Chapter 144 – Black Market Twelfth Shopping (2)

The Merchant whose figure had changed into Edward looked up at Sungjin and grinned before saying,

“That… I’ll tell you if you give me 10,000 Black Coins.”

Sungjin glared at him. He had just used all of his Black Coins to buy Elixirs. The Merchant deliberately said it in that manner while knowing this.

‘What a git.’

Sungjin left him alone and got up from his seat. The Merchant returned to his normal figure and said to Sungjin,

“If you gather ten thousand next time…”

However, Sungjin didn’t finish hearing what he had to say and left the place.

‘Creak. Creak. Creaak’

After passing through the worn down stairs and returning to the Black Market, Sungjin began to walk towards Kargos’s smithy. He pulled his clothes closer to shield himself from the cold night air and looked back towards the shop.

As always, Darker than Black was covered in complete darkness. Sungjin briefly glanced at it. The stores in the Black Market begin to close roughly around nine at night, and by midnight none of them remained open.

Unless you were a truly strange person, there wouldn’t be anyone who would come to the Black Market at four thirty in the morning, when everything was closed, and think of heading into that murky place.

‘That’s almost… No, it’s completely impossible.’

Four thirty in the morning. Not only is it a late time, but it’s also a time where there are only four and a half hours left until the start of the raid. There wouldn’t be anyone who would wander around this place with the life threatening raid in front of them. Even if you just couldn’t fall asleep, it would be irrational to come to this isolated place and think of going into that shabby store.

‘In fact… It should only be possible if you receive that message from Ariane…’

The one who had let him know of the store’s location was none other than Edward, who had told them while they were resting during the raid before their last. He had said,

‘It was there. It even sold items that lets you cross into other dimensions.’

If Edward knew about the store’s location, it meant that he had passed Ariane’s test.

‘Even I had barely passed…’

However, Edward was an incredibly strong person. When Sungjin thought about it, ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ had originally been Edward’s, and if Edward had challenged Ariane while putting his life on the line, then it might have been possible.

‘Then this time… Could he have…’

He wasn’t certain. In any case, Sungjin couldn’t be sure of how far Edward had grown because raids were something that was based on your luck with allies. No, it’s also possible that he had died a while ago in some chapter.

Luck was like that. A bad result could occur no matter how hard you try, or it could be just the opposite, where a good result could occur no matter how badly you performed.

‘Judging by that guy’s skill… it’s likely that he’s still alive…’

Sungjin thought as he continued to walk. Without realizing it, he had already arrived at Kargos’s smithy.

‘Clang. Clang. Clang.’

Sungjin wordlessly watched Kargos who was smelting the sword. He didn’t feel the time pass by as he watched the sparks fly from Kargos’s hammer.

Sungjin was mesmerized, it was as if he was watching a work of art. Some time later, Kargos wiped away his sweat and said,

“It’s finished.”

The luster of the upgraded Ariane was clearer, and the edge was sharper. Kargos handed it to Sungjin who examined it upon receiving the item.

Ariane – Dragon Lady
Unique Legendary Katana – Strength SS Dexterity S Magic Power B

Active Skill
Mana Flow (III) – Provides half of the mana used for the next 30 seconds. Depending on the size of the Dragon’s Heart, there is a limit to mana provided.

Passive Skill
Mana Respiration (III) – The Dragon’s Heart and the user restores 3% mana per minute.

Sungjin quickly confirmed the changes.

‘Strength and Dexterity rose by one rank… Magic Power is the same… The Active and Passive Skills both rose in rank… The duration of Mana Flow grew longer, and the recovery of Respiration has increased.’

First, the stats had increased by a lot. They were now high enough that Ariane could now be used by him normally as a sword. The increase in the duration of the skill Mana Flow was also a nice welcome.

Now, since the duration of the skill was the same as the ‘Ring of the Great Sage’, he could continuously use enhanced magic during that time.

Unfortunately, the amount of mana provided did not increase so he would need more mana to sustain spells for its full duration.

‘As ever, mana is the problem.’

While Sungjin was thinking such,

“Here, take this”

Kargos called Sungjin. When Sungjin turned to look, he saw his earring on top of Kargos’s hand.

‘Ah… Right.’

Trite. The earring that listened to the surface level thoughts of others. Sungjin received the item and looked at it.

Trite – Eye of Jeremiah
Legendary Earring

Active Skill
Legilimency(III) – Read the surface level thoughts of the person you are conversing with.
Activated by touching the earring. 30 seconds duration once the conversation begins. Cooldown 10 minutes.

True Vision(III) – See invisible enemies. Duration 1 minute. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Truth can only shine when lies are stripped away.
A true wizard must be able to wait for the right era.


It had gained an Active Skill. It was good because he had run across two opponents in the last two raids who had the ability to go invisible. The somewhat short duration of Legilimency had also increased so that now he could read the surface thoughts of others for 30 seconds.

‘It turned out great.’

Sungjin put on the earring again and expressed his thanks to Kargos.

“Thank you, Kargos.”

Kargos placidly nodded his head.

“Now all of your swords became Unique Legendary.”

“Yes, well… So they did.”

“If by chance you gather 9 more Enhancement Stones, I’ll demonstrate my ability once more. Though, I don’t know if that’s possible.”

Upon hearing this, Sungjin tilted his head and said,

“That… Are you saying that it’s possible to go even higher from Unique Legendary?”

“That’s right. There’s a tier above that. Mythological tier items. Well, even with the swords you have now can be considered on the level of national treasures. But just in case, if you need it, I can do it. Though it won’t be easy gathering the Enhancement Stones.”

Sungjin heard those words and briefly thought about it,

‘Mythological items…’

He bid farewell to Kargos.

“… I understand. Then, until next time.”


On the way back to ‘Ninety Nine Nights,” Kargos’s words were stuck in Sungjin’s mind.

‘I was planning to upgrade an accessory or armor if I got an Enhancement Stone, but now…’

Mythological tier. Of the items he had seen until now, only one had been a Mythological tier item. The Holy Water of Baptism. However that wasn’t an equipment, but a consumable item. He had never heard of nor seen a Mythological tier equipment.

Sungjin looked down at his swords. Moon Specter, Blood Vengeance, Artemio, and Ariane. When he had upgraded to Unique Legendary, he had thought ‘this much is enough.’ Now that it was said that there’s something above that, he kind of wanted to have it.

‘But gathering 9 Enhancement Stones… Is that possible?’

You would get 1 Enhancement Stone, maybe 2 if you were lucky, per raid. To actually gather 9 Enhancement Stones would be difficult.

‘…For now, I should just keep in mind that such a thing exists.’

Sungjin thought as he returned to ‘Ninety Nine Nights.’ Having returned to the bedroom, Sungjin picked up the ‘Information Sheet’ sitting on the table and a pen as he laid down on the bed. This was in order to do well in today’s morning ‘briefing’. He was trying to remember as much as possible.

‘Back then… What was it like…’

A raid that he had already experienced once. He was the only person who could share his experience. Sungjin wrote various things on the information sheet.

‘Things to watch out for’

‘Strategies for the boss’

‘How to find the hidden boss’

In this manner, he finished turning the ‘information sheet’ into a strategic guide in time for breakfast. He then took the information sheet and went down to the 1st floor. When it was time to start, he took out the Sceptre of the Warlord,


and called all of the ‘Chosen Ones’.


“Good morning.”

Now there were 5 ‘Chosen Ones’. With Sungjin included, it was now a group of 6. They each gave their orders for breakfast to Dalupin.

“Croissant and some butter please.”

“Kimchi fried rice for me.”

“Chocolate muffin and coffee.”

“Hmm, I’m fine with cereal and milk.”

The table at ‘Ninety Nine Nights’ where Sungjin had always quietly and solitarily eaten at became quite boisterous.

“Unni, have you tried on the mask?”

“Ah, yeah I tried that, but I couldn’t use it because seeing my changed appearance was too awkward. So I just go around with my face.”

“Eh? Then wouldn’t some bad guys try to attack you? Have you not gone through such an experience, Unni?”

“Hrm… I haven’t seen anyone like that.”

“Really? There’s no way they would just leave a nice body like yours alone…”

“Who knows. Maybe it’s because I pull a few corpses around with me.”

It seemed that Serin and Nada became quite friendly with each other. They also did frequently talk with each other while leaving the men alone.

“You said that you’re from Canada? Where did you live?”

“In Ontario.”

“Ah, I see. I lived in New York state.”

“If it’s New York, then I went there frequently.”

“Ah, did you?”

Baltren and Mahadas were both from North America so they exchanged words about their hometown.

“Mister Kei, from where have you learned your sword techniques?”

“Ah… Well, long ago when I was young. I did some kendo. By chance.”

“By chance?”

“Yeah. I had a part time job near a kendo school, and somehow I had a fight with someone who attended the kendo school.”

“Why so?”

“Well, it wasn’t really anything. In a cramped space I accidentally bumped into him, but he started acting all cocky and wanted to pick a fight with me, asking me if I was blind and if I couldn’t see that he had a wooden sword.”

“And then?”

“I was just going to overlook it, but since I ignored him, he actually started charging at me with the wooden sword. So I snatched his sword and hit him on the head with it, but the instructor saw that. And then he told me that I seemed to have a talent for sword techniques. And then, well… I began to study there.”

“Oh, I see.”

Because both Sungjin and Franz were swordsmen, the two had something to talk about. After they chattered and finished breakfast, the time for Sungjin’s important briefing came.

“Eh, then I’ll start today’s briefing.”

The hunters who were chatting away quieted down when Sungjin began to speak. Sungjin held up the Information Sheet and said,

“Today’s raid is The Swamp of Kh’rot. Here, Kh’rot is the name of the Lizardman King, who is the boss monster. It’s the same as Ahenna who had previously appeared in Ahenna’s Forest. Most of the monsters are lizardmen, but these guys have far better teamwork than the orcs, and they’re very agile. They also move quickly in the swamp. That’s why you have to attempt to fight on dry land whenever possible.”

It felt kind of awkward to receive the focus of the others like this as Sungjin had experienced only difficulties due to being born into poverty. As he felt the attention that was focused on him, he thought,

‘It’s as if I have become an instructor.’


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