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(Warning: Page might contain spoilers for those who haven’t read till the latest chapter)

The Curse of Extinction:

What we know so far:

‘One night, everyone experienced the same dream as God’s curse swept through the land. From that moment on, not even a single child’s laughter could be heard. The Curse of Extinction; This calamity was interpreted as one of the harbingers of the End. It brought an incurable illness that killed every child. It didn’t discriminate between the rich or poor, strong or weak, noble or otherwise, and killed everyone impartially as all were equal in the face of unrelenting death.’ Chapter 23

‘all children under the age of twenty had been afflicted by the God’s curse and suffered from an agonizingly painful incurable disease, and for the most part, they had all already died. Even if they somehow survived, they were stuck in a state that was between the living and the dead.’ Chapter 34

Note: This curse has not been mentioned as being one of the 5 Calamities.


It is prophecised that there are 5 great calamities that will befall on mankind in the Other World. After a calamity is beaten the next one shall befall on mankind. This will go on until all 5 of them are beaten

Currently, we know about 2 calamities and their backstory:

1) Hesthnius Max, The Demon King

‘Hesthnius Max was a true king of the demonkind born every few centuries and was chosen as a Hero of the Demonic God. He had incredible strength and wicked wit which featured him in the first prophecy of the calamities.’ Chapter 56


‘Eight years ago. The most influential existences within the continent were gathered to halt the upcoming Calamity. They were named the 13 Champions of the Continent. Currently, the title exists only as a type of formality, but in the past, it used to be a gathering of all the denizens of the Other World who were believed to be the only ones capable of saving the world from the calamity. Unexpectedly, they betrayed that grand expectation in a spectacular way. Only a single voice shouted in rebellion against them, but no one was listening. That man soon took on the moniker of the Enemy of the World.’ Chapter 52

‘People believed that the Thirteen Champions of the Continent did nothing, and recorded history reflects the fact that the gathering of the Thirteen Champions had remained idle. However, the truth was different.

The Thirteen Champions of the Continent had joined the invasion into the Demonic Realm. They had also managed to force their way through the Demon King Hesthnius Max’s Palace reaching his chamber. If they had torn the door open and entered at that time, the first Calamity would have ended right then. But then a conflict of interest occurred at that moment. Someone spoke up.

“After we kill the Demon King, the Seven Heroes will appear once again. Can we handle the Seven Heroes? What about the next Calamity after we manage to kill them?”

That one line of questioning ruined everything.’ Chapter 62

‘Who was the one to rise to the task at a time when those in power had simply prolonged the calamity and left their burdens onto the next generation? It was Sungchul. How much had he given up for the sake of saving the world since that moment? He had lost his best friend and also all of the reputation he had built. He had turned the world against him in order to gain strength. Wasn’t it all for the purpose of saving the world that he was now hiding inside the Summoning Palace and pretending to be a newbie?’ Chapter 30
Currently, Sungchul is learning to kill the Demon King putting an end to the 1st Calamity.

2) The Seven Heroes:


‘This was the unfathomably distant past. There was a time when humans had been massively summoned into the Other World. The irresponsible gods left the fate of the Other World in the hands of the insignificant humans. The humans were immature and primitive, but they were able to overcome the Other World’s tribulations after many sacrifices. There were seven heroes at the center of this. The Seven Heroes, as they had been called by the people, suddenly disappeared, with nothing but a legend stating that they would return when they were once again needed. This legend was fulfilled in the most ironic form possible.

[…The seven forgotten existences, who disappeared after trampling over the Devil’s demonic forces, will one day return for the sake of their promise. Along with them, blood and death, war and pestilence will follow.]

The forgotten saviors of the past were now rewritten, as a calamity prophesying extinction within the minds of the people.’ Chapter 6

The 7 Heroes (in random order)

1) Desfort, the leader of the Seven Heroes

2) Vestiare: the Echo mage- She is a high elf

Echo mage is a legendary class. They can copy unique echoes of each spell to repeatedly cast out their spell. This ability had allowed Vestiare to raise the firepower of a simple fireball to hellfire grade strength

3) Sajators: the Mage of Multicast

Sajators was versatile enough with his ability to use several different types of magic simultaneously. Because of that he had earned the nickname ‘Magician of Multicast’.

He would simultaneously prepare a multitude of spells, either dodging the enemy attacks or having already sealed off their movement with magic, before simultaneously unleashing the prepared array of destructive spells to destroy all of his enemies in one go. His Multicast was even able to stack several different high-level spells with enough power to blow away the mountains

4) Dragoman: reached the peak with swords

5) Daltanius: pursuer of endless strength

6) White Phantom: the assassin without a record

7) Ga Xi Ong: the Devourer of Souls

Some of the Seven Heroes may not be human like Vestiare. This will be updated as we get to know more about each of them.


The 3rd 4th and 5th Calamities have not been mentioned yet.

Current stats of Sungchul:

’The one who Demolishes’ Sungchul Kim’s Status Window>


  • Covenant
  • Indomitable Spirit
    (Immunity to Mental Attacks)
  • Blessing from the God of Chaos
    (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality 10% increase)
  • Heir of Heracles
    (+100 Power)
  • Bloodline of Berserkers
    (Large amount of Healing when below 10% Vitality)
  • Champion of Humanity
    (+50 Will)
  • Rapid Bow of the Kingdom of High Elves
    (+30 Dexterity)
  • Heart of an Ancient Warrior
    (+5 Strength, Resolve, Vitality / Resilience)


  • Covenant
  • Final Declaration of Grand Mage Balzark
    (-10 Intuition)
  • Blessing of Blademaster Karakardra
    (+ 1 Dexterity, -1 Strength)
  • Ancient God’s Champion, Arrak – Garr’s Criticism
    (-3 Strength)
  • Dark Dragon Groteus’s Karmic Curse
    (- 20 Strength, -20 Vitality)
  • Adelwight of the Haunted Forest’s Common Curse
    (- 5 Strength, Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Enemy of the Kingdom
    (Faction: Nemesis of Human Kingdom, Blank Check Reward)
  • Destroyer of Hora Mountain Sect
    (Faction: Nemesis of Hora Mountain Sect, Destroyed)
  • Destroyer of Mewra Sect
    (Faction: Nemesis of Mewra Sect, Destroyed)
  • Enemy of the Coalition of Mages
    (Faction: Nemesis of Coalition of Mages and affiliated guilds)
  • Steel Fist Curse of Crimson Orc Chief, Drakuul
    (Race: -30 Orc Favor)
  • Recorded on Dwarven Log of Villains
    (Race: -200 Dwarf Favor)
  • Recorded on Merchant Coalition Blacklist
    (Faction: Trade impossible with Merchant coalition and their affiliated factions)


Main Class – Primordial Warrior (Mythic)
Sub Class – Echo Mage (Legendary)
Sub Class – High Class Chef (Rare)
Sub Class – Alchemist (Rare)


Strength 999+ Dexterity     853
Vitality    801  Magic Power 193
Intuition 173   Magic Resist 621
Resolve  502   Charisma       18
Luck 18

[Soul Contract – 6 Slots]

  • Soul Harvester
    ([Legend] Vitality Leech 15%, Vitality restored from fallen enemies)
  • Thunder Shield
    ([Legend] All Magic Damage reduced by 50% / Negate all mental attacks below legend rank)
  • Eye of Truth
    ([Legend] Negate all blessings below Epic rank / Identify all items, consumables, and skill details)
  • Soul Storage
    ([Epic] Can store 1500 different items)
  • Deceiver’s Veil
    ([Rare – High Tier] Conceals status window)
    – Blank –

[Weapon Proficiency]

  • Blunt Weapons – Max Proficiency
  • Sword – Master (85% until next level)
  • Axe – Expert (22% until next level)
  • Spear – Expert (18% until next level)
  • Bow – Master (82% until next level)
  • Polearm – Expert (11% until next level)
  • Staff – Veteran (44% until next level)
  • Unarmed – Grand Master


Glossary is a work in progress, more to be added soon.

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  1. Thank you for putting this up. I think it should also be noted that there is possibly a 6th Calamity known as Sungchul Kim the Enemy of the World. This was told to the MC, Sungchul Kim, by a future reincarnation. Where she told MC that the 5 Calamities were solved but then the world failed in stopping the 6th Calamity, Sungchul Kim.

    1. Found the chapter they talk about it. Chapter 29. Instead of future reincarnations they are called regressors, my bad i didn’t remember what they were called till I found the chapter.. He might not be the 6th either. She told MC that the Second and the Third Calamity was beat. Then she said, “But we ultimately faced a great calamity that couldn’t even be compared to the Seven Heroes…” Which was Sungchul Kim.

      1. Yeah I know, at first I decided not to put it since it’s a speculation as her future is different from the on they might experience. But I’ll put it up as a rumored part in the calamities section

  2. Heh, what baffles me, is MC dismissing way of Magic Swordsmanship as weak, if he choose to learn it, would he not be able to produce grand magic attacks without much learning and training, but just due to his owerwhelming physics? That being said, what about magic items? 🙂 it does not seems mc lacks them.

  3. question in one his blessings it says “All Magic Damage reduced by 50%” does this mean magic that hits him, magic that he fire’s off or both?
    Also for the “Negate all blessings below Epic rank” this is about his own blessings right?

  4. Yo in chapter 78 After sungchul got the soul inheritance from the avian king and then the king died the scripture of the calamity’s changed. They directly say “the calamity of the avian king” So was the avian king one of the 5 calamities? also they talk about the third being some sort of war between races. If anyone can explain pls do.

  5. Spoiler Warning

    Spoiler Warning


    1. Demon King
    2. Seven Heroes
    3. Great War

    (P.S Sungchul Kim mention this; he can overcome the first 3 calamities on his own.
    But when he mentioned this, only the first 3 were known)

    4. not clear yet, but I would supect the Avian King
    5. not mentioned, the Enemy of the World is a possibility or same different calamitie
    6. Enemy of the World is a possibility

    My oppinion:

    1. Demon King
    2. Seven Heroes
    3. Great War
    4. Avian King (though could also be 3.)
    5. Sungchul Kim

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