Chapter 262 – Dungeon of the Gods (3)

“A…already yeyo…?”

Sungchul nodded casually, as if there was no other possible answer.

The faster one could complete a Dungeon the better. To the point that Sungchul felt that all these unnecessary small talks that he had to go through were unnecessarily wasteful use of his time.

“Mmm… If you really wish to rush to your death that badly, then I shall grant you your wish yeyo. Hmm?”

Voulu suddenly tilted its head after receiving the tokens.

Something must have happened.

Voulu turned around to whisper something to someone. It appeared as though the Fairy was using some sort of long-range communication magic or device to discuss something with a comrade who was far away.

It wasn’t long until Voulu finished communicating and turned back to face Sungchul.

There was a sort of an awkward smile on Voulu’s face.

“What is it?”

Sungchul felt a terrible premonition as he asked. Voulu scratched her head as she replied in a tiny voice.

“Um… Your comrade seems to have…run into trouble yeyo!”


“I’ll… show you…yeyo!”

Voulu took a step back. A magic formation appeared in front of Voulu. Something resembling a penguin appeared on top of the magic formation.


It was Marakia.

He seemed to have been physically beaten to the inch of his life and was splayed on the floor, knocking at death’s door.

“What is this this time?”

Sungchul did not try in the slightest to hide his displeasure.

“This is your comrade yeyo. Unfortunately, he overestimated himself and had challenged the Limit Testing difficulty like you have. And now he’s at the edge of death yeyo.”


Sungchul replied bluntly.

Marakia saw this and reached out towards Sungchul and made a pitiful sound.


A bead of cold sweat dripped down Sungchul’s spine.

‘This can’t be leading up to that bullshit scenario I’m thinking of, could it?’


Bertelgia seemed to have had a similar sentiment to Sungchul about this sequence of events, because she was expressing her unhappiness with her voice.

Despite being taken aback by their apathetic reaction to Marakia’s situation, Voulu  finished what she needed to say.

“You could exchange 30 Dungeon Tokens to rescue your comrades who are about to die.”

Voulu offered Sungchul his 30 tokens back.

Sungchul’s expression grew rigid.


Suddenly, Marakia squeezed out all of his strength to lift himself up to look towards Sungchul and Bertelgia with a pleading stare.

“Um… I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but I couldn’t quite bring it up until now because I was embarrassed…”


Sungchul turned to look away and even Bertelgia turned her body to face the other side.

Marakia watched his comrades act this way and spoke with the most pitiful of voices.

“We’re… Friends, right?”


Bertelgia could tell that, at least for this moment, Sungchul had reverted back to the cold-blooded man that he was when they had first met.


A cry of despair and sorrow echoed in the endless white void.

“Mmm… This isn’t good yeyo.”

Once the cry settled back down a bit, Voulu looked towards Marakia and gave him a lifeless shake of her head.

“Piii…You have to be kidding! They’re both my comrades! Do you have any idea how much I’ve done for them until now?”

“But they themselves said no, ayo!”

Voulu replied in exasperation. She seemed to have a habit of omitting the Fairies’ characteristic way of speaking. When she’s mad for example.

“It’s just a low-quality joke. These, friends, they can be quite mean. No, they’re quite the pranksters. Haha! Silly them!”

Marakia was doing everything he can to escape reality.

Voulu let out a dejected sigh before approaching Sungchul once more.

“Leaving that Avian to die now might lead to problems later down the line.”

“What kind of problems are we talking about?”

Voulu’s expression grew dark as she replied with a dead serious tone.

“He’ll return to haunt you as a vengeful spirit yeyo!”


Bertelgia replied bluntly. She had said this for Marakia to hear.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Sungchul caught onto Bertelgia’s intentions and pretended to agree.

‘He needs to learn his lesson for attempting the most difficult trial out of blind confidence.’

Even though he said otherwise, Sungchul was, in fact, planning on saving Marakia in the end.

However, Sungchul and Bertelgia’s heartless replies seemed to make Voulu look deeply troubled. It seemed as though there was something else going on in the background.

“Mmm… This is not good. Normally, that Avian should have been killed for being arrogant and trying a difficulty he had no business attempting. But it seems that the Dungeon Master doesn’t want the first Challengers in forever to just die yeyo!”

“Dungeon Master? What’s that? Is that someone other than Aegehios?”

“It is so, yeyo. Aegehios nim is the dungeon itself, while the Dungeon Master is the true master of this dungeon.”

“So, Aegehios belongs to the Dungeon Master?”

“Mmm… It’s a bit of a different concept from that yeyo. It’s difficult to explain yeyo. Anyway, how about just saving that Avian now?”

Voulu replied with a exasperated tone.

“In return, I’ll give you information about hidden trial yeyo.”

“Hidden trial?”

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