Main Character Hides His Strength – Chapter 122 is out!

Hey, everyone:) Here’s a chapter!

I know readers are dissatisfied with the amount of time it took. Here’s why it took us so much time-

  1. We have been working the past week on getting Paperback version of Mchhs ready. It took a lot of effort to format it in Paperback to make it look as good as books you find and buy in stores. The Paperback of book 1 will be launched by next week Tuesday. It already has been submitted to Amazon and it takes a few days for them to accept and put it up for sale.
    Book 1 has also been enlisted on Kindle Unlimited so any reader with a KU subscription can read it there!
  2. Gamjalvl1 has gone to Korea for a few days and we will have announcements regarding that as well soon.

We apologize for the delay and will try our best to get the next one out by Sunday.

Chapter 122 – Sajators (2)

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