Chapter 66 – Black Market Seventh Shopping

Once Sungjin returned to the Black Market, he entered the First Drop as was tradition.

“Honey Milk Tea please… and a suitable snack to go along with it.”

“Understood, Mister Hunter.”

“Ah, and can you get me a pen and a notepad?”

“Right away.”

The Panda Man brought a pen and paper first. Sungjin picked up the pen and began to write. There was a lot to do today.

“Operator, How many Black Coins do I have?”

“You have 10,268 Coins”

Sungjin put the number down on the top of the sheet and then asked

“Please take out all the items I obtained today.”

A pile of items was ejected from the cube.

Depending on preference, some people would start with the best; others would start with the worst and wait until they get to the good part.

Sungjin was part of the latter group. He picked out the least appealing item; the Helm.

Steel Helm of Fire Resistance
Rare Helm – 34% defense

Passive Skill
Fire Resistance(1) – Reduce damage received from all fire type attacks.

It was the item dropped by the Spearman troll. Sungjin spun the pen around his finger.

Rare item was usually priced between 500~5000 coins, and he had to pick the suitable amount to put it on the Auction house.

Selling for too low was obviously a loss, and pricing it too high would prevent it from being sold.

‘It is only rated at rare, but the defenses are high… and the fire resist isn’t a bad passive to have… it’s not ‘amazing’ but somewhat usable.’
Sungjin wrote on the memo ‘Steel helm for 1000 start, 1500 instant purchase’. He moved onto the next item; a spear.

It was an ordinary looking spear. Sungjin picked it up without much thought.

Vaiden – Spear of entrapment
Heroic Spear – Strength A Dex C

Active Skill
Fiendish Needle(I) – reveals several hidden blades from the spear. Enemies pricked by the blades move according to the Spearman’s will for 1 second. Effective period 10 Second, Cooldown 5 minute.

The greatest joy in life is taking away another’s freedom
And having him do as I please – Tyrant Amnar the 2nd

‘Hmm? It is a Heroic Item?’

Unlike how it looked, it had great stats. Sungjin held the spear up and said


And he tried the active skill right away.

“Fiendish Needle”

And from the center, knives spread out to the side.


The blades pointed outward radially. It was a vicious and intimidating looking array of sharp edges.

‘So if I were to use the active while having enemies impaled by these…’

It was painful to even imagine. He had very little expectation from it, but it was better than what he had expected.

He could use it from some distance, and either pull enemies in or push them away. It had a good strategic use, especially if there was good synergy with teammates.

‘He had something this nice, and he decided to go trolling…?’

It was a very effective weapon for the purpose of trolling. Sungjin put down the spear and put down the price; 3500 starting price, 4000 instant buy.

“Mister Hunter”

Xiu Ran had returned with the Milk Tea and snacks as requested. Sungjin took one sip of the tea.

The sweetened black tea’s aroma, mixed with the soft milky texture soothed Sungjin’s tension.


Sungjin enjoyed the sensation as he picked up the next item. Next one was the shoe of the archer.

Emergency Boots
Rare Shoe 18% defense

Active Skill
Emergency(II) – Fly 20 meters into the sky. Falls gradually. Cooldown 10 minutes

The freedom of soaring through the air

The winged shoes looked nice, but the effects were so-so. The effect itself was not bad; it would be useful for a mage or an archer.

The less flexible the item, the less value it holds. Sungjin quickly wrote ‘Winged shoes, 700 starting price, 1000 instant buy.

Next was a bow.

Hydra – Bow of Cobra
Heroic Bow – Strength A Dexterity D

Active SKill
Cobra Snipe (I) – Fire a live Cobra.
The live cobra dodges obstacles and bites the target to apply poison. The poison deals ticking damage up to 300% of a regular shot. Cooldown 5 minute.

A cobra, chasing down its prey.


It wasn’t bad item on the surface. Problem was that archers poured all their resources into obtaining good bows; It may seem like a good thing, but they were already 7 chapters in.

Although a majority of the hunters wouldn’t have been able to obtain a heroic weapon until now, Archers wouldn’t be one of them.

Sungjin wrote ‘Snake Bow starting price 3000, 3500 instant buy’.

Now that he checked his total, he had about 8200 minimum and 10,000 maximum income that he can expect from the items. Taking into consideration that one round of transportation only cost 1000 coins, it was an enormous return on investment.

When Sungjin took a look at the amount he thought

‘I am going to get rich quick’

Considering that he received 8968 coins from the previous Raid, it was like doubling his income. In terms of comparing to a ‘normal’ hunter, it was like receiving 4~6 times the amount they would have gotten.

It was only possible because there were two trolls in a single raid. Sungjin whistled as he checked out the other items one by one.

Diora – Pants of Feather Fall
Heroic Pants 34% defense

Passive Skill
Feather Fall(II) – Reduces falling damage.

Beauty is welcomed everywhere.

Sungjin stared at it as he held it in his hands; It was decorated by what appeared to be Harpy Feathers.

‘This is totally not my style…’

Also, he couldn’t come to like the passive ‘Feather Fall’.

‘Just when would this be useful?’

Sungjin tilted his head, wondering. But he decided to wear it since he had no protection below.


He wore the pants. It automatically shrunk to fit his legs.

‘Well… Since I will start ignoring normal mobs… it could come in handy when trying to buy time…’

Sungjin decided to leave it as is. The last item was a familiar looking spear. It was a grotesque spear in the shape of the Manticore’s tail. Unlike other items, it was a ‘Legendary Tier’ weapon.

Armantine – Spear of Paralysis
Legendary Spear – Strength SS Dexterity C

Passive Skill
Paralyze(II) – Enemies hit by this spear are paralyzed for 0.3 seconds.

Active Skill
Poison Sting(II) – Fire a volley of needles from the spear. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Manticore poisons its prey, not only to paralyze them, but to make the meat softer.

As expected of a Legendary Class weapon; it was an amazing item. It easily rivaled Blood Vengeance or Moon Specter in specs. But Sungjin could not use it due to it being a spear.

‘Just how much should I charge for this?’

Sungjin continued on his delightful dilemma.


Once Sungjin was in the auction house, he handed the items over one by one, reading out the prices he had written on the notepad.

“Ah, those boots start at 700, 1000 instant buyout. Hydra starts at 3000, buyout at 3500.”

“Understood. Boots of Emergency starts at 700 instant buyout at 1000. Hydra starts at 3000 and 3500 instant buyout. Is this correct?”

Sungjin nodded and at the end, he asked

“Did any legendary Tier items get put out for Auction?”

To which the pigman replied

“Just one.”

Sungjin opened his eyes wide.

‘There’s someone who’s selling a Legendary Tier Item? Already?’

“Really? Please show me.”

The Pigman pushed forward his cube. And from the cube, an information page popped up.

Name             Tier               Type
Armantine    Legendary    Spear

Starting Price   Buyout Price
10,000                15,000

Sold by

The auctioneer rubbed his hands as he asked

“If you’re interested in it, would you like to see the specs?”

Item was Armantine, sold by Adjudicator. Sungjin replied while holding his forehead.

“That’s the item I just handed to you.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Some of the NPCs at the Blackmarket were unintelligent like this from time to time. Sungjin still took the time to verify how much it was being sold for.

‘Starting Price 10,000, Buyout Price 15,000’

Sungjin had pondered over the price for a great deal of time. But in the end, he decided to put it at a high price. Even if it doesn’t get sold immediately, someone would eventually come to buy it in a chapter or two.

After verifying the item was properly registered with the correct amount of money, Sungjin said

“Thank you. Please send word if the items get sold.”

“Of course, not a problem.”

Once he was done thanking the NPCs, he left the auction house. As he expected, no one else was in any position to sell a legendary tier item. It would be unthinkable; legendary tier items this early on were irreplaceable treasures.

Once he was done working, he returned to his friends waiting for him at the ‘Ninety Nine Nights’.


“That was some great Indian food. Thank you Dalupin.”

Dalupin bowed deeply. Sungjin had feasted on Tandoori Chicken.

“I’ll be going to bed now.”

“Woof woof!”

Cain answered him.

“Let’s have a discussion tomorrow about multicasting, Soldamyr.”

“Yes, Master.”

Once he was done speaking to Soldamyr, he returned to his bedroom. The room was already dark.

He didn’t take very long at the dinner, but he did spend much more time at “First Drop” than he’s done before, checking out a larger list of items.

Sungjin lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. In a few moments, Dalupin would come by with a receipt if any item at the Auction house were sold.

It would be beating the dead horse at this point but; the more coins you had, the better. Money was power, especially in this world.

‘I wonder how many were sold.’

Sungjin called the Operator while lost in thought.


[Yes, Sir Hunter.]

“Give me the White Coin.”

The white coin came from within the Cube. It was of the same shape, size, and weight as the black coin. Sungjin stared at the coin for a while.

‘In order to overcome the system set by this world… You need the ‘Power of God’.’

The Merchant at Darker than Black had told him.

‘Please become even stronger and bring an end to these raids.’

He recalled the words of the survivor from the intervened world. Sungjin stood up and prepared to shower. He would have to wake up early tonight.

 Editor’s Note: To fit tables properly for our mobile readers I often split them in different lines like in here with the auction table. In chapter 63 there was an item named Pants of Obedience. Due to lack of context and item description we went with the korean version of the word in raws. But in this chapter with the item description we found out it was actually the Chinese version of the word that had to be taken. Hence, it has be renamed to Pants of Feather fall.

Gamja is down with flu since yesterday. He has been ill for about 2 weeks now and with the flu his condition only worsened. Translating this chapter took him 2 days due to his condition which is why we couldn’t release it yesterday. We will be waiting for him to get better, we will try and continue translation but there will be delays till he gets better. Hoping he gets well soon

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