Chapter 195 – Farm of Death (4)

There were several people gathered in front of the Verdure Greenhouse. They who wore different colored outfits were the central figures that move the New Ixion. And among them were many who used to be known as the Followers of Calamity. Perhaps due to this, there were many voices who sounded criticisms when he emerged.

“The Mage mass killer dares show himself here.”

“He is a man who bared his fangs even to the Emperor who raised him. He is not worthy of associating with, so why is McRaed nim…”

Sungchul was able to shut the mouths of the Followers of Calamity by staring unemotionally at them. Beyond simply being the Enemy of the World, during his many battles facing the Calamity, Sungchul now had a great and commanding presence due to his many accomplishments. From within the veil of forced silence, the one leading the ritual emerged.

Former princess of the kingdom of Ixion, McRaed revealed herself before the Verdure Greenhouse under the strict protection of her guards.

As promised, Sungchul handed half of his Fragment of Calamity to McRaed. The Followers of Calamity who saw his Fragment of Calamity couldn’t hold back their astonishment.

“Wha…so much Soil of God…! I can’t believe my eyes!”

“Just how many people had to be sacrificed to create something so massive? Tens of thousands of people? No… is it in the hundreds of thousands?”

“It’s definitely possible for the Enemy of the World. He might have been traveling around hunting mages to create that thing. Since mages’ lives generate a larger crystal than others as you all know.”

Followers of Calamity did not appear to know the reward for resolving a Calamity. Amidst ignorance and presumptions swirling about the room, McRaed raised her chin to gaze up at the statue of Sidmia erect before the Verdure Greenhouse. Sidmia, who stood tall with two of his arms gathered together into a prayer, cast an ominous shadow beneath him.

McRaed placed the Fragment of Calamity as an offering to an altar before reciting an indecipherable chant. Sungchul could guess that the chant was in an ancient language no one spoke any longer.

‘That, too, is probably something Vestiare taught her.’

An hour passed since blasphemous words began to echo beneath the altar. Lesser God Sidmia did not give any sign of blessings. It was when everyone were starting to lose focus from boredom. One man raised his hands and pointed at the heavens.

“Look! Up there!”

The shape of the sky was changing. Clouds passing over the city were sucked into a single point before exploding into rain and thunder, and after a brief moment of rain, four rainbows appeared in the sky. People gawked at the strange phenomena that they have never seen before in their lives.

And for Sungchul, he felt a very familiar but an unsettling feeling that was impossible to get used to.


Aching pain etched onto his heart bearing the cross of the covenant. Sungchul watched a brilliant beam of light come down from the heavens and illuminate the Verdure Greenhouse with a slight wince. The domed building disappeared from sight for a moment as it was surrounded by an immense and blinding white beam of light.

Soon, the lights dissipated and the Verdure Greenhouse returned to its former colorful glory. McRaed discarded her staff as she turned to face Sungchul with an exhausted expression.

“Our God has answered our calling.”

The Fragment of Calamity placed upon the altar was gone without a trace.

“Now, behold the miracle.”

McRaed commanded the people around her.

The doors to the Verdure Greenhouse opened and the mothers who stood in a line carrying their children became visible. The women were hesitating. But they had no choice but to leave the building and come outside when heartless soldiers urged them on. It was something that happened before Sungchul could stop them. But nothing happened to the babies that came out of the Verdure Greenhouse. Neither the black spots, nor the terrible agony; it was as if the curse was a story from another world for these children.

For that one moment, Sungchul could not conceal his surprise. The inside of his mind became a blank white and he couldn’t think nor speak anything. He was stuck staring blankly at children who were moving about their arms as if nothing had happened.


Once it became night, Sungchul acted to verify the miracle he had witnessed during the day for himself.

“I am sure of it. The power of the Lesser God has undone the curse upon my body.”

Marakia explained that he heard the voice of Sidmia from within the light of the Lesser God.

“But… it’s not a voice I want to ever hear again.”

“That’s true for any God’s voice.”

But this wasn’t the important part. Sungchul hid Marakia in his clothes and headed out. The ladies who previously occupied the Verdure Greenhouse had all moved out so the building was nearly devoid of people. Only a small number of servants remained to look after Sungchul. And those ladies were currently on leave. Thanks to this, Sungchul was able to take Marakia and head out without much difficulty.

At the door, Sungchul turned to face Marakia and asked calmly.

“Will you be ok?”

“Of course.”

Marakia gave a strong nod.

“I shall walk out with my own two feet.”

Marakia flapped his black wings as he waddled towards the outside world.

He did falter slightly at the entrance, but he spread his shoulders proudly like a king and walked out. It was when Marakia passed the point where his feathers had dyed white previously. Sungchul’s eyes grew wide.

‘The Curse of Extinction has really been lifted.’

“Wow! It’s gone! It’s really goner!”

Bertelgia let out a shout of glee and Marakia rubbed the top of his beak with his hands with an insufferable expression.

“Heh. It’s nothing before me.”

Sungchul recalled that he still had half of his Fragment of Calamity in his possessions even within the moment of blissful glee. The image of the child he must rescue waiting asleep in the Fae World passed by his eyes like a moment in a dream.

‘Good. For now, use this to rescue her. I’ll think about what to do after that.’

It was when life reignited in his long cold heart for the first time in a while. An unidentifiable cry was heard from afar and the ground shook.

‘Is it an earthquake…?’

It was not a strong earthquake. It was just enough for a slight vibration to be felt. But the truly astonishing thing happened after.

Marakia tilted his head and stared at an object that had appeared without reason and muttered to himself.

“Hmm? Living book? Were there two living books?”

Sungchul was also looking at it. At the book floating in air with the same appearance as Bertelgia.

“There is something you must do immediately.”

The book spoke, with the same voice as Bertelgia.

While Sungchul was shaking in surprise, words made of light appeared before him.

[Task of God – Objective(God)]

[Head to the abandoned island and kill Desfort]

Reward: Final Elixir x1

Note: Failure to complete this quest will result in the destruction of the world itself.

Things are gonna pick up now in the story! Dont worry, you wont have to wait long for the next one. Probably a day or two!


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