Chapter 128 – An Unfortunate Woman (1)

“Keep singing, woman.”

Sajators made a haughty gesture and ordered her to sing. Clarise’s song didn’t really inhibit the effects of Oom Bruuk, providing nothing more than a placebo effect, but this small bit of mental stability could become the critical difference to magicians, especially one as powerful as Sajators. Sajators activated a high class healing magic to completely heal his body clean while Clarice was singing. Broken bones were mended and the bleeding stopped. When he even recovered his lost eyesight, Sajators couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“Fortune is with me today. She’s smiling upon me.”

Sajators’ Luck was at 542. It was an appropriate number for a man that held the world in his hand since birth. He decided to proceed to the next phase of the plan without taking a break and opted to call Daltanius over while he had the thought.

Sajators then ordered Clarise once again.

“Continue your song, you ugly woman.”

However, the song did not resume, and when he looked at her with irritation, Clarise looked back with a cowed expression and spoke cautiously.

“I’m sorry… but would it be alright if I rested my voice a bit? I’ve been a bit overworked for the past few days, and my throat is hurting.”

“Your throat is none of my business.”

Sajators, who had now recovered his strength, displayed his cruel nature with no inhibitions. He formed a blade of ice and threw it threateningly toward her direction.

“If you truly want to rest, I’ll make it so that you won’t have to sing ever again.”

He moved the blade across her throat as to cut it out, but melted it away once it touched her throat. She couldn’t help but think ‘why am I so unlucky’ as the freezing cold that shocked her awake began to crawl down her neckline.

Clarise was utterly unfortunate. This person would not have even recovered nearly as fast if not for her singing, and to reflect this, her Luck was at a 7. It was a lucky number in name only and caused her to live her life in misfortune. This was most evident at least in this very moment.


The Governor of Panchuria, Laurumei Chui, received a troubling report from the executives of the Coalition of Merchants.

“It seems that the Enemy of the World is within this city, and we have caught a man presumed to be his accomplice.”

The evidence was an edict sent in secret by the head of the Coalition, Governor Hornecko, which were distributed throughout the guild across the land. According to him, the Enemy of the World was spending the unmarked gold coins and bars stolen from the Coalition’s vault as he pleased, and such gold bullions have been discovered within Panchuria. What this meant was that the Enemy of the World or people associated with him were out and about here. According to the executive from the Coalition of Merchants, this truth has already been reported back to the main headquarters of the Coalition.

But the problem started from there.

A giant golem comparable in size to a mountain appeared close to the regional Coalition headquarters and was destroying everything in its vicinity, and so the Coalition’s main branch was unable to provide any kind of support.

This was why the executive of the Coalition had come seeking this place out.

“We need the Governor’s help.”

The feat was passed down to the Governor of Panchuria, Laurumei Chui. He had to make a decision on how would he deal with the Enemy of the World. But what was there that he could possibly do?

“Mm… I understand your position… but can we even catch him after deploying some troops?”

Larumei was quite astute, contrary to his dull appearance. He continued saying,

“Nonetheless, we can’t also ignore this. Colossi are said to have appeared all over the world destroying cities and territories as they please. Imagine if the Enemy of the World is left alone, how much more chaotic the world will become?”

He made an uncharacteristically practical decision as one of those in power of the Other World, but he would never dream that there was another golem sleeping at the bottom of Panchuria’s murky river that was capable of completely leveling the city.


At the same time, Sungchul was swimming in the murky mud water below the city. He had discovered the giant in question at a place close to the river bed.

‘It is of quite an amazing size beyond my expectations.’

Sungchul climbed aboard the a and looked about his surroundings.This city would disappear without a trace the moment another Bertelgia was activated. It was because the city was created to be nothing more than a camouflage for the giant.

‘I have to stop the activation of that weapon no matter the cost, but before then…’

Sungchul looked at the bell in his hand. The sound of the bell could be heard closeby.

‘I’ll end Sajators.’

This was the main reason that he had returned to Panchuria. He softly stroked the Soul Stone strung inside his coat and spoke to it.

“I’ll make you a golem next time, Carbung. I have a problem that needs resolving right at this moment.”

An oar in one hand, and a bell in the other. Sungchul navigated toward Panchuria’s web-like waterways with his boat.


Sajators was listening to Clarise’s song with an impatient expression on his face. The sound of the bell rang out irregularly in between the lyrics, interfering with his concentration.

‘Its effectiveness is failing.’

Fortunately, he managed to establish communications with Daltanius. According to him, he was already heading in that direction and was preparing to engage in Long Distance Teleportation.

‘That should be as good as being halfway done.’

Sajators aggressively waved his hand to stop the singing.

“That’s enough, woman.”

He threw on his outerwear and looked ready to depart. Clarise understood his intention in a glance.

“Are you preparing to leave?”

Sajators nodded. His disinterested eyes looked at Clarise before he pulled out something from his pockets. It was an ancient dagger embedded with dazzling gems.

“This is for your charity on my behalf. Receive it gratefully.”

Clarise looked at it with equal disinterest. It was because she had more gold coins than she could ever spend.

“Don’t you like my compensation?”

Sajators peered over in her direction through the corner of his eyes and asked obtusely.

“No, I like it.”

Hollow words. Sajators saw through it immediately. He scoffed and spoke in a confident voice as he always had before.

Well, since you did have a small part in my resurrection, so I’ll tell you a single truth as a special gift.”

Sajators spoke as thus and fixed his attire in front of a mirror before hesitating slightly. He adjusted his clothes for so long that Clarise had begun to lose interest before he spoke coldly.

“Take all your belongings and immediately leave this city once I leave this place.”

“What? What do you mean?”

Clarise’s eyes shot up as she asked, and Sajators simply pointed a finger to the ground at his feet.

“Soon, this city will vanish without a trace by the hands of the giant sleeping below the waters.”


It was still a lukewarm reaction, but she clearly looked surprised. Sajators smirked as he boldly stepped out the door.

“Be well, idiot.”

He stepped out the door without any hesitation. It was indeed an appropriate response coming from one of the Seven Heroes who was no longer burdened with the colorful emotions of an average human. However, Sajators walked right back in the house walking backwards the moment he went outside.


Clarise tilted her head.

“Haa… Haa…!”

Sajators, who had quietly closed the door behind him, looked pale with fear and his rough breathing could be heard. The cause was simple. The moment he stepped outside, he could see a man on a boat passing by, wearing a tattered coat with his mouth clenched shut while holding a resolute expression on his face. It was Sungchul.

Sajators leaned against the shut door and was unable to move for a moment. Clarise asked bluntly.

“What’s wrong?”


Sajators frantically scanned the area outside with a fear-stricken expression on his pale face. Thankfully, it appeared that Sungchul hadn’t discovered him yet. It felt like a miracle, but in reality, Sungchul had been busy conversing with Bertelgia and did not pay attention to the other side.

“Why not just shake that bell for all its worth? Didn’t you say that Sajators could hear it when you shake it? Let’s just let him have it while we’re at it!”

“… That isn’t a smart method, Bertelgia. This weapon isn’t supposed to be used that idiotically.”

Sungchul felt the weight of the Weapon of Calamity in his hands more heavily than anybody. The usage of a Weapon of Calamity required a cost. Even Sungchul didn’t know what the exact cost of its usage was, but he could faintly feel something gradually escape from within himself. This was why he had to be deliberate in its usage, but Bertelgia thought differently.

‘Nothing good can come with carrying a Weapon of Calamity for too long!’

She hid her intentions from Sungchul and chose to carry out her plans via another method instead. She clasped tightly onto the hand that held the bell and began to shake as hard as she could.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of Calamity resonating from Oom Bruuk fired off in a rapid succession in every direction.

“Bertelgia, what are you doing. So crass. Just get into my pocket. Nothing good can come from attracting attention.”

Sungchul extended his hand and tried to retrieve her, but Bertelgia returned to Sungchul’s wrist and firmly shook the arm that held the bell once again.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sungchul didn’t realize it, but this action was a critical hit to Sajators.


Sajators fell over with his hands clasping his mouth. He felt himself lose consciousness as pain seemed to be tearing his mind and body to shreds.

“Are… you ok?”

Clarise supported the fallen Sajators, but he shook his head violently and tried to calm his mind.

“Should I sing for you?”

Clarise blinked as she spoke. Sajators didn’t hear her. Instead, he continued to move his head awkwardly in an attempt to nullify the traumatic sound of the bell.

His actions looked like an affirmation to her question in her eyes. She cleared her throat and began to sing the song she was most confident in. Sajators hopped over to Clarise in surprise as her song began and clasped her mouth shut.

“Are you mad?! Please keep it down!”

He silenced Clarise before cautiously stepping toward the entrance door and peeking through a crack. The boat had stopped.

“… I think I heard a familiar sound?”

Sungchul hadn’t heard it clearly as he was distracted by Bertelgia, but he recognized that a familiar sound was coming from behind him.

“That’s not the important right now!”

Bertegia shook the bell again.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sajators eyes shot open. He rolled about on the floor with his hand wrapped tightly around his mouth.

“What’s wrong with you today?”

Sungchul grabbed Bertelgia with one rapid hand movement and shoved her into his pocket.

“What? Let’s just get this over with.”

Bertelgia seemed to be in a rebellious mood today. Sungchul made a bitter smile and rang the bell once again. The bell sounded very close. It could have been in one of the floating houses, and so Sungchul considered the traditional method of searching through every house and every room. It would take a long time, but it was an assured method as once Sungchul entered a home, nothing would escape his sight.

He jumped clear off the boat and approached the door of one of the floating homes. It was locked, but that meant nothing to Sungchul.


The lock crumbled like a cookie once Sungchul’s hand gripped it. He then quickly searched the interior.


Inside, there was nothing but a spotted cat. Its fur stood on end at the sight of Sungchul, revealing its wariness. Sungchul headed toward the next abode and began anew.

While he was searching the third home, a particular boat caught his eye. Five rough looking men were aboard. They were all wearing murderous expressions on their faces as they docked the boat by a house on the opposite side before clamoring up and surrounding a home.

‘That is?’

It looked like what was a common strategy among bandits. Sungchul hid in the shadows and watched their actions. The bandits seemed to have rehearsed this quite a bit as they used signals to surround the home while an agile man with a small frame jumped onto the roof and entered through the chimney.

“Mm… this neighborhood is as unsafe as I expected.”

Bertelgia rumbled strongly within her pocket and tried to ring the bell before growing still once again. Sungchul stood before the home that was now invaded by bandits and stared at it quietly. He wasn’t burning with a sense of justice, but he had the heart to step in readily once someone was threatened or if violence was used. A man’s scream soon rang out from the home followed by a brief scream of a woman.

“It looks like there are people inside.”

Sungchul nodded while leaning onto the banister and continued his surveillance with his arms crossed. The sounds, including the background noises, soon died down.


Sajators held a bloodied dagger and watched the fallen bandits

‘My luck’s turned rotten today.’

The one on the short end of the stick actually wasn’t him, but Clarise whose luck was even lower than Sungchul’s. Sajators was simply caught up as a bystander who was standing beside her.


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  1. I think what Bertelgia did here was stupid. She knows nothing about how the bell works. What if each time you ring it you lose a part of your soul or your stats? Besides exposing his location, she could have killed Sungchul.

    1. He takes passive damage just by holding it.
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