Chapter 172 – Bakash Island (1)

After finishing breakfast, the hunters bid each other farewell and departed.

“See you at dinner time, everyone.”

“Yeah, do your best, everyone.”

“You too!”

Though the others were animatedly exchanging farewells, Sungjin merely held up his hand and waved to them. This was because Sungjin had been thinking about Edward since even before the hunters gathered together.

‘… Edward … restarted once… Then that guy… did he do all of that… knowing that I would go back in time?’

‘But even if that’s the case… Was there a reason for him to troll?’

However, at that moment,


Upon hearing someone calling to him, Sungjin raised his head.

There was only one person that called him ‘Oppa’. Sungjin looked at Serin with eyes wide open in surprise as he asked,

“Hrm? You haven’t left yet?”

“Yes. Since today, you didn’t say much again… I was worried that you were still… angry at me.”

Sungjin waved his hand as he said,

“Ahh… No. It’s just… I was thinking about something else.”

“Is that so? What a relief. Hehe.”

Serin smiled cutely. Seeing her smile, Sungjin also grinned as he said,

“Go on. It’s time for me to prepare myself as well.”

“Ok. Then… See you later, Oppa.”

Serin waved her hand as she disappeared. Now alone, Sungjin patted the seat as he stood up. There were too many questionable points in the information that he had, but there was nothing he could do about it for the moment.

‘… Let’s look at it once more tonight. I should be able to learn more about it as I sleep.’

The next raid was Bakash Island, the primordial island where dinosaurs roamed. It was a place that was swarming with enemies whose sizes defied common sense. However, it was not a difficult raid so long as you were careful of their sizes. As the raid was approaching, Sungjin took out ‘Lathion – Star of Solitude’ and was about to use its Active Skill, “Solitary Training”.


But when he thought about it, it occurred to him that it might be better not to use it anymore. Few stats or coins were no longer what Sungjin needed; what he really needed were allies who could go to the end with him.

‘Instead of earning stats by myself… It would be better to finish the raids with other hunters and choose one or two more members.’

Having made up his mind, Sungjin placed the star back inside the cube.

[The raid is beginning in 10 seconds. 10, 9, 8…]


Sungjin was teleported to Bakash Island. Dinosaurs could be seen wandering about in the distance making this place looked as if the set from the movie Jura**** Pa** had been moved here as is.


When one of the hunters that had been summoned to Bakash Island saw his surroundings, his jaw dropped.


Sungjin glanced at him. The first time he saw this, he had also displayed a similar reaction. However, this was already his second time experiencing this. Rather than watching the dinosaurs, Sungjin slowly examined the other hunters who were staring at them. Now, everyone had fancy equipment, befitting of veterans who had experienced dozens of life-and-death crises. Of course, Sungjin was the only one who had equipped four swords.

‘That friend over there has a Legendary armor. Was it Sargon’s Armor… Hrm… But his weapon… I think I saw it hanging in some shop… Did he buy it with Black Coins…’

‘He’s wielding a magic staff engraved with runes and a shield… Is he some kind of combat mage?’

Sungjin looked at them as if he were shopping in a mall. However, as he was watching them, a Caucasian spearman wielding a long spear locked gazes with Sungjin, then let out a cry.


He pointed at Sungjin with his finger and asked,

“Master Hunter… Master Hunter Kei?”

Sungjin stared at the spearman as he searched his memories.

‘… Where did I meet him?’

However, he could not recall when they had met. No matter how he thought about it, it was definitely the first time that they had seen each other. He had difficulty telling apart people of different races that he had come across during the raids – in truth, Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, etc, all looked the same to him. While Sungjin had a pinched expression, the hunter approached and asked,

“Right? Master Hunter. Master Hunter Kei.”

“Ah, yes… That’s me, but…”

Sungjin’s words trailed off, but the hunter suddenly came closer and held out his hand as he said,

“Ohh, I heard a lot about you, Master Hunter Kei.”

Sungjin absentmindedly shook the hunter’s hand. The latter continued,

“It’s an honor to meet you.”

‘Just what makes it an honor…’

While Sungjin was bewildered, another hunter who was behind him came up to him.

“Master Hunter Kei? You’re that… Legend?”

He did not know why, but it seemed that he had become quite famous. Sungjin asked the hunters,

“Do you… know me?”

The spearman that had extended his hand earlier spoke up,

“I heard about you from the other hunters. That there’s a person who jumps across dimensions to hunt trolls.”

The hunter next to Sungjin also added,

“I’ve also heard of that. That you even fought two or three trolls alone.”

It seemed that the other two hunters were intrigued by seeing the three of them gathered together like that.

“What? Master Hunter? Is he someone famous?”

“Hrm… I think I’ve heard about him, too…”

It seemed that Sungjin had become well-known to the other hunters since he had killed dozens of trolls as well as saved many more lives when he jumped from one dimension to another. Now that he thought about it, he did recall hearing something like that from one of the ‘Chosen Ones’ while eating.

“Now that I think about it, there were people talking about Mister Kei during a raid.”
“Yeah, I heard about that too. That there’s an incredibly strong hunter jumping across dimensions to hunt trolls… Kei should be the only one that fits that description, right?”

Back then, he had simply thought, ‘Is that so?’ and threw it to the back of his mind, but now it seemed that he had truly become rather famous.

[The raid will begin in 1 minute.]

Upon hearing the Operator, the two hunters nodded their heads as they spoke up.

“It’s an honor to be in the same party as you.”

“I guess we’ll get to see Mister Kei’s skills. I leave myself in your hands.”

For now, Sungjin simply nodded as he wondered if there was anyone among these hunters who was decently skilled, and if it would be alright to accept him as a teammate.



A lengthy cry reverberated throughout the jungle. The gladiator standing at the front raised his shield as he said,


The hunters beside him each took ahold of their weapons upon hearing his words. Kei, of course, held up Blood Vengeance and Moon Specter as he prepared to fight against the enemy. Eventually, raptors with long necks revealed their figures one by one from inside the jungle.


The hunters’ arms tensed as they held onto their weapons. If he wanted to, Sungjin could cut down the raptors in an instant, but he merely gripped Moon Specter and Blood Vengeance instead of intervening because he wanted to see how the hunters fought.

“Come Forth! The Circle of Justice!”

When the shield-bearing man finished shouting, the gazes of the raptors snapped towards him.

‘Hrm… Is that a skill that attracts aggro…’

However, the gladiator had used it far too early. His skill had affected only the first few raptors leaving the others that appeared afterwards to their own devices.


Because of this, the raptors charged towards the spearman, the magician, the archer, and of course, Sungjin, who were standing behind the gladiator. The tank became flustered when he saw the raptors circle past him, and looked back at them even as he was facing off against some raptors that were attacking him.


Sungjin hit away a few of the raptors that charged at him as he thought,

‘That guy’s equipment is decent, but his talent in tanking is just so-so.’

Sungjin observed the other hunters during the chaos that occurred. The magician cast,


and created a few illusions as he retreated backwards. He then used his magic staff to crush the raptors’ skulls while the raptors were busy chasing around the duplicates. Sungjin watched all of this from the corner of his eyes.

‘In addition to his skills in magic… His physical abilities are decent as well.’

When Sungjin wasn’t looking, the archer had put away his bow and taken out two daggers. He held a dagger in each hand as he spun around like a windmill and ripped through the raptors’ hides. The raptors that had been charging like wild dogs could no longer approach the archer because of that tornado-like storm of knives. Sungjin thought,

‘This guy is also decent. He isn’t limited to just arrows and he’s great in adapting to the situation.’

The problem was the spearman. Because the spearman was wielding a spear that was as tall as him, he was constantly besieged by the raptors’ slashes from inside that range.

“Go… Go away! These bastards…”

When the spearman came under attack, Sungjin glanced towards the tanker. The tank who was supposed to be protecting the spearman. Unfortunately, the tanker was too busy blocking the attacks of the raptors that he had provoked. Upon seeing this, Sungjin thought,

‘The tanker lacks the ability, and the spearman can’t adapt to the situation. For them to become Chosen Ones, these two are…’

However, at that moment Moon Specter shouted at him.


Sungjin abruptly came to attention and found that there were a huge set of teeth right in front of his nose.


Sungjin urgently threw back his head. Soon, the raptor’s teeth snapped shut where his head used to be.


It was a spectacle that would’ve chilled a normal person. However, having overcome dozens of life-and-death situations and even having actually died once, this was merely an opportunity to Sungjin. He slightly twisted the hand that was holding Blood Vengeance, and the head of the raptor that had just attempted to tear off Sungjin’s head soon began to spurt blood as it fell to the ground. But, this was not the end.


Upon seeing the blood of their fellow raptor, two more charged towards Sungjin.


Sungjin appropriately limited his strength as he fought against the raptors. This was because if he were to fight with everything he had, then it was entirely possible that the other hunters would not have a chance to fight. Sungjin lacklusterly swung his sword around to block the raptors’ attacks while simultaneously watching how the other hunters reacted. After a few dozen seconds of chaos had passed, the situation was nearly settled. The hunter who had been given the role of tanking let out a sigh as he asked,

“Whew… Is everyone okay?”

At this, the spearman stooped over and leaned on his spear as he said,

“Me… Wait a bit.”

Now that they looked, there was a long wound on the spearman’s waist. It seemed that he had been injured by a raptors’ claws. The spearman removed a potion from his belt and said,

“Can we proceed after resting here for…”

However, it was at that moment that the sound of an immense footstep could be heard from the depths of the forest as the ground began to shake.



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  1. Hello guys
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    1. First, i would like to thank you and oppatranslations for bringing this amazing story to English readers throughout the world. i loved everything about the world that you created. I especially liked the fight scenes of the MC vs the hidden Bosses. I wish there were more warrior skills instead of just skills that comes from items. Its like how magicians can use Black Coins to purchase magic books, but warriors cant purchase, well warrior skill books. Its just what i thought when the MC couldn’t figure out what to use Black Coins on. I don’t know if i missed that part, or if it was already explained. What I’d like to see in the extended version is an extra 300 chapters. lol.

      1. I had similar thoughts about the skills as well, but what the author did simplified things. Having both individual skills and item skills are way too much, especially when you include accessories and magic spells.

    2. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!

      1. What I like about the novel is how it reminds me of an Action RPG like Diablo mixed with Dark Souls, with all of the loot, spells, etc. The “Game Over -> Retry” aspect is interesting as well 🙂

      2. What I dislike is how Kei makes some very illogical decisions. Like he completely disregarded the White Coin item catalogue that would’ve only cost him 100 black coins – virtually nothing to him! Or how when Edward ran away, he gave up on the chase so quickly when he should’ve had both the stats and the items to catch up in no time. Especially those boots that triple his running speed when running after a fleeing opponent, IIRC.

      3. What I’d like to see of the extended is finishing all the raids, including the demon castle and at least 2-3 raids after that one, instead of some shortcut to the end 🙂

      It would also be nice to have a better understanding of the “game” mechanics involved. For example, is Kei now literally thousands of times stronger and faster than a normal human? If so, he should be able to take out any spellcasters in a couple millisecond, not giving them the seconds it takes to chant a spell – as it doesn’t seem like spellcasting is sped up at all! And how does his high HP deal with critical hits? If someone without sufficient strength/attack power stabs him through the heart or through the throat (assuming no armor), does he shrug it off? Does the blade bounce off? And how does armor rating work? For example, I thought “20%” meant that it would absorb 20% of damage, but we’ve seen even the “low” rated armor completely block or parry attacks.

      1. Oh, one more thing, please no “amnesia” ending where nobody in the world, except maybe the final party, remembers anything about the death game! I want the world to know, and to deal with that knowledge!

      2. If it actually worked like that then wouldn’t taking the magic route be a dead end path of enhancement? Well, I get where your coming from and I wish the author thought more about the stats. If you took it at face value K should be able to sprint across a large raid field in minutes. This isn’t really the author being negligent, but rather a small oversight.

    3. thanks Author, i am from Brazil so my english is not very goog, but i don’t like use the google translator, so sorry.
      i like very much from this novel, is one the best if i see.
      1-the good about this novel is the nice continuation of history, harmony, mc grew in history without killing his colleagues, which in the moral part would be ok because they would not really die and he would save them but he grew up gradually and helped others to grow as serin.
      2-i don’t like about the final turn of the story, edward should remain the villain.
      3 I would like the MC to save everyone and stay serin is that the key to this was the dragons
      please if you answer me tell me other novels that you wrote that I will certainly read because I am your fan

    4. 1. I like your jumping dimensions setting for the novel. I like how you stick to your character about the MC being ruthless, facing with hardships and not just overcome with “Plot Armor”, but with actual knowledge and with how the MC Did make mistakes.

      2. Frankly the part about Serin Suddenly Trusting Edward rather than the MC is what make it bad. If you could read the comments about that arc then you will know what we mean. Beside that then the current novel pacing and story is good enough.

      3. I haven’t read the raw so I don’t even know about the original Ending for this novel. But since I saw in NU, about how this novel is finished in 11 more chapters, then maybe it’s a rushed ending or something? Something that most KR Authors like you guys somehow keep on doing it. So what I’m asking for the extended version, is just for, of course I can’t expect for all the plot holes to be filled, the novel pacing straight to the end to be…………good or straight without some “Sudden” events that “Suddenly” Conclude the novel events and no “Convenient” Conclusion ending(Deus Ex Machina) I guess. Just hoping for the extended to be good and completed with All the Major Points of the novel to be Clear and Get Answers.

      And lastly, thanks you for your hardworks in creating this novel. We rarely get the Original Author for the Translating Novels to Comment on the Community so we appreciate your effort in doing so. And hoping that if you write a new novel in the future, and with Oppatranslations being the group that does it, then you can also comments again for readers like me to know.

    5. I also wanted to thank you for making such an incredible story! It was one of the first web novels I ever read and the world and characters really impressed me. It’s even made me consider learning Korean so that I can read other such fantastic stories on my own.

      1. What I really liked about the novel: Almost everything. I love how real the characters are in it as they aren’t all saints nor are they all evil and troll immediately. Also, how even normal people are worried about whether or not they should troll just to increase their chances of survival even one more round. I also liked the rest time between each round where he was able to visit all the shops in the city. Finally I enjoyed the diversity and creativity of all the rounds and (hidden) boss fights.

      2. What I don’t like: not much to be honest. He was able to get his hands on incredibly powerful weapons early on and never disposed of them, but that’s not really an issue considering that he needed to complete absurd tasks in order to acquire them. I also thought he obsessed over killing edward way too much and never considered the possibility the edward had a redo before as well, but given that edward literally killed him it isn’t that surprising.

      3. I would like to know why humanity was trapped in this calamity. Was a god bored? Was it necessary for humanity to step up on a multidimensional scale? how was the man in darker than black related to all of it and who exactly is he? I’d also like for K and serin to be together, but that isn’t really necessary to make the story better.

      I’m sorry about the job thing and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

    6. Thank you very much for this great novel especially since you making an english extended version.
      1. I especially like the death game aspect about the novel skills, loots, stats, those are things I enjoy in novels.
      2.when sunhjin makes idiotic choices like when he didn’t buy the list from darkert thank black even though it was only 100 black coins
      3.I’d like to see him pick strong allies and not just anyone he finds ok. People with skill and talent (though obviously he should be the most powerful, powerful enough that even if all the chosen gang up on him, he could still kill them)
      And also i wish he would pay more attention to stat points so he can get stronger.

    7. Thank you for all the hard work and sorry for your previous endeavour and hope you’ve gotten something even better.

      1st. The world, plot and characters. being tossed into this world knowing it’s kill or be killed and offering the chance of going rogue and killing others for full reward is interesting, ac

      2nd. not so much, just kei decisions one being the way he dropped the serin stuff or how serin can trust and protect someone she just met in one raid over someone she’s been in constant touch with even tho she clearly knows what kind of world this is.

      3rd. a fleshed out ending, not rushed at all

    8. Thank you so much. Love your work.
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    1. The good thing about this novel is its not the typical OP MC. He has hardships too.
    2. What I didn’t like about this novel was(Frankly) I’d say the part where Serin had to betray Sungjin. Betrayal just stings everytime, maybe just personal opinion. Plotwise, everything meshes well.
    3. What I’d like to see in the extended version is a good realistic ending. Doesn’t have to be a happy ending or a tragic ending, more like realistic ones. And also less plotholes, please (maybe even special chapters can be done). Top of the head topics are the special dragons, the black store owner, Edward’s first realization of the loophole, etc. There should be more and the community can provide that.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Man, so there are only 11 more chapters to the end?(in NU, it say 183 chapters) But since the Author will do an extended version so hopefully the ending, or new ending will be good.

  4. 1. The style of the raids. Its simple and too the point.

    2. After the first ten man raid, five man raids became boring. K was far too power and even hidden bosses became a breeze for him. It would have been better if you made all the raids after Dragon Den ten man raids, and eventually doing 20 and 50 to make K have a challenge.

    I would have liked to see more white coin items. And you never gave K a method of farming large amount of white coins.

    And although I don’t have a problem with Ed or Serin its clear that other readers do. Ed is fine since you did a good job with the foreshadowing throughout the novels and anyone who says otherwise really wasn’t paying attention. I mean really, Ed didn’t have any real motivation to troll whatsoever, yet they pegged him as this great villain. And Serin trusting Ed and being smart seems to get the people over here hot and bothered since they are virgin losers who’ve read too many novels where a love interest appears to be strong and independent, yet are obedient sex slaves who would never dare go against their dear oppa, even when their said oppa isn’t thinking straight. I found what you did with Serin to be fine, yet it might have been better if you had another character, a male, take Serin’s place so the loser readers wouldn’t revolt.

    3. I would like to see Hiro again. Also more of the final ten and other former comrades. Lastly, all of his swords to advance to Mythical/Mythological tier.

    1. lol. ‘smart’.
      call what is dumb dumb.
      You could replace her with an ostrich and this would still be dumb.
      there’s a difference when someone is directing you based on experience and when someone is directing you based on instinct.
      she used a skill and still couldn’t read mind properly but still based her decision on 30mins interaction or less, she was dumb the ostrich was dumb whichever character you tossed there was dumb.
      it’s like being giving a dictionary to cheat a test yet even after knowing what dictionary had you decided to wing it and follow instinct, how stupid of you..
      man has experienced something before, you know he has. he’s being guiding you in a tough raid world he’s literally a cheat sheet for tests and he tells you to be careful of 1 damn character/question for the finals yet your instinct tells you otherwise, how i wish the ‘character’ didnt ever follow his advice would the ‘character’ still be here?… ‘smart’ my foot..

      the said oppa is thinking straight infact way more than you, you are reading the damn thing obviously you can predict one or two things the character in the novel???? no he can’t. people like you will be the type to complain about common anime tropes where bad guy talks constantly and give MC time to react and plan and shit but here is a MC who has died once and is not willing to take another chance and goes straight to eliminating the problem cause he’s simply stronger but here you classify him as ‘not thinking straight’. check yourself virgin.

      1. I can agree to the point that totally trusting Ed over K wasn’t the best move on her part, but it was clear that the two needed to have a real talk. I’m saying K wasn’t thinking straight because like us readers following his journey there were many hints that Ed was more than he seemed. K just says Ed went crazy because of stress and was sure he was trolling the entire time. Both proven wrong. And the reveal wasn’t out of no where. There were plenty of clear hints and the event where Ed killed everyone is absolutely suspicious by itself. I know a lot of readers were hoping the for cliche where the bad guy was just a third rate loser and stepping stone for the mc, but sadly it wasn’t. He wasn’t the big bad of the story.

        Oh, and I call people who got upset over the Serin thing virgin losers was because in another Korean novel I’m reading the mc’s girlfriend was tricked by her friends to get drunk and had another man try to sleep with her. They didn’t because the mc took her home and later the girl apologized for getting drunk and getting into that situation. It was all good and it was shown that she genuinely loved the mc, but a majority of the readers called her a slut, used goods, and that the mc needed a more devoted woman by his side, just like what happened to Serin once she left the mold a devoted potential girlfriend. It was really embarrassing to see comments from the other readers showing that they don’t want a realistic girlfriend and situation that could happen in real life, but a woman who looks strong and independent, but is really a single minded and devoted girlfriend/sex slave.

        I’m fine if people aren’t okay with what happened with Serin and Ed, but go back and look at those chapters. Its just embarrassing how they reacted so it’s hard to take them serious so… virgin losers.

  5. I would love to reply to you and point the 3 motives of why i love this novel but i think all those comments up here already have my answer in between… just resume everything and you got my answer too XD.. thanks for the chapter

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