Chapter 173 – Bakash Island (2)


The hunters simultaneously turned to look towards the jungle.


The sound was steadily getting louder. Someone whispered,

“Is that…”

He did not finish speaking, but everyone could roughly guess what he wanted to say. The spearman quickly began to gulp down the potion that he was holding.


[The Devourer ‘Kiazen’ has appeared.]

Soon, the figure of an enormous Tyrannosaurus could be seen towering above the canopy.

Someone quietly muttered,


Everyone was extremely tense except for Sungjin. Soon the enormous Tyrannosaurus, Kiazen the Devourer, came out of the jungle.

“Brilliant Protection!”

An intense light came surging out of the tanker’s shield.


The Tyrannosaurus averted its eyes due to the intense brightness.

‘Is he blinding it with the light… That guy really does have good items…’

Attacks from long-ranged damage dealers soon followed. First, the archer released an arrow.

“Exploding Arrow.”

The arrow that he fired landed directly on the Devourer Kiazen’s right eye and exploded.


As the name suggested, it created an immense explosion. All of the hunters watched the blast closely.

‘Did it work?’

However, after a brief moment, Kiazen glared at the hunters with a terrifying eye that had transformed to that of a panda’s.

‘It was a good idea to aim for the eye, but… the timing wasn’t good. If the tanker made the boss close its eyes, then it would’ve been great if he had delayed his attack by just a little… Or he could have aimed for the neck which was narrower in comparison to that head…’

The archer was also a bit lacking, unfortunately, in combat instincts. Next, the magician began to chant a spell.

“The Source of Strength, Destroy my Enemies! Light of Ashurian!”

A light violently blazed up in the magician’s hand before scattering in various directions.

‘Boom! Boom! Boboom!’

The rays of light would explode each time they came into contact with Kiazen’s body, shaking him from side to side. The hunters shifted their gaze towards the boss in unison.

‘Did it work?’

But after a short while, Kiazen bellowed even more furiously towards the hunters. When Sungjin saw this, he thought,

‘Before, he was great in adapting to the situation… But it seems that his Magic Power isn’t up to par since he invested Stat Points towards his physical abilities.’

If the team’s primary magician was bought enough time to finish a chant, then he must have the ability to deal a critical blow to the enemy.

‘When compared to Mustafa… or Edward… He is nowhere near as good…’

The two that he had some hopes for ended up disappointing him. Just in case, Sungjin asked Besgoro for his opinion,

“Mr. Besgoro, what do you think about them?”

‘Hrm? Who?’

“The skills of these people.”

‘No matter how you look at it, they seem to be worse than your teammates, whether it’s that bow-using miss or that miss with the big boobs… or that guy wielding the greatsword.’

“As expected, that’s the case.”

It looked like there was no one in this party that was worthy of being taken all the way to the end as an ally. Even if you took into consideration the bonuses that the current ‘Chosen Ones’ received from the title, these people were nowhere close to the level of ability of the ‘Chosen Ones’. While Sungjin was appraising them,



The spearman was sent flying into the sky by Kiazen’s foot, and the archer was slammed onto the ground. The rather exasperated tanker shouted towards Sungjin.

“Hey! Master Hunter! Just what are you doing?”

It was then when Sungjin realized that he was standing idly by and conversing with Besgoro while his teammates were dying.

“Aahh… Sorry.”

The tanker shouted angrily,

“Is being sorry enough? We’re all about to die!”

Sungjin took out Rajenta’s egg from his vest and threw it into the air as he said,

“Don’t worry. There’s no need for me to observe you anymore.”

Rajenta broke out of the egg and shouted loudly as he circled widely around Kiazen.


Kiazen was wary of Rajenta and attempted to bite him, but couldn’t keep up as Rajenta was too quick. Sungjin shouted at Rajenta,

“Over here! Rajenta, there’s no time to play around.”

At Sungjin’s words, Rajenta obediently flew over to Sungjin’s side. Sungjin jumped up slightly and climbed onto Rajenta’s back.

“Rajenta, we’re aiming for that guy’s head. Besgoro, match our timing and activate Frenzy.”


Sungjin, who had only been holding onto his swords loosely, now tightly grasped his Blood Vengeance and Moon Specter. Rajenta followed his master’s orders and ascended into the air above Kiazen’s head with Sungjin on his back.

‘3, 2… 1’

Sungjin looked for the right timing before he jumped down from Rajenta’s back directly onto Kiazen’s head. At the same time, Besgoro’s helmet turned crimson. Within mere seconds after he had descended, Sungjin had torn apart the Tyrannosaurus’s head with Moon Specter and Blood Vengeance. Kiazen, whose head had suffered from several dozen wounds in an instant, let out a pitiful cry that did not match its gargantuan size as it collapsed.


Right before Sungjin hit the ground, Rajenta caught his master on his back and leisurely flew up towards the sky. While Sungjin took in the wind from atop Rajenta’s back, the Operator’s voice rang out.

[Boss monster ‘Kiazen’ Cleared]

Sungjin told Rajenta who was carrying him,

“Good job Rajenta.”


Rajenta cried out happily before he dropped Sungjin off near where the other hunters were gathered. They were all gaping blankly at Sungjin. It was to be expected since Sungjin had massacred the boss all by himself in a few seconds while the four could not do much despite working together.

“A… Amazing, Master Hunter Kei.”

“I thought the rumors were exaggerated but… You’re actually even stronger instead…”

Sungjin, embarrassed by their compliments, waved his hand as he said,

“Erm well, that’s enough of that.”

The hunters ran towards Sungjin and began to bombard him with various questions.

“How did you become so strong?”

“What are those swords? Are they both Legendary items?”

“That helmet doesn’t look ordinary either…”

“Wait, first, aren’t your stats incredibly high? Did you really earn them honestly?”

Sungjin broke out into a cold sweat as he attempted to calm the hunters down.

“No… I…”

Sungjin looked behind him and made a gesture to Rajenta.

‘Let’s go.’

Rajenta caught on.


Rajenta spread his wings and strolled to Sungjin’s side. When the enormous griffon walked towards them with his wings opened wide, the hunters felt a sense of oppression and stumbled backwards.

“In any case… Since the boss is dead… I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Going? Where?”

As always, he couldn’t explain everything about his circumstances. Sungjin mounted Rajenta, then said,

“I’m going to go kill the Hidden Boss by myself. You guys should kill the other monsters before you leave. Then, farewell.”

The hunters extended their hands towards Sungjin as if they were fans meeting a celebrity.

“Master Hunter Kei!”

“Mister Kei!”

Having left those words, Sungjin rode Rajenta up into the sky. The hunters stranded on the ground did not chase after Sungjin all the way up here. Sungjin then let out a sigh.

“Whew… They were really clingy…”

Besgoro suddenly interjected,

‘Why didn’t you give them some tips on getting stronger? Especially that spearman. He seemed to be of a decent sort.’

Sungjin thought about the conversation that had just occurred.

‘That helmet doesn’t look ordinary either…’

Of course, the one who said this was someone holding a spear in his hand – the spearman.

“… It’s fine Mister. Now let’s see… The Hidden Boss’s egg is…”

At that moment, Rajenta began to turn towards the side.

“What… Why… Rajenta!”

Sungjin was flustered at first, but once he saw the immense nest in front of him, he realized that Rajenta had found the target first.

“Great job, Rajenta. Let’s go.”



The corpse of the gigantic pterodactyl fell into the jungle with a loud noise. The Operator’s voice could be heard,

[Hidden Boss, ‘Tyrant of the Skies, Karez’aard’ Cleared.]

Sungjin praised his Summon, who was holding onto him,

“Great job, Rajenta.”


Now that he had killed the Hidden Boss, there was nothing in particular left for him to do in this raid.

‘What is really important is gathering allies, but it’s already too late for that… Should I go hunting for trolls…’

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard the sound of someone calling for him.

[The Chosen One has requested your teleportation.]

‘What happened?’

Sungjin immediately looked towards his Operator Cube. Nada’s figure appeared above it.

“Hey there, Kei. I think that man you called Mustafa is in my party?”

Sungjin asked her,

“Mustafa? Is he a Mustafa that’s really skinny, has a long mustache and uses magic? The name Mustafa is pretty common in the Middle East after all.”

“Yeah, he’s super skinny, has a long mustache and is good at using magic. Come and see for yourself.”

Sungjin nodded his head.

“Understood. I’ll be right there.”

Sungjin immediately left the dimension and teleported into Nada’s world after receiving his title and rewards.

She was waiting for him with her usual leather armor removed and sporting just a tank top instead. Nada fanned her curvaceous body as she complained,

“Ugh… It’s too hot and humid here. How can I wear armor when I’m this sweaty.”

Sungjin looked elsewhere as he was afraid that he would make a mistake once again.

“So, Mustafa?”

“Over there, resting in the jungle. Right now it’s break time.”

Sungjin looked in the direction that she pointed towards. A group of hunters sat in a circle under the shade of a tree as they rested. Sungjin discovered Mustafa sitting amongst them wearing a white robe and holding a staff, the head of which was shaped like a snake’s. The color of his robe and the form of his staff were quite different from before, but that thin physique and long mustache had undeniably confirmed his identity. Sungjin could not help but exclaim in surprise as he walked towards Mustafa.


The hunters were startled when they saw Sungjin and picked up their weapons. It was a rather natural response. Normally, all life forms in this dimension were enemies except for the five that had gathered at the start. But not one of them attacked the human with the title ‘Master Hunter’ over his head who was making his way towards them. Furthermore, Sungjin had kept his weapons sheathed as he walked towards the hunters unarmed. While they were dumbfounded by this, Sungjin quickly approached Mustafa and shook his hand.

“It’s great to meet you at last, Mr. Mustafa.”


Note: Author has taken note of the feedback given by readers and has revised the chapter accordingly, adding the bit about the hidden boss. We have updated it as well above. The reason why hidden boss and rewards weren’t given importance earlier is at this stage for K they don’t hold much meaning anymore. The team and its members are more important to Sungjin and the author.

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