Upcoming novels!

We’ve got 2 new members in the team and so 2 new novels are being translated currently which will be launched in around late January to early February.

Here are the novels:

  • 거신사냥꾼 (Colossus Hunter)

Author : 온후 (Onhu)
He is also the author of King of the Battlefield and Dungeon Hunter.

Genre: Fantasy

  • 포텐 (Poten)

Author: 민수珉洙 (Minsoo)
He is also the author of Chemistry.

Genre: Modern Fantasy

I know many of you are wondering what they are about, wanting a synopsis. We haven’t made a proper synopsis yet and the ones on Munpia are just…not good. To give a general idea then if you liked both of Onhu’s previous novels and Master Hunter K then you will enjoy Colossi Hunter and if you liked Chemistry then you will enjoy Poten.

We are currently translating a good number of chapters before we release them so that we can maintain a steady release schedule.

I hope they become your next favorites:)


Hey everybody! I know readers are thinking what’s going on? Why aren’t they out? So I wanted to post an update on them.

We are currently working on legal stuff regarding the novels, book 2 of main character hides his strength and editing of the chapters of the 2 novels. All this being done simultaneously is why its taking long. However, we have collected many chapters as the translation have been going on for both novels steadily till now. Which means a good mass release when they launch! I think you will see Poten in April and Colossi Hunter in May. Sorry for the wait!

23 thoughts on “Upcoming novels!”

  1. I like Master Hunter K. I liked King of the Battlefield… before it deformed into just picking up OP powers and items one after the other. MHK is similar, but the mc actually worked for it all and never obtained something so overpowering for his level it broke the story, except that one ring after the 10th raid.

  2. Am I wrong or is the first one listed on novelupdates as god hunter?
    If it is the same I have to say that it has a great start, but after a few chapter it seems to get weird, at least in my opinion.
    But if you pick up this novel you probably have read a few more chapters than the ~5 I have read and therefore should know better than me. And if you think that it is good enough to get translated by you, I’m really looking forward to give it another chance.

  3. Hey I know that novel colossus hunter it was originally call god hunter from the previous translated I’m so glad actually somebody else pick it up.

  4. it’s already may, where is poten chapter?
    their words cannot be trusted. they always lied to their readers. they keep repeating same situation and enjoy it

      1. Well, they said that they’ve been translating steadily since.. they’re just waiting on legal stuff..

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