(Edited) Notice from GamjaLvL1

I am Minsoo ‘GamjaLvL1’ Kang.

I have been trying to get back into translating and administrating for OTL. I have variety of tasks that need to get done for OTL to operate normally. I am currently dealing with Short Term Memory loss, but luckily its most likely a non-permanent condition.

The reason why I worked on stories  meanwhile is to help me improve my memory, because translating without the aid of short term memory is basically impossible.

Thank you everyone for your positive support.

Survivor – A short story by our translator GamjaLvl1

Hey, everyone!

I edited another short story written by GamjaLvl1 earlier so thought of posting it in our new menu head ‘Shorts’ a place where the people of Oppatranslations can share whatever they have written in their spare time.

Give it a read!


A short story by our translator GamjaLvl1

Hey, everybody! Our translator Gamjalvl1 (translator of Master Hunter K) had written a one-off short story in his spare time earlier. So we thought that we should share it with our fans!

So here it is:

Fear the Wicken – A Fidget Spinner Story