6 thoughts on “Master Hunter K – Chapter 186 & Epilogue is out!”

  1. To readers
    Thanks for reading
    MHK is my first fantasy novel
    There were a lot of deficiencies, but thank you for having fun.
    My goal is to produce authentic fantasy novels in English.
    Like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.
    Now I’m writing a different novel in Korea
    When I’m ready, I’ll be able to see it again in another work.
    Some characters from MHK (EX. Dragon Aria)
    Items, places you can see again.

    See you again in other works. Thank you.

    1. thank you for still updating. Any idea on other translators situation? it seems Master Hunter K is the only novel still being updated. I’m worried since the last general news update was on Nov 2018 and now it’s approaching mid 2019. Another half year hiatus after the last one is starting to freak me out.

  2. While I do not agree with the way you handled communication, I still have to say:
    Thank you for bringing us the translation of this novel. Thank you for not giving up and bringing us the end. Thank you for your quality which is sadly not the norm today.
    And thank you to the author for writing this really nice novel. While I have some qualms about the ending, all in all it was a nice way of wrapping up the story. Thank you.
    I wish the team and the author the very best for the future.

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