Chapter 230 – Pinnacle of Culinary Arts (1)

The second meeting was much easier to establish than the first.

“You’ve come back again?”

The self proclaimed Unit 55 popped out to greet Sungchul eagerly even before he reached the storage room of the Scroll of Calamity.

“It couldn’t be that you’ve come to see me again?”

“It couldn’t be.”

Sungchul took out the Letter of God to show her after he replied.

“Mmm? You had another one? Why didn’t you turn that in to the Snake of Knowledge just a little bit ago when you were already here?”

“Once you get to this age, and even more so if you enjoy drinking, things have a way of slipping your mind.”

“Hmm… is that so? Losing track of things is very much like how father used to be.”

Unit 55 diligently opened the passage to the Transcendent World even as she sulked. Of course, the flow of time around them dramatically shifted once more.

“I don’t feel that there’s a need for this.”

Sungchul commented on the changed flow of time.

“This is necessary in preventing unnecessary rumors! Creating no room for curiosity is foundational in secret keeping.”

“I see.”

Sungchul nodded then walked towards the doorway. Sungchul stopped at the entrance to turn around to look at Unit 55 and ask her a question.

“What you said earlier, is it true?”

“What thing? Ah… about that object?”

Sungchul’s face was cast in a deep darkness. He glared at Unit 55 and slowly nodded. Unit 55 shivered slightly as she replied.

“It’s all true. Why would I lie about something like that? For such a mundane subject.”

“…Mundane subject you say.”

Sungchul wore a bitter expression as he entered the door once more.

The darkness took him into its embrace once more and brought him to a completely different world.

He was back to the world of the infinite.

Sungchul waited in the gigantic floating palace with an open roof for a familiar being to arrive. But the one he waited for did not appear for a long while after he arrived.

‘Just what is that snake doing right now?’

A figure of an enormous snake came into view far off into the distance just as Sungchul was beginning to feel irritated.

Snake of Knowledge, Oroboros, has made its appearance.

[What an annoying human. Annoying a God right when things were about to get interesting!]

Oroboros did not make any attempt to hide his displeasure. In fact, it went as far as to wave its head back and forth as if it was threatening to crush Sungchul with its giant head.

Of course Sungchul was not a man that could be intimidated by something of this level. He didn’t make any movements at all and simply watched the snake patiently.

The first to lose steam was, of course, Oroboros.

The snake broke the silence.

[Are you under the impression that I cannot or will not kill you? Is that what you believe?]

 “Do whatever you please.”

Sungchul replied bluntly and tossed the object for which he had come here. The Letter of God fell right before the snake. The Snake’s starry eyes grew wide.

[In truth, I am unable to kill you. That’s not all. I am forbidden from touching a single hair of yours.]

Oroboros, like before, used a magical force to lift the Letter of God into its mouth to swallow. The mint-scented tongue busily worked their way around the lips.

Like how snakes used its tongue to distinguish prey and danger, it seemed to be using its tongue to decipher what was written in the Letter of God.

After an indeterminable amount of time passed, Sungchul was able to notice that the Snake’s enormous iris widened suddenly. And as expected, the snake had such an obvious expression of shock that anyone could have recognized the surprise at a glance.

The scales of the snake rose up like tidal waves, from the top of its head through its entire body, all the way to its tail that was hidden from view. It was quite a sight to behold.

‘Is there a problem of some kind?’

Sungchul calmly watched the changes in the snake.

It wasn’t until a good while before the snake spoke once more.

[Manuscript of Medas. I cannot believe these accursed words still remained.]

“Manuscript of Medas?”

 [It’s a profane pamphlet the Evil Gods mass produced to spread chaos in the world. I had believed that every last bit of it was found and destroyed, but it appears that a few still remain.]


As Sungchul’s silence continued, Oroboros lifted one of its eyes wide as it asked Sungchul a question.

[This… Have you read this, mortal?!]

Sungchul nodded.

“I do possess the Lector skill after all. But I have no interest in the contents in the slightest. I have only come here to receive more items from you.”

[I see. I suppose this isn’t all that important of a story for a mortal with a sound mind and pure soul as you.]

Sungchul had a thought after observing the snake’s behavior for a while.

‘It’s true that the size and the power hidden within its form commands an innate sense of respect. But compared to its enormous body, its behavior is no different from a common peddler.’

This observation was not based on this one interaction alone.

If the snake’s appearance and size were set aside for a moment and it was judged purely by its words, actions, and the occasional glimpse of its character, then the snake would have received a failing grade from Sungchul’s standards.

This being only knew how to boast and threaten, but there was no depth to it and had weight as light as feather.

More than anything, Sungchul was able to feel it throughout their entire interaction, just how low that snake thought of a mortal like Sungchul.

“It seems even that thing was able to become a Lesser God. Or has becoming a Lesser God changed its personality?”

To put it into other words, its body and power was that of a Lesser God but its mentality was severely lacking. Even their interaction just now stood as a testament to this observation.

It blurted out the truth about the severity of the information contained within the Manuscript of Medas without having been asked, and then repeatedly displayed a lack of discretion such as asking if Sungchul had read the contents.

While Sungchul was busy giving a low evaluation of the Snake of Knowledge, the snake continued to move about without rest.

It was impossible to tell what it was doing. That snake was a completely different entity from a human being.

Even if it were to be staying still, it was not possible to understand what it was doing using human standards. Soon, the starry eyes of the snake blinked.

[Ah! Damn, I’ve missed the fun part. It’s all your fault.]

“What are you talking about?”

The Snake of Knowledge created a mirror the size of a castle in front of Sungchul when he asked. Within the mirror was a reflection of a different world.

Sungchul was slightly taken aback by what he saw in the world beyond the mirror. There, two heavily armored armies were in a middle of combat. But one side was already completely in command over the battle and was in the process of wiping out the adversary.

Sungchul watched the battle with unemotional eyes until he realized that neither armies were of the countries he knew, and that their combat skills and techniques were no different from commoners and peasants. He glared at the Snake of Knowledge and threw a question.

“Where is this?”

[Ho? So you’ve noticed? You’ve got a keen eye.]

The Snake of Knowledge bore a triumphant grin as it rested its head on the corner of the large hall Sungchul was standing on.

[This is my territory. Commonly known as Realm.]


[Us Lesser Gods are those who are permitted unlimited life to live in this Transcendent World. But think about it, the dullness that comes with having nothing to do for eternity.]

“That seems quite the bore.”

[That is so. We Lesser Gods are the same. Well, strange ones engage in contemplations or meditations, going for years, centuries doing nothing like some sort of inanimate object. But for Lesser Gods like me with a working mind, such a thing is quite difficult.]

“That’s to be expected.”

Sungchul was implicitly making fun of the Snake of Knowledge. Already in his eyes, the snake was not much different from a gang leader he had once worked for in La Grange

[So although it’s not on the same scale of God, we have created a world of our own to observe. And that is called Realm.]

The Snake of Knowledge that contained the sky was turned towards the mirror.

[As you might have noticed, there was a fierce battle between two knights over the hand of one princess. I have not directly manipulated anything, but a heroic battle far more mournful and ardent than any prose or poetry had taken place. Well, I couldn’t see the all-important duel itself because of you!]

The Snake of Knowledge let out a strong scent of mint as if it was deflating, making the mirror that had once taken up Sungchul’s entire range of vision to disappear completely.

“Do all Lesser Gods possess this Realm thing?]

Sungchul asked the snake.

[Not all, but most Lesser Gods have their own Realms. Realms are quite literally a blessing to the Lesser Gods. Let alone becoming a God of a whole world, it becomes possible to live and participate as an individual within that world. Imagine! The God of the world being able to disguise themselves as but another individual in order to control the flow of history. Is this not like the main characters hiding their strength in an epic?]

The snake did nothing to contain its enthusiasm when talking about the Realm.

‘It seems to be quite invested in it.’

Sungchul felt no strong interest in the Realms. He was about to state his business to end the subject, but the Snake of Knowledge’s unreasonably loud voice once again obstructed his efforts.

[Those without Realms are typically Evil Gods. Evil Gods do not cultivate their Realms. They reject the idea, claiming that non-Gods playing God is nothing bug heresy. But I think it’s the other way around. They’re just angry. Jealous of the Realms all other Lesser Gods possess.]

“Mmm. I understand what you mean, so I’d like to receive my item now.”

Tolerating the mint scent was becoming difficult.

 [What an impatient mortal. Well, it’s no pleasure for me to be entertaining you either so I shall bring them out. Your reward.]

Shining words appeared before Sungchul as soon as the snake was done talking. It was a list of gifts.

<Blessings of the Snake of Knowledge>

[Select one of the following]
1 Death Magic Grimoire – Archlich Promotion Item
2 Shadow of Lynx – Soul Contract
4 Essence of the Fire Spirit – Strength Enhancing Item
5 Flamebearer – Sword

Sungchul noticed something strange as he looked over the list and pointed it out.

“Hmm? Three is missing. Why?”

[Did you not take it just a bit ago? Of course it’s missing.]

This made Sungchul think to himself,

‘What a lazy Lesser God. How did it become a Lesser God like this?’

In any case, the only one worth selecting now was number four, the Essence of the Fire Spirit. It should be unnecessary raising his strength any further but he wanted to experiment with it. To see if his god-like strength could even rise any further than this.

So Sungchul decided on number four.

[I shall reward you as promised.]

Oroboros gave Sungchul a burning orb.

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