary Helm – Defense 70%

Passive Skill
Ghost Vision(IV) – Enables low light vision.**
Substitute Chanting(II) – Chants the incantation of the spell being thought of on behalf of the caster. Cooldown 1 minute
Chat(I) – consult Sir Besgoro, who has a wealth of knowledge from countless battles.

Active Skill
Frenzy(VI) – Increases attack speed by 10% for each hit against the enemy. 1 Minute duration, 20 minute cooldown.

Diora – Pants of Feather Fall
Heroic Pants 34% defense

Passive Skill
Feather Fall(II) – Reduces falling damage.

Sael’s Breath – Mantle of Freezing
Heroic Mantle Damage reduction 5%

Passive Skill
Protection from Flame (III)
Reduce damage inflicted by Fire based attacks by 60%

Active Skill
Mantle instantly freezes, briefly reducing damage taken by 99%. Cooldown 5 Minutes

Redrun – Red Dragon’s Scale Armour
Legendary Breastplate
Protection 43%

Passive Skill
Dragon Scales (Red) – Reduce damage from Fire by 20%
Dragon’s Rage (I) – Each hit taken increases stack of Dragon’s Rage by one. Maximum 25 stacks.

Active Skill
Dragon’s Breath(Red) – Consume all stacks of Dragon’s Rage to fire Dragon’s Breath.

Armour created from Khal Gal’s scales.
Although the scale is much smaller, it could recreate Dragon’s Breath.


Heart of Gold – Ring of the Rich

Rare Ring

Collect Interest(II)
Upon receiving Black Coin as Raid reward, gain an additional 10% more.

Ring of Deathmond – Lich’s Finger
Heroic Ring

Active Skill
Lich’s Beckoning(III)
Absorb mana from the Corpses. Recovers 75% of the total mana. Cooldown 10 Minutes

Boost Magic(II)
The next magic cast by incantation becomes doubly powerful and costs twice the mana. Cooldown 5 minutes.

Kamram – Ring of the Siamese Twins
Legendary Ring

Passive Skill
Dual Weapon Mastery (V)
Copies 100% of the proficiency of the dominant hand over to the other hand.

Blood Sucker – Vampire’s Ring
Heroic Ring

Passive Skill
Life Steal(II) – Steal health for 2% of the damage dealt by physical attacks on hit

Helix Ring – Ring of the Warlord
Heroic Ring

Receive 1 White Coin from those who, knowingly and of their own free will, kisses the ring.
Those who kiss the ring receive a permanent 10% loss to all future Raid coin rewards.
Can only be used once per person.

Chimerao – Ring of Fused Beasts
Legendary Ring

Active Skill
Magician’s Ice (IV) – Immune to Fire for 5 seconds.
Snake’s Serum (IV) – Immune to Poison for 5 seconds.
Lion’s Courage (IV) – Immune to Fear for 5 seconds.
Goat’s Fire (IV) – Immune to Ice for 5 seconds.
Shared Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Nature is designed by God. The ones who break the design
Will face suitable punishment.

Aio – Ring of the Great Sage
Unique Legendary Ring

Passive Skill
Great Sage (Blue) – Allows casting of every Blue Magic Spells.

Active Skill
Empower Magic (V) – Increase Magic power by 5 times for 30 seconds.
Usable once a day.

Ring containing Anatol’s Power.
He had created items like this ring from a very young age.


Bayram – Basilisk’s Eye
Heroic Necklace

Active Skill
Snake Eye(III) – Paralyze enemies for 3 seconds. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Yanhurat – Mad God’s Whisper
Legendary Necklace

Passive Skill
Indomitable (II)
Immune to all types of restraints and debuffs. 10 Second duration.

Active Skill
Zealot (V)
Increase damage and speed by 500% for 30 seconds.
Reduce HP to 1/5 after the effect ends.

Necklace with the sealed power of the Mad God Yanhurat.
His faint whisper can be heard from the necklace.

Trite – Eye of Jeremiah
Heroic Earring

Passive Skill
Legilimency(I) – Read the surface level thoughts of the person you are conversing with.
Activated by touching the earring. 10 seconds duration once the conversation begins. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Fate is determined by the mind.
Change the mind to alter the fate.

Paranova – Star of the Nameless
Legendary Amulet

Change the Title. Cooldown 10 minutes

For some, Name is everything
For some, Name is nothing


Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Ancient stories of the East
Unique Legendary book

Active Skill
Declamation (V)
Read the Novel. Reading different parts of the Novel causes different effects.
1 use per day.

A tale among tales, a classic among classics; An Omnibus which systematically deconstructs the ups and downs of human and national relationships for the reader.

Other Items:

Manyata – Master’s Bell
Heroic Accessory

Active Skill – Call of Madness(IV)
Owned Summons become invulnerable for 10 seconds and raises Damage and Speed by 400%. Cooldown 10 minutes

Al Zard – Magic Carpet

Active Skill
Flight(III) – Can fly for 20 minutes. Cooldown 1 hour.

Far far away in the middle of the desert, a wondrous place
A place where anyone would want to go at least once.

Tribyre – Trollseeker Marble
Heroic Marble

Active Skill
Pursuit of Justice (I) – Teleport to the realm a troll is residing in. 1 charge stored.

Jasepit – Holy Water of Baptism

Active Skill
Imbue the title of ‘The Chosen One’’ to the target.

Mamaya – Finger of Brainwashing
Heroic Accessory

Active Skill
Mind Control(II) – Freely command the target for 10 seconds.
Suicide or self harm is impossible on the controlled target.

The user is unable to move for the duration of the ability. Cooldown 20 minutes.

Dark Elves were masters of advanced hypnotic magic. And through it, it is said that they could take away fear from allies or control the minds of the enemies.

Gourmet’s Monocle
Heroic Accessory

Active Skill
Substitute Reading (I) Reads the book on behalf of the user.

Gourmet’s Monocle. He initially had only one bad eye, but through years of intense reading, sight in both eyes went bad.

Staff of Helix – Sceptre of the Warlord
Heroic Staff – Strength B Dexterity C

Active Skill
Draft (I) – Summons all Chosen Ones. Chosen ones are able to reject the summon.
Cooldown 1 day.

Mandatory Draft (I) – Forcefully summons the Chosen Ones who rejected the Draft. Those who are summoned this way are unable to leave the Dimension for 10 minutes.
Cooldown 1 day.

Inspection (I) – Select a Chosen One and check the situation. May choose to teleport to the Chosen One being viewed.
Cooldown 5 minutes.

The child grinned jestfully as he said
‘In the world of kings, I will become the smallest, yet the largest king of the jungle’
But his eyes were filled with certainty.

Spells learned by K:

Spell Book – Frostbite
2nd Class Blue Magic

The ground freezes, binding(rooting) enemies to the ground.

Spellbook – Rise of the Dead
4th Class Black Magic

Revive Fallen enemies as undead summons to use in combat. 10 minutes duration.

Spellbook – Fireball
4th Class Offensive Magic

Launch a large fireball. The fireball explodes on contact and the flames spread out dealing collateral damage in the vicinity of the blast.

Spell Book – Polymorph
5th Class Green magic

Transform the target into a sheep. Duration depends on the Magic Power. If the polymorphed target is hit, the spell is undone.

Spell Book – Chain Lightning
6th class Blue Magic

Fire a bolt of lightning that hits the target and jumps on nearby enemies.
Each successive enemy hit by the lightning reduces the damage for the next target.

Spellbook – Illusion
7th Class Black Magic

Create perfectly identical mimics.
The number of illusions is based on the magic power.

Some more Spells(with no status screen given yet)

  1. Invisibility – 5th class White Magic
  2. Heal – 3rd class White Magic
  3. Purify – White Magic (heals curses, confusion, charm, blind)
  4. Neutralization – Green Magic (heals poison)
  5. Anti Magic Shield – Black Magic (blocks a single incoming spell)

K’ Summons:

Grand Kin – Master of the Forest
Legendary Summon

Special ability – Spiritual Link (Grand Kin)
Spiritual Link(Grand Kin) – Loyal Familiar, Summon Grand Kin.

If Summon is killed, or if 10 minutes pass from the time of summoning, it disappears.

Grand Kin who inherited the Forest from his mother.
According to legend, he can communicate with other creatures of the forest and command the spirits.

Soldamyr – Sealed Great Magician
Legendary Summon

Active Skill
Spiritual Link (Soldamyr) – Loyal Familiar, Summon Soldamyr.
If Summon is killed, or if 10 minutes pass from the time of summoning, it disappears.

Soldamyr, once strongest Magician to have ever lived in Kutan,
sealed himself into the lamp in exchange for eternal life.

Shadowrun – Ghost Stallion
Heroic Summon

Passive Skill
Spiritual Link (Shadowrun) – Summons Legendary Stallion who can run continuously without rest. 10 minute duration.


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    Active Skill
    Remove Crowd Control (III)
    Removes unwanted Crowd Control effects.
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