Chapter 163 – Great Plains of Barrastan (14)

Sungjin was teleported to a new dimension along with a bright light. Far away, he could see Edward and Serin among the hunters. Sungjin rotated his wrists while holding two of his swords.

Moon Specter and Blood Vengeance cut through the air. Sungjin waited for the lights to disappear, like a sprinter at the start line waiting for the gun signal to begin.

And as soon as it disappeared, he ran towards Edward. When the hunters saw Sungjin charge towards them at high speeds, they were greatly shocked.


While the hunters were still stunned and unable to react, Sungjin immediately targeted Edward. But, the only person who knew what was going on, Serin, tried to stop him.

“Please wait!”

She shouted. Sungjin ignored her and charged against Edward.


The other hunters didn’t know what was going on, but they moved out of the way first. Edward himself was also unaware that he had become a target. He backstepped because Sungjin was running aggressively in his direction. Sungjin used Besgoro to recite an incantation.

“Frost Bite!”

Edward’s feet became rooted. Sungjin planned on splitting him in half then and there. Edward must be eliminated, even if that means he must become a troll. But moments before Sungjin’s sword was about to reach his forehead.

“Bolt Charge!”

Someone had jumped in to knock Sungjin away. Sungjin had been too focused on Edward that he was caught off guard, but spinning mid-air, he landed on his feet and saw that the ‘Juggernaut’ was standing next to Edward with his shield like a personal guard.

‘It’s already after distribution. What a strong sense of camaraderie,’ Sungjin had thought.

Edward aimed a spell towards him.

“Glacial wall encase the enemy! Ice Cage”

Soon a tall wall of ice surrounds Sungjin.

“Back to formation!”

Thanks to the moment’s respite, the hunters reorganized themselves and decided to worry about the reasons later. It was an instinctual reaction to being attacked suddenly without knowing what Sungjin was doing. The barrier around Sungjin did not last long.


Two swords came through the wall of ice at the same time.


Then with an ominous noise, it cut a circular hole through the ice.


The circular portion fell forward and landed on the ground. Sungjin himself walked out of the circular exit he had created. Before him was a line of hunters in battle formation. Tanks in the front, Damage Dealers in the second row, Magician Edward was naturally in the back; a textbook formation. Only Serin who knew Sungjin was hesitating standing off to the side. Sungjin addressed them.

“My target is the Magician in the back. If you do not stop me, I will not attack you. But if you get in my way, be prepared to die. Choose.”

The hunters turned to look at Edward. Edward looked just as confused as the rest of them. The hunters then briefly exchanged glances and turned back towards Sungjin. It seemed right to protect their comrade, but they didn’t understand why this was happening. It was then,

“What are you? Are you a troll?”

The Juggernaut who had saved Edward earlier walked forward and demanded.

“Why have you tried to attack us?”

Sungjin replied,

“I will repeat myself. My target is the Magician in the back. I don’t care about the rest of you.”

“Who cares about what you think. We are a team. If you wish to attack Mister Edward, you will have to face us all.”

Sungjin glared at him. And lifting up both his swords, he stated,

“Do whatever you want… everyone who stops me will die.”

The Juggernaut scoffed. He turned his head to look at his team as he said,

“Everyone? We’re ten people.”

The Juggernaut had spoken with confidence. They were a successful party that completed a 10 man raid perfectly. The opponent was only a single hunter. He was no boss nor hidden boss; simply another hunter.

He was certain that if they were to work together and fight, then they could definitely win. Especially because their team had the unbelievable Magician Edward and expert sniper Hassan. But then he noticed that Hassan was not in formation. It was as if Hassan didn’t think that this fight involved him. The Juggernaut did think something was strange, but he nevertheless returned his gaze and said,

“Do you really think you can face all ten of us?”

Sungjin crossed his blades as he said,

“Why don’t you try.”

The battle was imminent.

“Oppa! Please don’t do this!”

It was none other than Serin’s voice. All the hunters turn to look at Serin who was in the appearance of Hassan. The voice was that of a man, but the speech pattern was that of a woman. Noticing strange gazes upon her, she pulled the beard down as she said,


The skin on her face peeled off and Serin returned to her original appearance. All the hunters were shocked. Firstly, because a person they had believed to be a man all this time (even though the silhouette of the body had been quite feminine) turned out to be a woman. Secondly, because the woman was unbelievably beautiful. Serin put away the ‘Hassan’ mask she had purchased from the Raccoon Merchant and said,

“Oppa, please wait.”

But Sungjin was in no mood to listen.

“Stay aside. It’s dangerous.”

“I’ve had a chance to speak with him, and he’s a very reasonable person. If you just speak with him…”

Serin tried to calm the situation down, but Sungjin didn’t even want to listen.

“I know.”

He cut her off mid-sentence.

“I know that if you speak with him, he will seem alright. But there is something you do not know. Obey me and stay out of it.”

“No wait, Oppa.”

It was at this moment when Serin had Sungjin’s attention,


One of the hunters, ‘Master Chef’ appeared in the air behind Sungjin. He had a dagger in both hands. His assassination skill was so great that in the first guerrilla phase of this round, his contribution was on par with Serin and Edward. When Serin saw him appear, she shouted,


But it was too late. He aimed for Sungjin’s neck and swung his daggers.


His daggers ended up stabbing Sungjin. But even the ‘Master Chef’ who had launched the attack was shocked. The ‘Master Hunter’ had been facing away from him until a moment ago. But what he hit wasn’t his neck but his forearm.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. To him, it had appeared as if an arm grew where the neck had been a moment ago.


While he was still reeling in surprise, Serin said to the ‘Master Chef’,

“Run Curtis! He’s not someone…”

But it was too late. Red aura enveloped his body. Sungjin did not hesitate in swinging his sword.


Along with the sound,


A cross-shaped wound appeared on his body, spewing a stream of blood. Serin shouted at Sungjin once more.


For the first time, Sungjin spoke to her with anger.

“You… Do you intend to join the side of my enemy because you’ve been in a party with him just once?”

Serin wasn’t able to respond. It was then the Juggernaut readied his shield and mace.


He shouted and charged towards Sungjin. The other hunters hesitated for a moment more, but they followed Juggernaut’s lead to attack Sungjin. Most of them were probably thinking.

‘It’s 8 versus 1, how can we possibly lose?’

But their thoughts were ruthlessly shattered in just a few seconds. The Juggernaut at the front who had charged at Sungjin suddenly lost sight of him.


And the moment he was thinking so, he saw the sky spinning. Sungjin had kicked his legs out from under him.


He fell with a sound. He tried to get up quickly when

‘Clang!’ there was a loud sound.

When he looked up, his Mace was broken. The Master Hunter had tripped him and broken his mace with the sword at the same time. He stared at the Mace that was reduced to just the handle in disbelief.

‘No way, my Legendary mace…?’

But seeing the next few moments of the fight, this was nothing to be surprised about. The ‘Mountain’ who freely used a giant two-handed sword swung his weapon down towards the ‘Master Hunter’. The ‘Master Hunter’ didn’t even try to dodge it and blocked with his thin weapon instead.

The Mountain’s two-handed sword was more aptly described as a lump of steel than a sword; it was a gigantic and fearsome looking weapon. The Juggernaut expected the Master Hunter to become flattened by the weapon just like that.


But, after a loud collision, the only thing that remained was the Master Hunter’s thin and red blade. The Mountain was so shocked that he couldn’t move. The Master hunter used that timing to kick the Mountain’s groin.


Along with a strange sound, the Mountain fell while holding his crotch. The ‘Serial Killer’ and ‘Elite Samurai’ charged against him as well. They were the fastest members of the team who wielded a sword and an axe. The two of them attacked the Master Hunter faster than the other members could see with their eyes, but

‘Clang! Clang! Clang! Shing!’

After just a few hits, both of them dropped their precious weapons and moaned in pain.



They stepped back, holding the arms which held the weapons earlier. Blood dripped from each of their wrists. Now the only ones defending Edward was ‘Hawkeye’ with a crossbow and ‘Royal Guard’ with a spear. Things were getting dangerous.

Juggernaut abandoned his stump of a mace and picked up his shield to join the others when a powerful gust of wind materialized below the Master Hunter’s feet. Edward must have begun an incantation while the others were fighting.


Master Hunter lost his balance due to the sudden wind. The cyclone grew in size until it flung him somewhere far away. Edward quickly said,

“Please gather here!”

The others were already used to following his commands. Edward quickly addressed the hunters who assembled next to him.

“What I’ve used just now is simply a control magic to throw him away. He will return for sure.”

The moment he finished, he followed up with a spell.

“Sprouting Lifeforce, to me. Rejuvenation”

With Edward at the epicenter, a bright green light radiated outward. The wounds they sustained from the Master Hunter were healed in moments. The now healed hunters all~

“Operator, potions!”

“Operator, what weapons do I have?”

~Called upon the Operator to rearm themselves and prepare. But then Edward shouted,

“Here he comes, he’s coming faster than expected.”

And just as he said, the Master Hunter who had been flung away by wind returned without a scratch and walked up to the Hunters. The Hunters reassumed their formation. Master Hunter Sungjin frowned as he addressed them.

“There’s eight of you. Even I cannot win ‘without accidentally killing you’. I will say this one last time. Everyone with the exception of Spell Master, get lost. Or you will die.”


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48 thoughts on “Chapter 163 – Great Plains of Barrastan (14)”

    1. I see this as pure betrayal, the MC gave her the opportunity to live and fight to save the ones she loves, they battled together a lot of times and he saved her more then once and even so, when he says that he needs to kill someone for a reason that she doens’t need to understand, she acts like she doesn’t know his caracter and that he is doing something wrong. I just want to see him going to darker than black and buying a potion to retrieve her status as a choosen one.

      1. Eh, I think it’s more complicated than that. Remember how that one other guy who was in the Final 10 had that… was it equipment or a skill? That made him seem super convincing and trustworthy as long as his stats are higher? Edward probably has something similar, which explains why she keeps coming to conclusions that make Edward seem better.


        In essence it’s quite likely that the entire team is under a Charm effect.

        1. I think the idiot is Sunjin. I expect him to not be evil. Heck he could have been mindcontrolled by someone or something when he sabotaged the raid in the previous timeline. If he’s so perfect in every way, why would he do something so damn stupid. Kei is an idiot for not even checking further. He’s killing someone incredibly competent just because he’s arrogant enough to risk clearing the raids with his own team. Seirin is completely in the right here. Allies don’t just listen to you, they give you advice when you fuck up and don’t know better and fight you until you calm the fuck down and figure things out.

          1. I agree that k is being rash here. Then again, K has never been the best thinker/planner. He’s a great fighter/caster, but he doesn’t like to think in depth about things outside of combat. Seirin is probably the only one in his current group that could talk K into at least looking into Ed before killing him (hopefully). He should at least use what he got from the dragon before doing something irreversible…

            About Ed, if I recall correctly, K originally thought it was mind control until Ed was given the troll status. There are other possibilities though. It could have been hallucinations/illusions or even time travel (party was about to wipe due to a troll or the boss, and Ed made the first strike to either take out the troll or maybe to prepare for using an item he got from the store that could send the last living human back to the beginning. That would at least be a possible way to tie off that loose end). Regardless, there are lots of reasons to ask first before killing off someone with so many inconsistencies/questions around his actions.

          2. lmaoo. i don’t understand why you people keep working off ‘hypothetical’ thoughts, maybe this maybe that. there are facts here and i’ll be damned if he doesn’t act on the fact!. ED fucking wiped his team, now for whatever reason ED might have done it that is all hypothesis to us now and to KEI, MC has experienced lots of raid and he’s growing stronger even more than the previous timeline, he’s assembling a team with him at the center. HE DOES NOT NEED ED!!. excellent ally if ED was good? yes (notice i said if, cause f**king hypothesis) but what if he’s just plain bad? bro work on your facts, kill him and go ahead with the plan. do you really expect someone whose team got wiped once to be making guess work and calculating with his fingers?… why are you all falling for ED?? lol ‘if he’s perfect in any way’ . KEI isn’t arrogant! this guy died once already lol and he’s back to kill his killer that is not arrogance. that is revenge and saving humanity in the future (if ED turns out evil)

          3. Agreeing with Crashwiz. Who cares if Edward had a reason or even if he knew that the last one standing would go back in time. Hell Ed might have got some insane temporary mana boost from killing his party and was going to use it to go back in time himself. It doesn’t matter. He KILLED Kei. If someone tries to kill me and I miracolously survive, I’m not going to listen to whatever reason he has because for all I know he is lying. No kill Ed and get it over with, that way you will have less variables.

            And regarding Serin? I’m litterally starting to hope he goes through her. Kei is the guy thats been hunting trolls non stop for several raids. He’s been giving her information about how to clear raids in the best way, giving her insane stat boosts basically for free, saved her from getting raped (remember?) and the guy that (and correct me if I’m wrong here) she knows has time travelled. If it was me in her position he could have given me a 100 page kill list of people to kill and I wouldn’t have blinked even once. Kei has shown us repeatedly that he is trustworthy , they’ve talked over dinner/breakfeast several times, they had a comradry and the ONE thing he asks is that this ONE guy needs to die. What does she do? Side with that one guy that she spent an hour with. At this point I don’t care if it’s a charm, a spell or whatever. Unless it’s fullblown mind control she should have broken through it.

            Screw Serin, screw Ed. Kill them both. Death to traitors.

          4. Wow, this sort of logic is full on retard

            So…if someone tried to kill you, you’d be perfectly willing to hear them out with a smile on your face? Seriously? It doesn’t matter if the event hasn’t happened yet. If you knew that in the future, someone was aiming for your life (regardless of the reason), you do your damn best to kill that person. THEN you can ask questions.

      2. The point is that he himself doesn’t really understand it either. On multiple occasions the MC admitted that the circumstances surrounding Edward’s “betrayal” were odd and didn’t make sense.

        You say “for a reason that she doesn’t need to understand” as if the MC had some secret reason or plan. He doesn’t. He told her everything he knew about the situation, which wasn’t much. He is going off half cocked and is just as lost as her.

      3. Sad to say, it seems our MC would not do that. He’s probably too focused on killing the traitorous magician. I’m so disappointed at Seirin though, she’s so easy to mislead.

  1. Thanks!

    MC is really letting his emotions get the better out of him. He admitted it himself several times that there were a lot of strange circumstances surrounding Edward betrayal, but he is seeing so much red that he doesn’t even attempt to investigate even though he can read minds. It won’t be too late to kill him later anyway.

    1. That’s why there is this idiom: “Shoot first, ask questions later.”
      He already make it clear in the beginning that he will kill Edward if he ever see him. Even if the circumstances to his betrayal was unclear, but he’s just abiding to his own goal. Not really letting his emotion getting out of him. It’s more like because he know the personality of Edward from his 1st time, so he don’t want to let the same mistake happen again.

    2. lol. what? MC already died form this dude once, i mean i know ed still has much plot in the story but MC is acting reasonably here infact the one acting dumb here is serin, i just wish MC would loop off her head cause this naiveness is out of hand, someone that’s literally being a guide for you throughout the entire experience told you what’s right and wrong in a world full of shit, predicted the coming events and gave you a list of people to avoid and after everything she’s still defending ED?? aafter just ONE mission. tf?.. i bet you nada would have called MC the first moment she gazed at him, the author sure as hell knows why its serin not nada. please kei, just end her. i liked her but not anymore, she dumb.

      thanks!! the pace is killing tho. lol

      1. Dawg are you for real? You expect a subordinate or an ally, however you wanna call Serin, to not have thoughts of their own. Serin may have known about Ed’s killings but she only heard them from kei. From what she can see ed is a normal person and maybe there is a deeper story to him killing the top ten. If she completely accepted kei’s views like that she would just be like the brainless beautifull chicks from harem stories with one dimensional character from every power fantasy story ever. I can swear to you as well that Nada would also act accordingly. Neither of them exists to be ordered around by kei. Rememeber, he only chose them primarly because of their morals.

        1. mindless? what?. this isn’t your happy go lucky world. one mistake and you’re dead, kei died once already. why should he doubt after death? he has been hinted to no reason as to why ed might have done what he did for good. if she had brains then in the first place she wouldn’t be might trusty of ed!!! it’s just one raid and you know the different kind of equipments he could be using, i mean you know the kind of world you are in!. kei has been recruiting/interviewing to form a team, i mean without his help these people might not have made it pass some raids and this same person gave you someone to watch out for specifically yet in one f**cking raid your brain turns mushy?? allies yet she didnt inform kei after noticing him and now she’s trying to deter him?? i’m not saying she shouldn’t reason but look at the world she’s in, lot of magical shit you have to be cautious to everyone kei included and not try to make unnecessary friend or enemies. without kei blessing ed they might never even meet again!. alright maybe she’s right in trying to atleast talk and settle shit out cause he seems nice maybe kei is your typical dumb MC and forgives too and in the end ED turns out evil. what then?? 1D character?? and we will all say kei is dumb cause it’s happened before and here it is again..

        2. Ok first of all, Nada is a necromancer. I don’t know how that happened but I can’t exactly see her hesitating at killing someone her ally told her needed to die.

          Secondly, correct me if I’m wrong but can’t the chosen ones contact Kei? Couldn’t she have asked “Kei I need to know, why do you need to kill Edward, what did he do?”. That way Kei could have responed with “He killed my party”, “He killed me” or any number of explinations. But what does she do? She procrastinates and hides it from him, even though Kei basically told them all that as an requirement for being a chosen one, they need to tell him about Ed so Kei can kill him. He has repeatedly giving them all hints about Ed being a troll, even though he hasn’t said it out loud, and since they KNOW he hunts trolls it’s not exactly hard to draw a hypotesis about Ed being a troll that somehow got away. The hypotesis wouldn’t be completly right but it’s not wrong either. Sure Kei killed Ed but since they travelled back in time Ed is still alive so he did get away in some regards.

          The one dimensional character you’re speaking of? It’s happening right now. Serin meets prince charming ‘Edward’ and decides that nothing else matters. “Who cares if it’s suspicious as hell that I can’t hear his thoughts, he was being a white knight and saved us a couple of times during the raid. Hell he even saved the Juggernaut even though he waited untill we wasted really expensive potions. Ohhh he’s so charming….”

          Writing this I finally realised who Ed must be based on. It’s Edward from the Twilight series. Serin is Bella, Kei is Jacob and Ed is Edward. Serin and Kei are friends getting it on and out of nowhere comes Edward and Serins brain just stop working. WHO CARES why Kei wants him dead. It’s ONE guy amongst the hundreds he has saved so far. Any reasonable human being that was one of the Chosen Ones, met Kei several times, talked to him, dined with him, become friends with him e.t.c. would have taken Kei’s side at this point and figured that that ONE guy must have done something horrible to Kei and probably deserved to die.

    3. Try being kill by someone then reborn to meet him again.
      See if you can be rational at that time.

      But I want the investigation too, I am super curious why Ed did that in the previous restart.

  2. Man, waiting for 1 chapter for a week is tiresome.

    Its only few chapters left, if my guess is right, this novel will be complete translated at the end of March 2018.

    I Hope it doesnt takes that long.

    1. Ofc fucking naive. She has a mindreading artifact, knows how it works and fails to understandcthat somethings horribly wrong. Hope there is a way to take her benefits away and Kei removes ger from the party, she had one job and fucked up.

  3. serin i swear if you try to stop the mc one more time i hope he kill you next .
    stop being annoying you stupid bitch

  4. This is the first time I hate Serin Han of intercept’ing kei revenge if the mc is only above average (not OP) that sneaky assassin’s back stabbing will surely ends sungjin’s life why she didn’t understand the only request of mc to her is when she saw Edward on the raid call him as soon as possible after the mission is over but she did not do that instead she hid it to him and intercept every move kei does why the hell did she do that? Is it because Edward is so fucking handsome excellent magician and a good person? Fuck she only party with him one time and save her once she didn’t even know Edward that well and now indebted to him got that as a reason to talk bullshit on sungjin to stop his only one wish? Fuck what an ungrateful bitch.

    Disappointed much on Serin Han in this chapter.

  5. The battle it’s epic but sunjin it’s acting without thinking rationally , he didn’t mention that Edward had an evil face .. When betraying them.

    Because this is a novel, a selective re-creation of reality everything important had to be put in. He didn’t this needs Edward possible wasn’t evil plus the most important thing was this :

    the out come of Edwards decicion was right​plus Edward actually knew the black store merchant .

    Sunjin it’s ignoring what do I know and how do I know it.. epistemology

    The most reasonable thing that happened was the author forgot to mention that Edward had an evil expression but, all points to the contrary.

    What probably happened was; the condition for a second round was; to execute so the members without their knowledge. On an anticlimactic way … For the expectations of the raids.

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    She chose a stranger in the contest of trust.
    She’s good with a bow but if she has to do a RNG to test her moral when critical situation appears, that will kill them all for sure.

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    The story is almost done yet you’re shamelessly extending it like this?

    1. And comment like yours will possibly kill of whatever chance a translator will complete their work.
      If you are in their shoes and see this comment, what will you do?

  8. Thanks for the chapter OppaTL! He should just talk about the future. Given how he was able to guide Serin this whole time all of it should make sense to her.

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    BTW did any1 understand why the MC is treating the npc from Darker than Black so coldly?? I understand that he gives bad vibes and is probably something like the last boss but why :/.

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