Chapter 140 – Greenskin Fortress

“Ka’chui! Meda’ruk!”

“Ba’siru! Da’mim!”

The Greenskin Fortress was in a state of emergency. This was because a single human that had appeared out of nowhere was annihilating all of the fort’s soldiers. This human was none other than Sungjin.

Each time Sungjin’s sword danced, countless goblins, orcs, and trolls were sliced apart without distinction. The war between a fortress and a man raged on. But amidst all this,

“Hm~ Hmhmm~”

Amazingly, Sungjin was humming as he was massacring them. He was amazed at how drastically things had changed when he recalled how, in the past, he had slowly and carefully proceeded as a group of 5 to prevent dangerous situations from arising.

Sungjin climbed the stairs as he left behind a mountain of corpses. It did not take long to reach the floor where the King of Orcs, Grankel, resided. Because he had absentmindedly progressed without thinning their numbers, an enormous mob of Orcs now filled the large hall.

However, this was actually more desirable. Since now he didn’t have to put in as much effort in trying to find the monsters.


A group of elite Orc soldiers charged at Sungjin. They were fearsome warriors whose rough muscles looked as if they would spring from the armor.

‘Even so, they’re just muscular pigs.’

They rushed at Sungjin, each holding an axe, a hammer, or a sword respectively. Sungjin blocked their weapons and cut their armor and flesh as if he were dancing.


After slaughtering them for a while,

“Master, there’s a spell.’

Moon Specter warned him. Now that he looked, there was a high-level Orc Acolyte in the distance who was preparing to throw a fireball. It looked like the acolyte was ready to burn him, despite the presence of the Orc warriors that were grouped together with him.

‘Did they sell off their loyalty or something?’

However, the Orc Acolyte fired the spell without being concerned about such things. Externally, as he wore rags, he looked rather shabby, however, befitting the current chapter, the fireball that he threw was incredibly large.


Sungjin pulled out Artemio and absorbed the spell.

“Absorb Magic.”

Seeing the giant fireball suddenly disappear, the Orc acolyte and even the Orc warriors who were about to be sacrificed, opened their eyes wide in shock.

“Aren’t you going to thank me? I saved you.”

Sungjin swung the brightly shining Artemio and Moon Specter and cut the Orc warriors


When he had cut down almost all of the orc warriors,

‘Master, there’s another spell.’

Moon Specter gave a warning.

“I know.”

He swung Artemio to return the fireball he had previously stored to the Orc Acolyte.


The Orc Acolyte that had been chanting a spell was unable to finish his incantation and


Was hit by the magic as it blew up. Thus the final floor was all cleaned up. In front of Sungjin was a huge iron door. The room of the normal boss. Sungjin pushed the doors and went in.


A single Orc was inclining on the throne when Baltren pushed the iron doors open and entered. The Orc looked quite serious, befitting a king. Furthermore, he knew how to speak the language of humans.

“Such arrogance! You dare challenge my throne?”

However, Baltren examined the nearby columns instead of listening to his words. According to Master Hunter Kei’s words, there was an ambush lying in wait. Baltren said to the hunters behind him,

“We’re first going to clear out the hidden archers first.”

The hunters nodded their heads.

“Then, let’s go.”

[The King of Orcs ‘Grankel’ has appeared!]

Baltren charged at the King of Orcs alone as he heard the Operator’s warning. The archers that had been hiding behind the columns quickly appeared and shot their arrows at Baltren simultaneously.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Baltren held up his mace and said,

“Magnetic Barrier”

A circular barrier appeared around Baltren. The flying arrows hit the barrier and fell to the ground. As this happened,

“Chain Lightning”

“Rapid Shot”

The hunters behind him killed the orc archers. When the ambush failed, Grankel rose from his throne and grabbed his two axes.

“Observe the power of this king!”

He charged at the hunters with his two axes in hand.


Baltren held up his shield and crashed violently into Grankel. The King of Orcs retaliated by swinging his two axes confidently.

Baltren blocked Grankel’s attacks with his shield and would occasionally hit back with his club. As they were exchanging blows, the other hunters cleared out the rest of the orcs. However, Grankel would occasionally scream loudly,

“Come and protect your King!”

Causing a bunch of Orcs to appear and attack the hunters. They have been fighting like this for a while. Grankel, who had been fiercely swinging his axes, suddenly ran backwards and hid behind his throne.

Baltren noticed that on the otherside of the throne was an Orc acolyte who was about to cast a spell. Beltran ran forwards and cried out,

“Shield of God!”



Franz stabbed his sword into Grankel’s side.


Grankel shrieked and swung his axe, but it seemed that Franz had predicted this as he used his active skill “Electro” and blocked the axe. Electricity flowed from Franz’s sword to Grankel’s Axe, and to Grankel himself.


The Orc King had been paralyzed by the electricity and temporarily could not move. At this moment, the hunters attacked. Franz also held his sword and charged at Grankel. Taking the combined attacks of the hunters,


Grankel let out a shameful shriek that was no different from the other Orcs as he fell. Franz returned his sword to its sheath and said,

“He was called the king, but in his death, he was no different from others.”

Meanwhile, the hunters gathered around him and spoke to him.

“Wow… You’re so amazing, Mister Franz.”

“You’re so incredible. How did you get so strong?”

Franz smiled bashfully upon being suddenly praised.

“No, I’m not that great.”

One of them said,

“I think that Mister Franz must be the strongest of the remaining hunters.”

Franz chuckled when he heard that. More so since he had felt the enormous gap in strength just this morning.

“Eh… I’m not such an incredible person. There’s someone twice as strong as me… No, even stronger than that.”

At those words, the other hunters were all surprised.


A few of them had doubtful expressions.

“Eh, no way…”

‘It’s the truth…’

Franz considered telling them but refrained. Because that person wasn’t someone who could be described in words.

“Anyways. Let’s go try and find the hidden piece. Is there anyone here who has the Treasure Hunter title?”


Someone raised his hand. Franz spoke to him,

“Then ask where we can find the hidden piece since I know where the hidden boss is.”

“Ah… Yes. Operator, I’ll use the Treasure Hunter Active. Tell me where the Hidden Piece is located.”

The verse that was the hint spilled from the cube.

[Wandering merchant from far away land]
[crossed the border with goods tightly wrapped.]
[He was captured, then, by orcish hands]
[One hope he had;]
[loose bricks of the underground cell]
[and the long teeth he had]

One of the hunters who heard the verse muttered,

“An underground prison… Was there something like that?”


Nada spun her dagger as she said,

“There was. A road on the 1st floor that went to the basement.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s fortunate. Since the hidden boss is said to be in the basement as well. Let’s go.”

At her words, one by one the hunters wordlessly walked towards the basement.


A few Orc warriors charged at the hunters, but they were not a threat. They lost their lives to Nada’s black magic,

“Powers of Corruption, unleash the blight upon the living. Decay of Death!”

Subservient zombies,

“Domingo, bite them.”


And her elegant dagger. She did not sweat at all despite killing for so long. She said to the hunters,

“Let’s continue. There’s no time.”

The hunters could do nothing but silently obey her due to her image. An incredible appearance and a nice body. There were hunters that had to swallow their saliva when looking at her figure, but even so, it was difficult to think of doing something to her.

Her charisma was that overflowing. As said in the verse, there was a large prison in front of them when they arrived at the basement.


After killing the prison wardens, the hunters went in and opened up the jail cells. Inside the prison, there were prisoners of a variety of different species.

When the prisoners ran away saying,

“Thank you.”

The Orcs chased after them with bare hands. The hunters searched each prison cell one by one. But the hidden piece could not be found.

“Hrm… This is strange… This should be the only place that would have an underground prison…”

During all of this, Nada had been closely looking at a jail cell.

“Come here and look.”

That cell had been an empty room without a prisoner inside it. It seemed that she had discovered something there. She pointed at one of the walls with her dagger when the hunters gathered and said,

“Remember? It said that his only hope was a loose brick.”

There indeed was a rather fragile looking segment in the wall of the cell. When a hunter holding a bat struck that spot


The bricks collapsed. Inside, there was a long passageway.


Inside that passageway was the Merchant Rat that Serin Han had met a long time ago. Judging from his brown teeth, it seemed that he had been digging a tunnel using them. When the Merchant saw the hunters, he was at first surprised.

“Who are you guys? Humans? How did you come here?”

When he realized who it was that had found him, he changed his attitude.

“Aah. Of course, Hunters. Hey, let me go. If you do, I’ll give you this.”

He took out a rock that had been hanging from his chest.

It was an Enhancement Stone. The Hunters let him loose, and each took an Enhancement Stone. Having collected the hidden piece, they turned their view towards Serin, no, towards Mustafa.

“You said that you know where the Hidden boss is, right?”

Serin replied in a deep voice.

“Yes, follow me.”

She led the hunters to the chief warden’s room. Inside the chief warden’s room there was a square carpet on the floor.

‘If I move this… He said that there would be something below it…’

She moved the carpet as Sungin had instructed. Below it, was a wooden door. The hunters opened the door to find another passageway that led downwards.

“A basement below the basement… It feels a bit eerie.”

“So, do we run away now?

“That’s not it.”

One of the hunters said,

“It’s rare when all five survive to the end, so we should take this opportunity to hunt the hidden boss, don’t you think?”

The hunters nodded their heads one by one. This was because they had someone they believed in. Which was the ‘Chosen One’ Serin Han, who had changed to Mustafa.

The hunters who saw her skill which caused holes to appear in the heads of far-away Orcs without having to lay a hand on them, believed that this raid was a golden opportunity for them to earn points.

They headed underground without any unnecessary remarks. There was a long corridor that stretched for a while inside. As they continued to proceed inside, the corridor became wider and wider.

“Huh… There was a place like this?”

But as they continued, something that sounded like a bizarre chant could be heard from the inside.

“Ohm. Meni. Xion. Ra. Catah. Mion.”

The hunters went inside and looked. Inside, there was some kind of shrine. There was an altar overflowing with blood, on which there were pieces of flesh and a sharp glaive. A Celebrant chanted in the front.

“Laru. Hen. Catah. Bel. Mio.”

And behind him were about a dozen Orcs sitting with their heads bowed down. One of the hunters said,

“What is this…”

At that moment, the chanting stopped. The orcs simultaneously turned to look at the hunters. However, something was wrong. Different from the other Orcs, the eyes of these Orcs shone with an obvious red light.

[Warning. Hidden Boss]
[The Acolyte of Yanhurat, Varmil, and his cultists have appeared]

The hunters positioned themselves into a formation they had previously discussed to face the hidden boss. The formation they had chosen, was none other than a formation that protected Serin. Behind the cover of the other hunters, Serin Han pulled out the book, Arabian Nights, from her bosom and opened it.


The Orcs, who had gone berserk, charged at the hunters. Serin Han began to urgently read the contents of the book.

“Ali Baba stood in front of the stone door and said, ‘Open Sesame!’”


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