Chapter 37 – School of Alchemy (1)

“I believe it might be because Sir Warrior lacks the requirements to view the contents of the book.”

Christian solved the conundrum that had been plaguing Sungchul in one breath.

“Some Magical tomes require being acquainted with a separate tome. Having extremely high Intuition makes it possible to circumvent some of the peculiar requirements, but in most cases, the problem Sir Warrior is facing will occur.”

Sungchul nodded while watching the Sky Squirrel eat some nuts at the corner of the table.

“So that was the case.”

Other than the explosive growth at the beginning, he didn’t manage to advance his Intuition at all during this past week. It was a heartbreaking waste of time for Sungchul, who liked to optimize every second of his growth.

‘I should have met with this fellow a bit earlier to consult with him.’

However, Sungchul was the type of person who tried his hand at overcoming obstacles on his own before asking for help, but now that he knew that Altugius had given him indecipherable texts, an alternative method would be required. Christian declared that he would find out the solution for him.

“…I’ll use my network of people and investigate regarding the book. Once we know the prerequisites, such as which books you’ll need to read and the level of Intuition required, it should become possible to decipher that book.”

The problem now was time. It wasn’t Sungchul’s intention to waste his time while he was waiting. He looked directly at Christian and asked him a question.

“What do you suppose I should do in the meantime?”

“Since you have chosen Alchemy as your minor, how about you use this time to receive some teachings regarding it while I try to decipher this book?”


Sungchul’s mind recalled the image of the humble tent with the lifeless students that were all chattering away.

“That’s right. Although they can be regarded as the delinquents of the school, they won’t chase away any student. In that way, you can also receive Magic Power and Intuition. As Magic Power and Intuition are the lifeblood of Mages, it could only be of benefit for you to raise it.”

“That’s a good idea.”

He also recalled the talking book that he had forgotten inside his Soul Storage. Despite everything, the book would be helpful in regards to Alchemy.

Sungchul briefly opened the status window to check his stats.


Strength 999+   Dexterity     853

Vitality     801    Magic Power  32

Intuition   35     Magic Resist 621

Resilience 502   Charisma        18

Luck    18

‘I have to drag my Magic Power and Intuition over 100 as soon as I’m able.’

The basic spell for Cosmomancy required 130 Magic Power and 100 Intuition. Currently, he couldn’t learn the spell even if Altugius had wanted to teach it to him. This meant that he would need to change his plans if he wanted to meet his goals. He organized all the things that needed to be done in his mind.

‘I’ll go to the Alchemy building first to raise my Intuition, and I’ll then perform the quests inside the House of Recollections. Finally, when my Magic Power and Intuition exceed 100, I’ll come and find the Cosmomancy building again.’

It had been a winding journey, but now that he had set out on a direction, he could see the end in sight. He pulled out a jewel to reward Christian.

“It is always a pleasure.”

Christian bent down to receive the jewel with a wide grin on his face.

Having accomplished everything he had wanted to, he turned to leave when a certain someone’s face appeared in his mind.

“Do you know of Leonard Sanctum?”

He hadn’t thought about it much before, as he hadn’t been very inconvenienced by Leonard, nor had he ever run into the man. However, Leonard had revealed his true nature today. He had an unexpected amount of interest in Sungchul and wanted him expelled. It wasn’t clear whether Leonard was an enemy with a purpose, or simply a delinquent who enjoyed the suffering of others, but what was certain was that Sungchul didn’t like either possibility. There was nothing wrong with having information ahead of time.

“Leonard…Leonard Sanctum…I’ve heard that name somewhere…”

Christian spent quite a while struggling to recall when his head shot up along with his finger.

“Did that person have brown or blonde hair? His nose slightly crooked like a hawk’s beak?”


Christian pulled out a pen and paper, grabbed it with his prosthetic, then quickly sketched out a person’s face. The drawing overall was nothing more than a chicken scratch, but the identifying features were well emphasized. Sungchul looked at the portrait briefly and nodded.

“This is accurate. It is this man. When did you have such a talent for art?”

“It is because my minor was in Dimensional Magic. Surprisingly, they taught us music and art there as well. Anyways…I don’t know him directly, but he’s quite a famous figure. Why are you looking for him?”

“He was in the Cosmomancy building.”

Hearing this information, Christian tilted his head.

“Is he still in school? That’s strange. I only know him because his face was on a poster back when I was attending.”

“For what reason?”

“He got expelled. He was found guilty of intentionally causing the death of five students during an in-school competition known as the ‘Gauntlet’. Whoever is expelled can never return to the school for any reason.”

“Well, he was inside the Cosmomancy building.”

Sungchul took some time to digest the information from Christian.

“It looks as though someone is backing him.”

“Could you look into it for me?”

Sungchul placed another jewel on the table as he rose from his seat.

“Excuse me, Sir Warrior. I have a question I have wanted to ask for a while now.”

Christian carefully inquired from behind while scratching his head.


“Isn’t it a waste? Even if you give me this much money…Well, it’s not something someone on the receiving end should be saying, but…I feel that the compensation is excessive.”

“That is not something you have to concern yourself with.”

Christian would never have dreamt that the man who eight years ago had emptied the pride of the Allied Merchant’s Guild, ‘The Infinity Safe’, was standing right before him.

Sungchul moved to his next destination, leaving behind the two bright jewels.

“Yes, I am the former tailor of the Airfruit Academy, Bington.”

Originally, Sungchul hadn’t intended to wear the uniform, but he gained a bit of interest after Sarasa’s fervent emphasis on it. He pulled out a single gold coin and spoke to the tailor.

“I’d like to get fitted for one uniform.”

“Oh my, you’re a Freshman. That’s fine. Please wait for a bit.”

The skinny tailor wore a monocle and was intensely staring at him through it.

Sungchul’s Soul Contract – The Eye of Truth detected that the man was looking at him through Magical means.

“Okay. Your measurements are complete. Do you prefer clothing to be a bit loose or snug?”

“I’d like an appropriate fit.”

“Ah, the most difficult of requests. Well, I’ll have to show off a bit of my skills then.”

Bington began making the uniform using scissors and needles that moved independently, one after the other, with unbelievable proficiency deserving of his former title of as a tailor of Airfruit Academy. Sungchul watched with an interest which he hadn’t felt in a long time, the rare performance of Bingon’s work.

‘Regardless of anything else, this man has reached the pinnacle of his field. He truly deserves to be called a master.’

It didn’t take even thirty minutes for him to complete a full uniform.

“This is the famous Airfruit Academy Uniform, made from the best material by the masterful hands of the very best tailor. Would you like to try it on?”

It was called a uniform, but it had the form of a robe. Sungchul removed his outerwear and put on the school robe, before looking at himself in the mirror.

“Oh, my. Sir customer! You look quite striking. An extraordinary aura seems to flow out of you, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you could become a Grand Mage by tomorrow!”

Bington rubbed his hands together as he obviously buttered him up, but Sungchul’s response was quite passive.

‘What’s this…’

It was too tight to be called a robe. It was something like a skinny shirt which hugged his body’s muscle lines as though his body had been perfectly measured. It reminded him of something the thugs would wear back on Earth. His sleeves had been lopped off and were patternless as well. The worn, yellowing shirt he wore underneath being visible below the sleeveless and shapeless robe was nothing short of a crime against fashion. Bington was weakly smiling while rubbing his hands together and lingering at Sungchul’s side, as though that part was also bothering him.

“Your shirt from the Old World is quite worn out! We also sell sleeveless shirts in our store that are just as good as the other world’s clothes.”

However, his words didn’t reach Sungchul’s ears. He spoke plainly while looking in the mirror.

“Isn’t this too small? Why are there no sleeves?”

“It is the latest trend!”

Bington chatted away proudly.

“The latest trend?”

“The days when Mages stay cooped up in the laboratory studying books are long past. Aren’t you the Magic Swordsman that lacks for nothing? Sir customer seems to have a marvelous male physique as I see it, which is why I made it so that it accentuates Sir customer’s appeal to the maximum.”


Sungchul pulled off the robe and wore his military fatigues once again. The familiar looseness made his body feel relaxed.

‘This feels much better.’

A pine caterpillar has to eat pine needles.

Sungchul thought of this idiom as he left the shop, leaving the trendy uniform behind.

The next day, Sungchul headed towards the Alchemy tent rather than the Cosmomancy Observatory. He was different from the usual, as his front pocket was quite full.

“How could you! Sticking a lady in such a place for days and not even checking once! Isn’t that just too much?”

Bertelgia was thoroughly peeved. She had been stuck inside the Soul Storage since the Path of Sajators. Sungchul had completely forgotten about her existence until now when he had pulled her out.

“Really! You’re the worst. The WORST! Starting from passing the trial with such an inappropriate method, how can you not have a single thing that is good about you? Are all Summoned like this?”

Bertelgia continued to nag and hop about in his pocket, but Sungchul didn’t show the slightest response. He spoke the moment they began to approach the Alchemy tent.

“I’ll stick you back into the Soul Storage if you don’t quiet down now.”


Bertelgia was silenced with a single sentence; even her squirming within his pocket diminished. After calming Bertelgia, Sungchul entered through a straw mat door flap into a tent that was called ‘The House of Malleability’. When he entered, however, he smelled something unpleasant. The place reeked of marijuana.

Sungchul observed that several students were sitting on some placemats within the tent while smoking some marijuana. They were peeking over at him while whispering amongst themselves and snickering.

Sungchul ignored them and sought out the Alchemy Professor, Basil Philrus.

“Ahem. Who’s this? Isn’t it the Freshman?”

A man with a burly physique suddenly blocked his path. His clothes appeared to be that of a student’s, but his eyes looked befuddled as he occasionally snickered from being inebriated by the marijuana.

‘For them to be so happily smoking marijuana this early in the morning.’

That wasn’t all. The rest of the students were also rolling around the ground with empty alcohol bottles. The people and the bottles littered the ground alike as if they were the same thing.

Sungchul glared at the student blocking his path and spoke quietly.

“Where is Professor Basil Philrus?”

“Basil Hyung? Basil Hyung is inside sleeping with a barmaid.”

The burly student snickered again and pointed into the tent.

Sungchul discovered two bodies, one male and one female, sleeping together, wrapped around one another inside a closed-off section separated by a portiere.

‘It’s a complete circus. Even beyond what I’d expected.’

He regretted coming so early in the morning.


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