Chapter 100 – Facing them Alone (4)

Sungchul’s presence had a different weight compared to the appearance of Kha’nes the Half-Dragon. The flow of battle instantly changed. The haughty devils that had been preparing for victory instantly reeled back in fear at the appearance of their bane, and the devil army that had been ready to snuff out the Dwarf-Elf allied forces immediately ceased their assault and turned back toward the unexpected appearance of this era’s superhuman. Prontorowa, ranked eighth in the Demon Realm, was not pleased with this situation.

“Why are you so scared? Your opponent is a mere human. Do you think it’s right for the proud demon race to be terrorized by a mere human?”

The Devil that had lived over ten thousand years had yet to see Sungchul personally, and this was why he was able to maintain a cool disposition compared to the other devils. Prontorowa gestured with his emaciated hand and relentlessly gave out orders.

“Send out the Demon Beast unit!”

Massive monsters appeared amongst the devils. A group of mutated Tam Tams stood at the vanguard. These monsters, which were a demonized version of the giant monkey Tam Tam, revealed their bloody teeth and roared.


The low-rank devil soldiers cut the metallic chains that restrained the mutant Tam Tam. The monster first tore apart the tamer that had abused it then drank his blood before heading toward Sungchul’s direction.


Followed by a quaking force, the mutant Tam Tam that had landed gathered his hands to strike toward the tiny human standing tall below him. The moment its fists reached Sungchul, Fal Garaz moved with blinding speed. The Tam Tam’s skull reacted to the swing of the hammer before its eyes could.


The massive monkey fell backwards with a shattered skull. Sungchul grabbed the leg of the gigantic mutant Tam Tam that was several dozen times larger than himself and threw it toward the devils watching the spectacle. The mutant Tam Tam corpse that carried the momentum of his divine strength flew at a low angle before bouncing off the ground and rolling through the demon army.

‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’

The corpse only managed to stop after flattening countless devils along the way.

“J-just what is that?”

“Is he human? Is that THING still human?”

The fighting spirit of the devils who had only heard rumors of the Destroyer took a huge blow.

“Push on with numbers! That bastard is a human, so he’ll just get tired like that dragon a while ago!”

Prontorowa flinched at Sungchul’s display of might, but he still wasn’t completely intimidated. He ordered the entire army to move toward Sungchul. The main force that had been attacking the Dwarf-Elf allied force now descended the mountain range and stood in formation before Sungchul. Winged devils of all different kinds gathered below the hovering Omen of Calamity, like a thick black storm cloud covering the sky.

“The Devil King has spoken. The one that kills the Destroyer will be given 2nd rank within the Demon Realm and power to befit that rank! Anyone willing, go take the Destroyer’s life and glory shall follow!”

Prontorowa ordered his entire military might toward Sungchul. Excessive rewards managed to abate the terror to a certain degree, and the memory of that dragon that fled in exhaustion after its rampage was still fresh on their minds. As Sungchul was still human, they believed that he too must have a limit and eventually reach a point of exhaustion. Not to mention that their forces had a hundred thousand devils. According to Prontorowa’s calculations, he would be able to put an end to Sungchul’s legend at the sacrifice of just ten thousand devils.


The Devil’s horn flute indicating the advance rang out bleakly throughout the entirety of Harupaya Ridge. The Devil forces that surrounded Sungchul had begun their assault.

At the front of the charge were the Fallen Trolls who were smaller than Demonic Beasts, but still considerably large. The giants swung clubs as large as a fully grown adult human as they attacked Sungchul. The earth trembled when these massive creatures moved together in a group.

“Hiiii…Why was I chosen by a person like this.”

Bertelgia was letting out shrieks of terror from Sungchul’s pocket. On the other hand, Sungchul looked at the approaching trolls with a calm gaze. He raised his foot slightly when they came close.


Divine strength was instilled into his feet, and the slightly raised foot struck the ground once.


A force on a different level than one caused by the drumming of the troll’s feet struck the earth. The ground did not only tremble but shook violently.

The trolls began to lose their footing in the intense tremor that resembled an earthquake. A dark light pierced through the formation of the trolls like lightning.

‘Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’

One blow for one troll. Fal Garaz’s brutal blow popped each of the trolls’ heads. Twenty Trolls fell to the ground in a matter of moments, but Sungchul was still not satisfied. He entered the military base of the devils who had been holding their breath and watching the battle behind the trolls. He ceaselessly moved Fal Garaz in order to blow away all the nuisance in his way.


Dozens of devils flew away at each strike of the hammer, and that sort of hammering continued at several times per second. The immediate area around Sungchul turned into a no man’s land within 10 seconds. All that remained were splatters of blood and flesh, but not a single drop was on Sungchul’s clothes nor was his breath ragged. He continued looking indifferent as he looked down toward the devils and fixed his grip on his hammer.


“That… is not human.”

It was then when the devils realized it. They could not overcome the human standing before their eyes nor should they try to overcome him. It was not a matter of numbers, but their realization had come much too late.

Sungchul now entered the ranks of the Order of the Iron Blood Knights. He began another round of one-sided slaughter. The mobile fortress that the Order had been so proud of instantly lost half of its leg and sat in a twisted form onto the ground.

Sungchul, after silencing the Order of the Iron Blood Knights, immediately aimed for the Balroq or Baal or other such high rank Devils hiding amongst the low rank ones. He didn’t stop at simply killing those devils. He grabbed the horns of Balroqs to pry off their heads and grated the faces of Baals onto the rocky surface of the ground to kill them.

Everywhere Sungchul went, blood was spilled and mountains of corpses were formed. Not even 5 minutes passed before around ten thousand devils were slaughtered.

“W-what the fuck! Just what is that?”

When Prontorowa the high rank devil heard the news that Hesthnius Max had thrown away his physical form to escape from Sungchul, he had mocked the Demon King, calling him a coward who lacked the fundamentals of a demon. But little by little he was forced to see differently, until now when Sungchul headed straight for him and completely changed his opinion.

“Are you the head of these devils?”

The human, without a drop of blood on him or breath out of place, stood tall before Prontorowa. When that human looked at him indifferently without any emotion in his eyes, Prontorowa felt a strong compulsion to bend his knee and beg for his life, but his pride as a High Devil stopped him. Instead, he managed to muster up some dignity as he opened his mouth.

“T-That’s right, you lowly human!”

Sungchul’s response to the devil was Fal Garaz. As the hammer rose, Prontorowa tried to call out every magic known to him, but the hammer moved faster than his lips. Fal Garaz’s head met Prontorowa’s mouth. His jaw bone flew out of his skull, and his tongue that had been bent like a snake was pulled out in its entirety after being caught by the hammer.


The leader of a hundred thousand devils met his end without being able to put up any resistance. Sungchul scraped off the disgusting offal from his hammer and looked toward the devils before putting up a serious question.

“… Who’s next.”

None of the devils dared to meet him. Hundred thousand… no, now a number much lower than that fell back in retreat leaving behind a single man on an empty battlefield.

“Sungchul, that bastard. How did he get that strong? The bastard’s strength is on a different level than the Sungchul we knew.”

Executor Aquiroa spat out profanities as she looked away from the scrying orb.

“…Definitely powerful. Even Kha’nes who is known as the most powerful recluse would be no match for him.”

Shamal was of a similar opinion. Currently, no one could stop Sungchul. This gathering of powerful people in an undisclosed location was now coming to a consensus.

“There is now a need to utilize every method known to us to stop that beast.”

There was a sense of urgency in Aquiroa’s voice. If that monster managed to reach the Devil King, his life would forfeit and according to the Scroll of Calamity, the Seven Heroes would awaken at the death of the Devil King. Not one, but seven individuals whose strength were known to be equal to or exceeding the Devil King would awaken. The chaos wrought at their hands would be unprecedented. At the very least, that had to be stopped.

Aquiroa and the others each held their own thoughts as they returned to their territories. The only ones now remaining were Shamal Rajput and his subordinates. Shamal looked at the young man assimilated into the shadows with vacant eyes as he spoke.

“…How is it, Kaz Almeira? Can you do it?”

Kaz shook his head at Shamal’s question.

“That is not an opponent I can beat. I feel that it is rather a blessing to have survived an attack of such an existence and lived.”

Kaz who had been burning with vengeance could feel its flames simmer as he witnessed Sungchul’s divine might.

Shamal turned his head toward Sujin.

“How about you?”

She couldn’t reply to his question for a brief moment. It was because it was difficult for her to accept the identity of the Enemy of the World.

‘If that man was the Enemy of the World, just what have I done? Why did I not recognize that the man was the Enemy of the World? If it was going to be this way, why did I even bother coming back in time?’

Shame had enveloped her heart in darkness. She only managed to regain her senses after Shamal called out her name a second time.

“Ahmuge. I asked your thoughts.”

Suijn finally realized that Shamal was calling out to her, and spoke out in surprise.

“I can’t handle him yet.”

Sujin replied as such, but she was different than Kaz. She looked directly at Shamal as she spoke in an unperturbed manner.

“However, when the opportunity arises and if I manage to get the strength to pierce his heart, I will be able to put an end to the Calamity that he will bring.”

A faint smile rose and left Shamal’s lips. He could still remember it clearly. The moment when he had met the woman called Ahmuge. It was at the the Castle of the Assassin’s Guild, also known as the ‘Forbidden Palace’. An intruder had managed sneak into the sect leader’s sleeping quarters located at the center of the castle without being detected.

The woman boldly held a cheap dagger aimed at Shamal Rajput known as the King of all Assassins. Shamal realized Ahmuge’s existence only when the end of her cold blade had touched his neck. This accomplishment wasn’t brought about by strength nor ability, but rather a privilege that could only be earned by those with the unseen blessings, divine blessings, or similar soul contracts. Shamal could see Ahmuge’s usefulness as an assassin in a single glance and lent his ear to her story.

Her future had been different compared to those that crossed through the threshold of time for their own personal benefit. There were some amusing and shocking details within. The particular detail about Sungchul, his old comrade, being the one to bring the end of the world was enough to draw the cold blooded Shamal’s interest.

“I came from the future to kill him. The Enemy of the World. Killing that man is the life mission which I cannot be dissuaded from and also the sole reason I have come to live in this foreign world.”

Ahmuge or Sujin Lee bowed as she spoke with resolve. Shamal nodded and looked toward the north with vacant eyes.

“When the time comes, an opportunity will arrive. However, the time is not now. But do not fret. Your heart’s desire will come to pass soon.”

Shamal disappeared in a puff of smoke after those words.

At the same hour, Sungchul was now situated in the middle of Harupaya Ridge in between two hostile factions. In front of him was the brazen devil army that was still occupying the wilderness, but they didn’t dare to attack Sungchul. The problem was the factions situated behind him.

“Enemy of the World! Return Fal Garaz! Only then will we spare your life!”

They were the survivors of the dwarf, elf, and human allied forces that had been fighting alongside him just a moment ago. They spat out every threat and insult they could muster first, then followed up with arrows and catapults.

Sungchul looked at his former comrades attacking him with disinterest. A single arrow split his hair and stuck onto the ground.


He knew that it would end this way, and that was why he was hesitant. Hesitant to help his fellow fighters that were fighting with him under the same banner.

“This is too much. Really. Why are they acting like this? Even after you saved them?”

Bertelgia asked, her angry voice filled with frustration.

“Why are they doing this to you?”

It was then that a massive artillery shot, fired from the dwarven camp, flew past Sungchul and caused a large explosion. When the explosion subsided, Sungchul was visible again without so much as a scratch on his clothing.

Sungchul raised Fal Garaz high into the air and struck the ground. Powerful quakes shook the earth, and the artillery placed on the unsteady ground fell over causing a massive explosion.

The dwarf-elf allied forces were scared stiff by his actions and retreated.

Sungchul who had managed to shut them up looked toward the devil army still stationed within the wilderness as he stood his ground at the peak of Harupaya Ridge. The wind blowing down from the mountain rustled his clothing and hair gently as it blew past.

Once silence fell over the battlefield, Sungchul looked down toward it and spoke in a firm voice.

“This is my fate.”

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