Chapter 272 – Primordial Magic (3)

Sungchul began by using 4500 of the remaining tokens to buy 3 Essences.

One Dexterity and two Vitality. Doing so would bring Dexterity and Vitality up to nearly 999 and bring him one step closer to becoming a perfect warrior.

But upon purchasing the Essences, Marakia’s behavior was increasingly erratic.

“A…As the King of the Nahaks, I implore thee.”

Marakia once again tried to wear an aura of gravitas as he spoke.

“What is it now?”

Bertelgia replied bluntly.

Marakia dropped his gaze and trembled for a moment before finally looking up at Sungchul with upturned eyes looking quite pleading.

“In truth, I wasn’t able to buy the Final Elixir.”


Marakia immediately broke eyesight when Sungchul replied and stuttered to reply.

“Its…um… actually, I was going to buy the Final Elixir. But my hands slipped and I ended up buying an Essence instead.”

“And where is the said Essence?”

Marakia pointed at himself upon Sungchul’s cold question. He undoubtedly means he drank it for himself.

“Ugh… what an unbearable…”

Bertelgia seemed completely fed up.

But for Marakia who had already forsaken his conscience, shame was no longer a deterrent.

Marakia lowered his head and begged Sungchul pitifully.

“Pl…please. Could you not spend your remaining tokens on a Final Elixir? This debt, I shall… as the King of the Nahak… I shall repay without fail!’

“…And how will you do that exactly?”

Sungchul asked bluntly.

“W…what? Are you really going to buy him that again?”

Bertelgia was shocked and wanted to convince Sungchul not to do it.

Sungchul didn’t like it, but as someone who wanted to protect something, he could empathize a little with what Marakia was going through.

In the end, in order to protect something, he had to get stronger by any means necessary.

“I will… I will put my life onto repaying you back for this favor!”

Marakia must have had tortured himself over this question.

Buy the Final Elixir, or look on an even longer term and choose his own strength.

Well, although Sungchul often found him insufferable, he still found himself turning to the Shopkeep Shaeloc and speaking calmly.

“One Final Elixir.”

“Yes sir~ One coming right up yeyo!”

Three thousand tokens vanished along with Bertelgia’s cry of despair.

“This favor you’ve done unto me… I shall never forget even into the afterlife!”

Marakia received the Final Elixir Sungchul had gotten him almost holy reference as he vowed his absolute loyalty to the man.


Now there was only some left over tokens remaining.

These tokens held no real value to Sungchul.

Sungchul took the eight hundred something tokens that remained with him along with rest of the hotel coupons and handed it over to the man who had done nothing for ten thousand years.

“This… why are you giving all this to me?”

Dillo Buron’s eyes grew wide in surprise as he asked.

“You can’t leave here anyway, right?”

Sungchul already knew that a man who was stuck inside this dungeon for over ten thousand had nothing to look forward to should he leave.

If that was the case, it was probably better for him to just remain here in the Dungeon and use the remaining tokens to eat sleep and spend his time.

Alternative is to get caught up in the Calamity and get killed.

“T…Thanks! I… I’ll repay you for this… one day, for sure!”

Sungchul who had become benefactors to a man and beast finally had some presence of mind to give a small smile before turning towards Aegehios and his master.

“I think it’s about time for me to leave.”

“You sure are in a rush. You’re probably fine staying a few more days.”

The Dungeon Master seemed to be reluctant to let Sungchul leave so soon.

“There’s things I must do. I cannot stay long.”

Sungchul replied with a soft smile on his lips.

Seeing Sungchul’s eyes hardened with resolve, the Dungeon Master couldn’t help but touch his mask as he gave a bitter laugh and nodded his head.

“I guess it can’t be helped.”

The Dungeon Master said.

“Aegehios. Open the way for this man.”

The Cow headed giant nodded and summoned two pillars before Sungchul.

Magical energies flowed between the pillars.

This was probably a gate that led to the world outside.

“Please come back to visit one day yeyo!”

Sungchul wordlessly walked away from the Fairy Voulu, the Dungeon Master, Aegehios, and Dillo Buron as he made his way back towards the exit.

As he always was, without hesitation or regret.

Sungchul was soon gone beyond the gate.

“Now, it seems like things will start to get fun.”

The Dungeon Master rubbed his mask as he muttered to himself.

“What’s going to get fun?”

Aegehios asked without understanding and wanted an explanation. To this, the master gave a hearty laughter and explained.

“There’s nothing more fun than scattering ashes on people you despise.”

“I do not understand what you are saying.”

“Don’t worry about it. In some ways, I now have some stake in the matters.”

After replying, the Dungeon Master turned around said muttered quietly.

“In some sick jokes played on by those who dare call themselves god.”

The Dungeon Master was thinking of the Steel wheel that now resided somewhere within Sungchul. The Soul of Steel.

‘Who knows, it might become the turning point one day.’

A faint light could be seen coming through the mask. But there was no one to witness it.

With the exception for the being asleep beyond the endless stairs somewhere, that is.


The time it took for Sungchul to completely finish the dungeon Aegehios was one week.

Everything was ready.

Out of the gate, Sungchul experienced powerful rays of light that seem to gouge at his eyes like hooks as he smelled the smell of the ocean.

The ruined golden coast, Sungchul was back at the Aege Harbor.

Even from the entrance of the Dungeon, Sungchul discovered a black robed group of men looking down from the coastal cliffs in the distance.

The Order of Extinction.

Those who were responsible for the loss of countless lives and total destruction of Aege Harbor, all for the sake of bringing back the God’s Dungeon Aegehios from the depths.

And more importantly, those who attacked Sungchul.

Sparks seemed to fly from Sungchul’s eyes.

“It’s the Enemy of the World!”

“Summon the Lesser God! Now!”

The Order of Extinction scrambled to prepare for battle upon seeing Sungchul reappear.

Though they were caught off guard, they were moving at an extremely well trained and disciplined manner.

Sungchul could immediately tell that the Order of Extinction had done extensive research and preparations about Sungchul in their preparations for this ambush.

‘It’s as the Dungeon Master had said.’

“2nd Soul Stone, Fly.”

Sungchul flew straight up into the sky.

Once in the air, Sungchul was surrounded by short and rather unrecognizable magic formations by modern standards. Seeing these, the members of the Order of Extinction hastely shouted.

“He’s trying to use spells of the Cosmomancy, but the Incantations are long. Use Magic formations to protect our spell casters with barriors.”

If it had been Sungchul in the past, this command might have been the right call. But they were completely unaware that Sungchul had gone through another massive growth during his run through the dungeon Aegehios.

The magic formations that surrounded Sungchul quickly completed themselves and vanished, transforming into powerful bolts of lightening bursting out of his finger tips.


Sungchul felt and heard over-charged lightening seeking prey and reached out towards his enemy to unleash them, and calmly said.

“Chain Lightning.”

The sizzling rays of electricty bolted through the air like enraged dragons and rained down upon Sungchul’s enemies.

“W… what is that?!”

Seeing the flying thunder bolts fly towards them, each of the members of the Order of Extinction tried to use defensive spells at their disposal to try and protect themselves, but the Chain Lightening’s bolts reached them first.



The first victim smoked from his entire body as he convulsed violently before going limp.

But even as he died, the Chain Lightening’s thunderbolt viciously and violently tore through its victims and racked up casualties until the power contained in the bolt completely expired.

“W… what was that, that spell just now?”

“It must be a scroll! Don’t be afraid and quickly activate a group defensive formation! Once the formation is complete and the Lesser Gods advents, the victory is ours!”

The head of the Order of Extinction turned to look at the 3 men and women who were to become the sacrificial lamps who were surrounded by unholy auras and immense protection.

Three Lesser Gods.

This was the ace in the hole that the Order of Extinction had brought to Aege Harbor in order to eliminate their enemy that had entered the Dungeon of Aegehios. Gathered here was almost the entire battle strength of the order in the southern regions.

No matter how powerful Sungchul was, he was still a mortal.

He could fight on even ground with one Lesser God, and two would overpower him.

But the strategic commander of the order, Schnellmerker ordered one more to a total of three.

If overwhelming firepower was going to be utilized anyway, then it was preferrable to grossly overinvest and remove any variance from the equation.

But the variance already took place within Aegehios.

Sungchul slightly opened his coat to make that point absolutely clear to everyone.

Under the glistening diamond broach of the Ultimate Chef, all but one of the Soul Gems had primordial magic formations floating above them.

Sajators’s multicasting. And the return of the Wind Magic in the world.

The Order of Extinction watched with blank expression as Sungchul gave his command calmly.


As he commanded, the six Soul Gems simultaneously unleashed raging bolts of lightening towards the enemies.

The man-eating bolts of lightnings completely devoured their first victims before rampaging through the ranks of the cultists as they consumed everything into flames.


In just moments, one of the bolts consumed all three of the most important members of the Order sitting at the back. They were the torches that were meant to become Lesser Gods through rituals.

The precious torches were reduced to ashes before they could fulfill their fate as sacrifice to the Lesser Gods and fell to the ground.

But that was not the end of it.

The commanding officer of the Order of Extinction saw very clearly.

In just mere minutes, the precious manpower and resources that had been enmassed at the Aege was disintegrated by what appeared to be living bolts of lightening no one had ever seen.

‘I can’t believe it. Over a third of the total resources of the Order was summoned here… and so simply… dismantled…!”

Whatever thought that may had come after was cut short by a bolt of lightning and was cleanly erased with flames.


With the death of the commander of the Order of Extinction, Aege harbor was once more plunged into silence.

Every member of the Order of Extinction was slain without exception.

Not one survivor remained.


Sungchul watched smoke rise from his location in the sky.

The power of the new spells, it was beyond imagination.

Sungchul could not have imagined that it would be so easy for him to overcome the Order of Extinction that had been so problematic until now.

But now he had finally done it.

And it was so simple.

It was all due to his strength that he had from within himself.

Sungchul felt his expended mana rapidly recharge from his new-found Resolve as he quietly said to himself.

“… This is only the beginning.”

Sungchul landed at the entrance to the Aege Harbor.

The Enemy of the World was back at large once more.

Now stronger than ever.

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