Chapter 179 – The Chosen Ones (4)

Franz puckered his lips and frowned. It was because he was before a semi transparent octopus-like monster that could rotate its head 360 degrees that was undulating as it was crawling about. Actually the description ‘crawling about’ was still a bit lacking. It would be more accurate to describe its motion as dividing its body in half and transfer its body mass from the bigger chunk to the smaller chunk. Seeing such a bizarre creature evaporated Franz’s desire to fight.

“Ugh… just what is that?”

But then the person standing by his side stepped forward and replied.
“Does it matter whatever that is? We just need to kill it.”

Franz glanced at the speaker. The one standing in this dim lighted place with shining long straight hair was none other than Serin. Perhaps due to the low number of surviving hunters, Franz and Serin ended up in the same party. While Franz was unable to put much strength into his sword, Serin had already nocked an arrow into her bow. Franz saw her and thought,

‘Wow this lady…she’s harder than she looks.’

He had only met her during dinner they shared together, so until now he always had an image of her being an introvert. But now that they stood upon the battlefield, she had a completely different atmosphere about her.

“Let us begin.”

She had spoken with the sharpest of tones. The other Hunters began the preparations to fight at her words.


Franz took a deep breath and lifted up his greatsword. And at that moment, Serin’s arrow sailed through the air and



The monster who was pierced by the arrow let out eerie rusty-machine-like sounds as it made its way toward the hunters.

‘How grotesque’

Franz thought to himself as he picked up his greatsword and ran toward the monster.


Nada who had been walking along with the other hunters in the narrow alleyway stopped when she saw something resembling a white pillar at the other end.

“What is that…”

Upon closer inspection it was a very tall person. No, it had the outer appearance of a human being. It had a long body and extended face, it had no eyes or nose, and only its mouth was opening and closing. Finally, a hair as long as the creature lay around its feet. Nada who noticed this bizarre abberation couldn’t help but freeze in place.

“Whoa… what is that?”

Nada had fought against countless monsters until now, but it was the first time she had come across such a disgusting lifeform. And, the boy who was standing next to her, Hiroaki, stepped forward and said,

“That thing… it looks like one of the yokai from ancient Japanese legends.”

Nada stared at him. Luckily, she had been paired up with another ‘Chosen One’. Nada frowned as she replied.

“Japanese Yokai?”

Hiroaki grinned and drew his Katana confidentally.

“Why? Are you scared Onee san? Then please wait there. I will go and take care of that alone.”

Nada, honestly, wanted to just stay where she was. But it irritated her ego to hear such words from a boy younger than herself.

“What? Did anyone say they’re scared?”

She drew her two daggers. But her feet wouldn’t move as resolutely as normal. Nada’s brows were furrowed as she thought to herself.

‘Damn it, I want this chapter to be over already.’


While the other hunters were in progress through this frightening chapter, Sungjin was able to move forward quickly and was already facing off against the Boss Monster. Because Sungjin had been here before he was able to make good time clearing through the raid, but this party was not without its share of problems.

“Hey, Terrorist! Go block that thing flying from its right hand!”

“Who are you calling a Terrorist?! You Big Nose Yankee!”*

It was because of two people who were busy arguing over their places of birth. Boss Monster Tezer’burunda’bas was capable of freely changing its form and move so the argument was proving to be bit of a critical flaw.


A fist made of a bundle of spirits landed a hit on the ‘Big Nose Yankee’ flinging him away and


the ‘Terrorist’ was bitten by the teeth that appeared in the abdomen of the monster. Sungjin frowned at the sight and lifted up his swords.

‘These people are no good as I thought. Let’s finish it. Moon Specter, Besgoro.’

‘Yes Master.’
‘Let’s do it.’

Just like he had done in the previous chapter, he watched the other hunters fight for a moment before beginning to fight for real. And ten seconds later, Tezer’burunda’bas who was sliced apart all over, “Criiieeee~” let out hair raising death throes before it collapsed to a single point and then vanished like smoke.

[Boss Monster Tezer’burunda’bas Cleared!]

Sungjin put away his two swords as he listened to the voice of the Operator. With the exception of Mahadas, the other hunters were standing with their mouths open. Since this was not the first time, Sungjin was able to reply cooly.

“I will be doing all of the hunting from this point forward. The rest of you, please keep yourselves safe. Understood?”

Although the hunters here had relatively rough personalities, they were all like obedient sheep at the face of Sungjin’s overwhelming performance and simply nodded. Sungjin began to think hard about what to do next as he looked at them. There were no comrades to be found this chapter. In that case, it was better to kill the hidden boss quickly and get the hunters a Legendary Item or even a bit more Black Coins.

‘Hmm… Franz said he needs a mantle… and Serin was hoping to be able to change out her boots… If I get a good Legendary Item I should get it to them. And if there’s nothing good today then I could always buy from the Black Market…’

Sungjin’s equipments were mostly gathered already and he had nowhere to spend his Black Coins once the Elixirs were no longer available. It was better for him to yield his things for the other hunters. Although the number of items available and their prices had shrunk due to the decrease in the number of Hunters, it was still possible to purchase Legendary Class Items for coins.

‘Problem here is that I don’t know where the Hidden Boss is located at.’

Sungjin glanced at Mahadas.

‘Well, Venerable Monk Mahadas is here as well… there shouldn’t be anything happening.’
Sungjin concluded his thoughts and immediately said to the Operator.

“Operator, I’ll use the Treasure Hunter Skill.”



Franz swung his greatsword splitting Tezer’burunda’bas’ body which was followed by a quick successive volley of arrows that flew and pierced the open body.

‘Pew pew pew!’

Before Franz could swing his sword once more, its body shrunk and disappeared.

[Boss monster ‘Tezer’burunda’bas’ Cleared!]


Franz looked back at the source of the arrows. Serin had already stowed her bow away on her back.

‘Man, unlike what her looks would suggest, she’s really feisty…’

“Everyone, you did great.”
“Good job.”

As the hunters were congratulating each other, Franz brought up the Hidden Boss.

“How about it? We seem to work pretty well together, do you guys want to go kill the Hidden Boss?”

The hunters hesitated.

“Well… As you said, it’s true that we work well together, but… Do we really have to do it?”
“He’s right… The last time I tried to kill the Hidden Boss, I lost three of my allies. After that, I’m…”
“Hrm… The rewards are good though…”

Their reactions were not particularly strange. This was because Hidden Bosses were only good if you could kill them. If you could not, then it would become your guide to river Styx. However, Franz wanted to kill the Hidden Boss in spite of this.

‘I’m saying that’s how it was. I probably learned more than you did.’
‘How can this be! Sensei! Me too! Please spar with me! I’ve become stronger after going through raids these past few days!’

Since having met the Japanese swordsman Hiroaki, his desire to grow stronger had somehow increased.

‘Hrm. But still, the one who Master Hunter had recognized for skill is me.’

Franz looked toward Serin as he asked,

“What do you think, Miss Serin? Let’s go kill it. We ought to get stronger so we can be of help to Kei, right?”

However, even Serin was not particularly in favor of it.

“However… Oppa… No, Kei, had said that we shouldn’t recklessly put ourselves at risk.”

“All five members are still alive… And there’s even two Chosen Ones here, Miss Serin and I. Why are you so worried?”

Serin stared at him for a moment, then nodded her head.

“Indeed. If it’s the two of us… It shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

“Great. Since Miss Serin agreed…”

Franz turned his head to the other three and asked,

“How about it? Going to kill the Hidden Boss. The beautiful archer lady and I… the two of us we’ll pull our weight, so how about going…?”

The other three hunters hesitated like before, but ended up accepting since they had witnessed Serin and Franz’s abilities.


“Let’s do it.”

“Then, is there someone with the Treasure Hunter title here…?”

There was always at least one among the hunters who’ve survived until now. As expected, one of the hunters raised his hand.

“I have it.”

“Then, shall we listen to the hint?”

He nodded his head and spoke to his cube.

“Operator, I’ll use the ability of the Treasure Hunter. Give me the hint related to the Hidden Boss.”

Soon, the Operator told them the information regarding the Hidden Boss.

[In the unfathomably long eons ticking by]
[There be a devil slumbering through the ages]
[It be having nightmares again and again]
[If she be found and the master of the dreams is awoken]
[then light will come]
[and all the nightmares will be extinguished]
[But beware]
[Nightmare or sweet dreams]
[Danger lurks nonetheless]


As expected, he couldn’t completely grasp it by listening to it only once. The five hunters again clustered around the Operator’s Cube.

“Can you say it one more time?”


Note: North Koreans call Americans as 코쟁이 (nosed thing) as an insult. They also call them yankee, which is an insult in many countries. Wasn’t sure how to make it sound like a genuine insult so I just said big nose yankee rather than nosed thing yankee.

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