Chapter 191 – City of Perfection (4)

“You are free to enter the city, but it is not true for leaving.”

A city guard stood in the way of Sungchul as he tried to leave.

“You must bring a permit from McRaed nim.”

The guards were fully aware of Sungchul’s infamous reputation, yet they were obstinate.

It could have been that McRaed’s orders were absolute or Sungchul was not as intimidating as he looked, or other myriad of reasons, but Sungchul had not one iota of a desire to cause a scene here. He immediately made his way to McRaed. She was found in the city hall located next to Vestiare’s Palace.

“What brought you here?”

McRaed smiled with her eyes as she stole glances at Sungchul’s important parts.

“…I plan on heading out of the city.”

“The reason?”

McRaed answered like icicles.

“I’ve forgotten some things back in the Forest of the Witch.”

“Forest of the Witch…?”

McRaed was normally very confident, but she couldn’t keep her composure at the mention of the FOrest of the Witch. Everyone of the eastern regions knew of Adelwight the Witch who were essentially their neighbors, and they grew up listening to countless stories of how she could bring misfortune to people.

“Ah… that woman. I seem to recall hearing that you were good friends with that beauty?”

“I can’t say I am all that close. Either way, I shall return within two days. I am not leaving the city for good. I have no reason to.”

“If it is for brief trips, you’re free to do as you like. You’re a guest of Ixion, not a prisoner.”

Sungchul headed back to the gates with McRaed’s permit. The guards readily let Sungchul through after verifying McRaed’s signature. From here, Sungchul was once again reminded of the fact that McRaed was the true ruler of this city.

‘Vestiare simply reins in name. The one in control seems to be that woman.’

Sungchul walked beyond the horizon first. Once night had fallen and the roads darkened, Sungchul turned 180 degrees and walked back. The City of Perfection in distance came into his view. Sungchul covertly walked around the outskirts of the city.

Hidden In four directions of the circular city was smaller hidden cities. They were not as well made as Ixion, but these miniature cities were surrounded by a decent square shaped wall.

Sungchul knew from first glance that this place must be the settlements. Sungchul took care in monitoring his surroundings as he carefully approached the settlement.

An indeterminate amount of time passed.

Another settlement came into view from within the darkness. Sungchul was soon faced with another great surprise.

Beyond Ixion’s walls to the west upon the great open plains were dozens of settlements in a neat arrangement.

“Hmm? Why are there so many of those box shaped cities?”

Even Bertelgia commented thinking something was wrong.

“It seems as though Marakia was right and that something is happening in this city.”

Each of the settlements were distinctly demarcated by castle walls. And not a single living being could be detected within the walls surrounding the settlements. Only the countless murder golems were lying in wait in the darkness for intruders.


Once Sungchul was detected, the eyes of dozens of golems flickered bright red.

At the same time, countless magic formations appeared in the sky and small Vestiares began to pour out.

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