Chapter 107 – Red Dragon’s Lair (13)

The first thing Sungjin held up was the Red Dragon’s Scale Armor. It looked like it was an item made of Khal Gal’s scales judging from the size and the colour of it.

Sungjin held it in the air as he ran. The Operator’s information screen soon popped up.

Redrun – Red Dragon’s Scale Armour
Legendary Breastplate
Protection 43%

Passive Skill
Dragon Scales (Red) – Reduce damage from Fire by 20%
Dragon’s Rage (I) – Each hit taken increases stack of Dragon’s Rage by one. Maximum 25 stacks.

Active Skill
Dragon’s Breath(Red) – Consume all stacks of Dragon’s Rage to fire Dragon’s Breath.

Armour created from Khal Gal’s scales.
Although the scale is much smaller, it could recreate Dragon’s Breath.

The information screen shook up and down as he ran, but he could understand its core features.


Sungjin immediately


It had already been ten chapters, but he had not a single armour on his chest, and now he obtained a legendary class item.

‘I can now use Dragon’s Breath… but how does it work?’

He didn’t know its effects, but he would eventually come to know what it could do. Next was the most important ring.

Red Dragon Ariane had said ‘it can alter your fate’ and Soldamyr was deeply impressed with the ring that he held up.

Aio – Ring of the Great Sage
Unique Legendary Ring

Passive Skill
Great Sage (Blue) – Allows casting of every Blue Magic Spells.

Active Skill
Empower Magic (V) – Increase Magic power by 5 times for 30 seconds.
Usable once a day.

Ring containing Anatol’s Power.
He had created items like this ring from a very young age.

The most immediately noticeable feature was the fact that it was a Unique Legendary Tier Item; an Item only one person in the entire world was allowed to use.

Seeing how a veteran mage such as Soldamyr had accepted it with both hands with respect gave proof of what a precious treasure it was. The price on it would be astronomical.

Sungjin continued to read the information sheet. There were two very eye catching details. ‘Allows casting of every Blue Magic Spells’. And ‘Increase Magic power by 5 times for 30 seconds’.

‘These two… if these two can be combined…’

Sungjin recalled the time he had visited the Dragon Demihuman’s Spellshop.


He could think of a few interesting scenarios but in the distance,

“Binding Frost! Frostbite!”

He could hear someone casting a spell. Sungjin quickly


Put the ring on one of his fingers, and put the pen away in his pocket. He ran towards the source of the voice. Now that he thought of it, he still had the title of Master Hunter hanging over his head.

Sungjin took out the Star of the Nameless. He had changed his title to fight Ariane. Roughly 10 minutes should have passed by now. He then said


To use the item to change his name to ‘Adjudicator’ and headed into the fight’.


‘Iron Will’ Tanabat was happy until just a moment ago. In the first ten man raid, he was nervous facing the gigantic dragon but thanks to his powerful allies, he was able to survive after killing the beast. Of course, he had been scratched on his chest and received a severe burn on his head due to the breath attack.

But after dozens of minutes of intense fighting, the battle had ended without a loss of life.

‘Thank you, Buddha.’

He gathered his hands and prayed. Then he walked up to the team’s most skilled combatant, the ‘Divine Archer’ to thank him.

“Thank you, Divine Archer. If it weren’t for you… I would have died.”

The ‘Divine Archer’ was a Mideastern Asian on the smaller side, swift and agile, and was incredibly accurate with the bow. He had blinded the dragon with his arrows.

He also used some strange magic to prevent the Dragon’s reinforcements (Hellhounds and Dragon Demihumans) from joining the fray. If it weren’t for him, one or two hunters would have died. Despite Tanabat’s expression of gratitude, he remained humble.

“It’s no big deal. It was all thanks to you Iron Wall sir for doing a good job.”

He answered. Humility despite strength, polite demeanor despite rough appearance (large nose, thick beard); Tanabat thought highly of him.

‘I hope we can meet again.’

The Raid continued to progress after the boss was slain. Of course for the purpose of increasing the amount of contribution points. If they were lucky, they would be able to obtain the hidden piece. But meanwhile, there was a problem. Someone decided to ask

‘Operator, what’s my Contribution level?’

One by one, people checked their contribution and noticed it was very low, around 8 to 10 percent.

The reason was obvious; it was because the Divine Archer had taken the lion’s share. Tanabat also had a small percentage of less than 10, but he didn’t mind it.

He had accepted it as the fair share proportional to his skill. So he couldn’t predict that several unhappy hunters would collude to ‘troll’.

While the group was hunting the hellhound together, he noticed that the arrows from the Divine Archer had stopped, so he turned to check. Behind, four hunters were attacking the Divine Archer at the same time.

“What’s going on?”

Tanabat tried to get them to stop, but it was pointless. Four hunters were hellbent on trolling. It wasn’t clear when they talked it out, but they were working together against the Divine Archer.

Four trolls were flagged simultaneously. Tanabat proactively jumped into the fray to protect the Divine Archer. So it became 4 versus 2. The enemy was still twice their number.

But because the Tank and Archer synergized well, they were able to put up a good fight. The problem was that three of the other hunters who were watching joined on the side of the trolls.

Then the Red Mage who had been firing spells beside the Divine Archer had joined on the side of Tanabat, but it was still 7 to 3. Tanabat fought fiercely, but the Red Mage was eventually killed. One of the enemies finally got shot down and killed by an arrow, but it was still 6 to 2. Tanabat was in danger of being killed for choosing to protect a talented individual from jealous and greedy hunters.

That is, until moments ago.

“6 Trolls at once, I’ve hit Jackpot.”

Someone suddenly appeared in the middle of the fight. An “Adjudicator’ wielding a sword in each hand appeared, surprising everyone present.

‘Is it a monster? Or a hidden boss?’

But it didn’t matter what or who he was. In the middle of the pitched battle, he was either an enemy or an ally. One of the trolls shouted to the Adjudicator

“Who are you? Do you also want to die?”

The Adjudicator began to swing his sword without reply when confronted. And once the fighting began, Tanabat couldn’t help but become even more surprised.

He was unbelievably skilled. Divine Archer who could land every arrow was amazing, but his skill was on a completely different level.

He had begun to fight with six trolls alone. The Divine Archer supported him as well with support fire. Thus, three out of six trolls were killed within seconds. The trolls who saw that



Began to run away. They ran back towards the Khal Gal’s main cavern. Adjudicator chased after them without a word. But the Divine Archer was even faster than him.


The arrows flew and landed on the heel of two of the hunters


Followed by arrows piercing their hearts and head. This angered the ‘Adjudicator’.

“Hey! Divine Archer! Stop! I’ll kill them, I will!”

Tanabat couldn’t quite understand him, only that he expressed the desire to kill them with his own hands.

And the Divine Archer


Was surprised. He put his bow down. The Adjudicator turned towards the last troll and

“Frost Bite!”

Froze him in place and cut off his head. Of the ten hunters, only Tanabat and the Divine Archer remained alive. Tanabat couldn’t help but feel tense when the Adjudicator walked towards them.

He didn’t know who it was, but it was possible that the Adjudicator was hostile against everyone. He turned to the Divine Archer and said

“Hey… Shouldn’t we make a run for it?”

But the Divine Archer shook his head.

“No, that man… he’s not a bad man.”

Tanabat didn’t know with what evidence he said that, but Tanabat couldn’t relax. Not many, not even villains, could indiscriminately swing their swords at someone they just met.

But the Adjudicator very unhesitatingly and skillfully pulled it off. So Tanabat found it difficult to trust him.

He held two blood dripping swords and wore a flaming skull over his head.

Tanabat had seen many strange hunters as chapters progressed, but this man seemed particularly far from normal. The Adjudicator walked from corpse to corpse to pick up fallen items.

Upon closer inspections, he was picking copies of armours and equipment the dead hunters were wearing. As if he was a kind of was a kind of scavenger picking through corpses.

‘I thought it was impossible to take items of other people…’

As Tanabat was thinking so, the Adjudicator finished picking up the items and said

“How sad… there were six, but I could only kill four of them…”

He muttered to himself as he walked towards Tanabat and the Divine Archer. To them he then asked

“Hey, are you two alright?”

Tanabat nodded. But the Divine Archer said

“It’s been a while.”

Adjudicator tilted his head and replied

“What, you know me?”

Tanabat also stared at the Divine Archer. He was curious as to how they could know each other. But then when the Divine Archer raised his hands to touch his neck, he pulled away the skin.

And beneath the darkened and rough skin, he saw the exact opposite, unblemished white skin. Tanabat couldn’t help but be astonished.

When the Divine Archer lifted up the skin of his face… no his mask, the entire body began to transform.

He who had looked like a very hairy middle eastern man was now transformed into an asian woman with an elegant straight hair.

While Tanabat was staring with his jaws wide open, he could hear the voice of the Adjudicator from behind.

“…It has certainly been a while, Miss Serin…”

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