For the first time in his life, Devil Commander Veritas trembled in fear. It was ironic that he who has been called the ‘Commander of Terror’ by all, was terrified of a lesser lifeform. The source of his newfound fear was but a mere human. Humans were insignificant existences that could be killed with a single glance. But the one before him, wielding a massive hammer, was different. Just a bit TOO different.

Over a hundred Balroq Devils were strewn across the Demon Realm floor with their skulls split open. There hadn’t been any flashy skills or spells. That stupid bastard hammered at and ripped apart all of the Demons’ skulls with ease. This human, who effortlessly swept aside the guards, approached ever closer.

“W-what do you want, Human? I’ll listen to all of your…”

The massive hammer flew over like lightning and dealt a critical blow to the Devil’s goat-like skull. The High Devil of the Demon World’s Third Circle, Veritas’ eyes spun in separate directions.

Wham! Blam! Slam!

The torrent of blows continued, not stopping until every inch of the High Devil’s skull was completely flattened. The Devil perished, and his army was laid to waste. All that was left was the King of all Demons, Hesthnius Max.

Sungchul Kim opened the gate inscribed with an insidious hexagram, then turned towards the Demon King’s Citadel. However…


On top of the blood-tinted throne was a long, cold corpse. A hazy form appeared in front of the flabbergasted Sungchul.

“Kehahahaha! You can’t kill me now, wielder of Fal Garaz!”

The Demon King had voluntarily shed his body. The reason for this was simple; Sungchul was just too strong. However, physical strength was not all-powerful.

‘You can’t kill me now.’

Sungchul already knew this.


Physical attacks did not have any effect on ethereal targets. A strong blow would be able to disperse a weak enemy. But this was the Demon King; only a limited number of high-level spells had the potential to deliver a mortal blow. Furthermore, Sungchul couldn’t use Magic. Rather, he had never bothered to invest in Magic. Not only did he dislike Magic, he even hated Mages as much as he did the Devils; this was the weakness the Demon King had taken advantage of.

“I may have lost my army, but as long as I, one of the Five Great Calamities, survive, the Prophesy of the End will still come to pass. As it stands, we may not be able to kill one another, but I can still crush the very world you stand upon. You may hate your own kind, but what could you ever obtain from a dead world, filled with nothing but monsters and Demons?”

Listening to the taunting words of the Demon King, Sungchul came to realize something important.

‘I need Magic.’

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