Chapter 126 – Familiar (2)

The Destroyer. That was Sungchul’s designation. Currently, everyone referred to him as the Enemy of the World, but the only proper designation acknowledged by the Oracular Seer was the Destroyer.

As the possessor of such a title, Sungchul was the type of person who preferred to destroy rather than create. It was the same with the Golems. He had destroyed so many golems that he could not recall how many it might have been, but not once had he put one together.

“It’s not so hard. You know, creating a golem.”

Bertelgia spoke in an unexpectedly boastful manner.

“Are you saying that one can make golems with Alchemic techniques?”

He felt uncomfortable as a layman, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“The only things that can be crafted through Alchemy are the golem’s head and its heart which acts as its core. The torso and limbs will require the help of a mage or a craftsman. Regardless of how much power you hold, you need an intermediary to utilize that power right? It’s not within the realm of Alchemy to breathe life into inanimate objects such as rocks.”

“If that’s the case, you’re saying that we can’t make a golem currently?”

Bertelgia floated about breezily at Sungchul’s question and landed gracefully onto the golem who was hunched over behind Sungchul.

“There’s already one here. An empty golem.”

“So you’re saying that we only need to make the core.”


“How do you make one though.”

When Sungchul asked, Bertelgia opened her pages as though she had been prepared for it already. It was a recipe, and Sungchul read it carefully.

[Core of a Miniature Golem]
Level: 6
Attribute: Gold
Recipe: Carbuncle’s Consent, Vortex Soul, Metallic Essence, Neutralizing Essence
Tool: Portable Stove, Hammer, Empty Soul Stone

It was a level 6 Alchemic item. It was a whole new realm that Sungchul had never touched before. And for the modern people who praise an Alchemist capable of producing a level 5 Alchemic item as master of the field, it was a new horizon they couldn’t even dream of.

Although Sungchul felt a bit intrigued, he also recognized an important problem. He looked at Bertelgia as he opened his mouth.

“Alright, so where can vortex soul be found?”

It was an ingredient Sungchul had never seen before, and he got the strong impression that it would be difficult to obtain as he noticed “soul” attached to its name.

Bertelgia gathered her thoughts and began to explain in a calm manner.

“Mmm, that… it’s a type of soul. It is a collection and mixture of a clump of near-soul-like subconsciousness from beasts or large insects that lack a proper soul like a human’s, which are for one reason or another fused into one. They got their name because that aggregation looks like a vortex, but it’s not that rare! Some of the larger magic stores often sell them and are supplied by necromancers.”

“Sadly, there is no magic stores around here.”

“Mm… that’s true.”

The Tree Mother troubled their minds when they considered returning to Panchuria.

‘It has become quite the predicament.’

Sungchul laid on top of the debris and cooled his head. He decided to return to Panchuria after much thought. He knew from experience that it would be nothing more than a waste of time to force a solution that didn’t exist.

‘Kruut and his granddaughter must have returned safely to Panchuria, right? I should find them again and ask for guidance.’

Sungchul pulled out the Bell of Oom Bruuk and shook it lightly. Its sound felt more distant than before. It meant that the distance had increased.

‘He’s alive as expected. He shouldn’t be able to last much longer though.’

The bell disappeared without a trace when Sungchul gripped the bell much more tightly.

“We’re heading back to Panchuria,” said Sungchul as he stood up. He even gave the reason to Carbung the Soul Stone.

“We’re going to find the ingredients to craft the golem. I well keep our promise, don’t worry.”

As Sungchul walked forth, Bertelgia flapped on behind him. Sungchul soon felt the gaze of something he hadn’t felt before, looking in his direction as he prepared to leave the exit of the ruins.

‘There’s quite a lot of them.’

He roughly counted more than a hundred presence around him. They felt similar to humans, but it was a presence that was much more sticky and cold. Sungchul soon discovered the identity of the group that was looking at his direction. Those with the head of a lizard and the body of a man. They were the Lizardmen.

They had crossed over the border of the ruins that Carbung had been keeping tidy and were watching with bated breath while being hidden within the dense foliage of the jungle. One of the Lizardmen stepped out of the tall grass to reveal himself and roared when Sungchul had left the ruins.

“There. Human. Reveal your identity!”

Sungchul continued to trudge on and walked up to the Lizardmen. The others hidden within the foliage reeled back in fear. Sungchul found it strange.

‘Do the Lizardmen also feel fear? I’ve heard something completely different.’

Sungchul walked before the crowd of Lizardmen with his arms raised in order to show that he was unarmed. The lizardmen who had watched from up close were clearly afraid of something. Whether the cause of fear was Sungchul or not was unknown.

Soon, a Lizardmen wearing armor and a helm embedded with dazzling jewels stepped before Sungchul. This Lizardman whose height approached nearly two meters spoke with a dignified voice as he looked down towards him.

“I am Barmui, the Head of the Military within the Kingdom of the Lizardmen. I will ask once more, Human. Reveal your identity and the reason you are in this place.”

Gazes filled with hostility and fear flickered from behind this Lizardman.

Sungchul looked at Barmui and his subordinates with indifference and spoke in a calm manner.

“I am just passing by. I have only come seeking the Magic Tome hidden within this place.”

Sungchul wasn’t the type to withhold the truth if there was no need for it. He knew fully well how small lies eventually catches your heels causing you to trip over them. In any case, the Kingdom of Lizardmen were an independent force separate from the elite class of the continent. They were unrelated to the Champions of the Continent, the World Parliament and others that opposed Sungchul.

Barmui flicked his tongue a few times in contemplation before opening his mouth to speak again in a serious tone.

“We had hurriedly gathered a reconnaissance unit and arrived here after hearing an incredible explosion ring out from this general direction. We also saw it. The destruction of the cursed ruins.”

Barmui glared at the ruins of the fallen pyramid behind Sungchul.

“Do you know what sort of event occurred here?”

“Sajators appeared.”

Sungchul hid nothing, but when Sajators’ name was brought up, Barmui’s eyes were filled with an expression similar to terror. But that was an understatement. The Lizardmen soldiers that were hidden within the tall grass almost convulsed as they let out an unfamiliar cry.

Sungchul didn’t understand their reaction, but it was clear that the Lizardmen felt extreme fear toward Sajators.

“That… devil of legends appeared in this place?”

Barmui pulled out his weapon. Chakram. It was a perfectly circular throwing weapon. Three Chakram were spinning simultaneously on his thick, scaly finger making a chilling sound.

Sungchul watched the Chakrams’ rotation with disinterest as he spoke again.

“Sajators tasted defeat by my hands. He is currently fleeing to somewhere.”

Barmui’s eyes grew wide.

“W-what? That… devil lost? How could that be… That human devil cannot be opposed… I don’t believe you!”

A shadow of distrust loomed within the Lizardmen’s wide eyes.


Sungchul wordlessly pulled out Fal Garaz, and struck the ground under everyone’s watchful eyes.


The earth shook forcefully with a thunderous blast of sound. The force was so great that it caused a part of the wreckage that had been standing precariously in the distance to collapse; evoking a thick smoke.

The Lizardmen watched the scene with gaping jaws. Barmui was no exception.

“W-who are you?”

“I am Sungchul Kim.”

“S-sungchul Kim?”

“The other humans have taken to calling me the Enemy of the World.”

“The Enemy of the World!”

Barmui shouted with a raised voice. He might not have recognized the name Sungchul, but Enemy of the World seemed to have resonated with him.

“Prepare for battle!”

Barmui fell back dexterously and joined his subordinates. The Lizardmen that had been hiding within the tall grass spun their spears and chakrams and took a battle stance.

A shallow moan escaped Sungchul’s lips.

‘Did my infamy manage to spread this far?’

It was at this moment that an elderly Lizardman escorted by guards in ornate clothing, stepped out from between the Lizardmen and walked slowly toward his direction.

“Stop this. Barmui, this human is not our enemy.”

The elderly Lizardman possessed white scales that definitely stood out from the others, and the clothing enveloping his body appeared more ornate and refined than Barmui’s. It was clear with a single glance that he was from a noble class. A single word appeared within Sugnchul’s hazy memories.

‘This Lizardman. Is he from the Priest caste?”

William Quinton Marlboro. The man currently referred to as the Emperor had mentioned the social hierarchy of the mysterious race known as the Lizardman. According to him, the Priest caste was only behind the Royal caste and were a noble existence that was located near the very top of Lizardman society which was shaped like a pyramid.

“I recall hearing your name from the past. Sungchul Kim.”

The Lizardman spoke, and curiosity rose within Sungchul’s eyes.

“You recognize my name.”

“Your name isn’t the only thing I know. I also know that you are facing the Calamity alone instead of the cowardly humans.”

Sungchul felt that a line of communication might have opened here. He held a faint smile as he put Fal Garaz away, and as he did, the elderly Lizardman lightly waved his hand causing the other Lizardmen to lower their weapons.

“I am Murohk. I am the Head of the Priests.”

The elderly Lizardman opened his arms in a sign of welcome.

It was a mountain. Like countless other mountains whose origins can’t be discerned, it witnessed the endless changes of the seasons as it remained in its place for thousands of years. There was not a single person that doubted its identity as a mountain as this assumption seemed natural as the rising of the sun from the east, but mere decades ago, around the time magicians of the Holy Kingdom of Ruteginea were escorted by strict guards to survey the area, strange rumors began to circulate from those that made a living traversing the mountains. They said the mountains had faces.

The Holy Kingdom of Ruteginea collapsed and those magicians dispersed leaving those curious to seek out the faces of this mountain, but nothing that resembled a face could be found. Rumors about the mountain, Savior’s Peak, began to fade away until it was eventually erased from people’s minds.

Currently, there was something completely unprecedented unfolding on Savior’s Peak.

“Hahaha! It’s moving! It’s moving!”

A man and a woman were watching Savior’s Peak which was causing massive quakes from a tall mountain. The man had a titan-like built whose bulky muscles could be clearly seen despite his thick coat. It was rare for anyone of the current age to recognize his face, but anyone in the past would recognize the man wearing a lion’s pelt from a distance and shout in awe. He was one of the Seven Heroes, the Contender of Infinite Strength, Daltanius.

At his side was a pale woman in white standing as still as a picture. The Echo Mage, Vestiare. She watched the earth, sand, and trees fall below into the inky darkness as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Communications with Sajators has ceased.”


Daltanius clenched one eye shut as he asked is a husky voice.


He then crossed his arms and gave a toothy smile.

“Well, he’s always done as he wanted. Isn’t this a common occurrence by now?”

“The problem is that the Giant in the jungle region hasn’t been activated.

“Is that right?”

“It shouldn’t be the case, but there might be trouble on his end.”

“That might be bad. Regardless of his character, we can’t do without his talents.”

“I would say that that is the reason I wanted to check it out myself, but as you know, he doesn’t like me. Very much so.”

Daltanius understood what she was implying.

“Are you asking me to go in your stead?”

Vestiare held a faint smile at his question and nodded.

“You have relatively good relations with him, so he shouldn’t have an issue accepting your help if there is some complication.”

“Well, it can’t be helped. This Daltanius has been called upon as the most powerful courtier!”

He had a wide smile as he punched the earth with his fist. The large bedrock shook before falling down the steep cliffs into the darkness below.


A massive god-like figure raised itself above the broken stone. The identity of this figure, referred earlier as a mountain, was known only to an extremely small number of select people. The Colossal Calamity War Machine, Bertelgia. The colossus that was created to combat the Calamities befalling humanity was now becoming a part of the Calamity and bring the wrath of gods upon the humans.

At the same time, the appearance of extremely massive golems that resembled god was being reported all across the continent. The elites of the World whose attention had been focused on the appearance of the Seven Heroes could only watch helplessly as these giants that appeared simultaneously began to head toward their territories.


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