Chapter 56 – Laila Diablo (Fin)

I left the mansion.

The inside of my head was a jumble of the conversations I had with Creeky.

ㅡAs proof of my loyalty, right tomorrow I will eliminate for you one of the important traders of Carpediem, a darkman called ‘Kakel. When tomorrow comes my lord will naturally come to know of the result. Ahh, the 3rd dimension you ask? If it’s a darkman in danger of demotion heading there, it should be ‘Urashi’. I understand. I shall eliminate him for you together as well.

ㅡThe banquet is two days later. It will be held on the ‘Island of Blue Coral’. Would Lady Laila pray come dressed beautifully, and Sir Uriel gallantly.

Lastly, there was a jewel which he had secretly slipped into my hand.

ㅡI see that Laila Diablo’s body is very stiff. Please personally gift her this jewel. Lady Laila is sure to regain her vigor. Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.

It was a brilliant purple jewel. Its size was about slightly bigger than a baby’s nail. Its outer layer was transparent and its purple light shone more towards the inside, and there was a smokey figure which looked like a deer that pranced about inside.

He said that it was a type of jewel which restored vigor. There wasn’t nothing particularly harmful about it according to what I saw using ‘Mind’s Eye’ as well.

-A jewel that gives off purple light which is extremely rare among soul jewels

-The soul of a young deer is sealed inside

-Grants peace of mind and body to the wearer

There wasn’t much details. If it could grant peace of mind and body, then she may be able to regain her vigor like Creeky said.

‘She’s definitely stiff.’

After the match with the Yaksha, Laila had changed to become extremely perfunct. Although her attitude in following hadn’t changed, I could get an inexplicable feeling of distance. At the least, that feeling of distance wasn’t what I caused.

It would become easier for me if she could act proactively with energy. I would be making poor use of a talent if she continued to be so rigid and do nothing but the work given.

On the way back.


“Please speak.” Laila replied, walking slightly behind at my side as we were heading toward the gate of the Dark Company.

“Take this.”


Laila appeared slightly confused upon seeing the purple jewel. Truthfully, I did feel a slight reluctance regarding the very act of presenting a jewel to a woman.

However, Laila’s eyes began to gradually widen.

Thus, I took the initiative.

“I was told it grants peace of mind and body.”

“Mi-, mind and body…is it?”

Laila stuttered. It was a first seeing her like this. To this day I had never seen Laila being so flustered.

By any chance, was there a strange meaning which that jewel held?

I added some words, just in case.

“You seemed listless as of late. I cannot remember anything, so act as you do usually.”

“As I do usually, you mean?”

“There is no other meaning.”

I had a hunch that Creeky had given me something weird. I didn’t know what that jewel was, but it wasn’t as if I didn’t have any tact as well.

That’s why I had given clarification, but Laila had taken the jewel into both hands and hugging near her heart. Face flushed, and breathing rough…I would be an idiot to not realize what it meant even after seeing that reaction.

I struggled to ignore it and walked forwards.

‘Damnable fellow.’

Creeky. As I thought, the inside of his belly was pitch-black.

After Uriel Diablo and Laila Diablo went away.

Creeky spoke as he savored the taste of tea.

“I must say, what a beautiful couple.”

There was much talk regarding Uriel Diablo and Laila Diablo.

The demon lord who woke only after 100 years. Laila Diablo, who had acted the substitute in place of the lord for 100 years.

Laila Diablo, in particular, was a popular subject of discussion.

That beautiful martial prowess of hers, and her unfaltering combative spirit had resulted in her being called ‘Queen’. While she wouldn’t know of it, she had countless secret admirers.

However, to think she was even capable of standing against Carpediem!

Seeing as she was waging war against a demon lord, and due to a mess of various other relationships, none could easily proffer a hand of assistance.

Of course, before war broke out, a great many had attempted to give ‘help’ to Laila Diablo. But as their conditions were betrothal and marriage, there was no way Laila would accept. On the contrary, it’s said that several among those who had approached her to propose weren’t able to return alive.

It was to the extent that there were rumours that even Carpediem had ‘waged war in order to get hold of Laila Diablo’.

If she were to make an appearance officially…the impact would be large.

“Don’t you think them beautiful, Shasha?”

“As the master says.”

“Their bloodline must be preserved at all costs. Such precious blood as theirs is rare, you see. Though I can’t speak for the other dimensions, the inheritance of strength is nothing strange within the abyss.”

The preservation of bloodlines. It meant a pure lineage.

If Uriel and Laila were to become a pair, how wonderful the successor born would be.

Such happenings were frequent within this abyss; those of the same blood coupling for the sake of maintaining bloodlines, for the succession of strength.

‘The purple soul jewel. It signifies eternal union.’

The males of the abyss were unfamiliar with it. But a female would know well of the meaning contained with the jewel. Eternal union. And at the same time, it was like pledge of a powerful male to never abandon the other.

Talk of how Laila Diablo dearly yearned for Uriel Diablo wasn’t exactly a secret rumour either. Taking a step ahead of that, Creeky believed that Laila loved Uriel.

It should be about now…

Imagining the scene, the corner of Creeky’s lips quirked up.

‘Anyway, I feel that something is off.’

Creeky then fell into thought.

Why was he following a demon lord who he had met for the first time today?

He thought for a moment before shaking his head. In any case, if Uriel Diablo had his back, it wasn’t impossible to raise ranks, climbing closer to becoming a duke.

Hadn’t he committed all kinds of deeds for the sake of climbing toward the top?

This opportunity mustn’t be lost. For the sake of mutual benefit, he had to first show ‘proof’.

“Shasha. Round up the Wolves of Twilight. I must go raiding.”

The next day.

There was an official announcement through the Dark Store.

「Due to the dark merchant who was in charge of ‘Dry Mine’ going missing, for the time being the supply of ‘Dry Ore’ will be halted temporarily. 」

Creeky had said it. That come today, I would naturally come to know.

This was the only change.

“What is dry ore?”

Wearing a gorgeous skirt and something similar to a blouse, unlike the usual brown leather clothing she wore, Laila replied.

“It is a crucial ore to maintaining golems or complicated magic tools. It is very rare and expensive.”

“They say the supply is halted.”

“That is extremely good news. The dry ore business should be backed by Carpediem, so right about now he should be jumping up and down. Creeky, clearly he had kept his promise.”

Her rigid manner of speech had considerably softened.

After giving her the jewel yesterday, Laila once again brightened.

And that wasn’t all.

She went so far as to have it made into a necklace and wore it around.

‘He’s more competent than expected.’

In any case, Laila had an accurate eye for things. Never did I expect that he would live up to his words only after a day, even though laying a hand on darkmen in contact with demon lords was rather dangerous behaviour.

The fact that the incident was treated as a ‘disappearance’ meant that they couldn’t find the culprit. Creeky. He was meticulous.

It was my turn next.

“Are the clothes to be worn to the banquet still being prepared?”

“Yes. Tomorrow, it should be completed before we depart.”

I had intended on wearing whatever and going, but Laila dissuaded me in the end. She said something about the need to show dignity appropriate to the importance of the event.

After that I strolled about outside the castle. It was to take Igneel on a walk.

Laila followed behind demurely, and the Yaksha who had returned from collecting slimes from outside the castle, upon seeing her, gaped with astonishment and disbelief.


“Did I see wrongly…”

“That demon of a woman…? Huh!”

When Laila glanced at them, the Yaksha hastily averted their gazes. She was powerful, and they were weak. To them, Laila spoke viciously.

“There should be no time for idle talk, no? Make preparations immediately and gather at the training hall. We shall spar in a short while.”

Every day the Yaksha enhanced their skills as they sparred with Laila.

It was for the sake of firmly increasing their skills that I had Laila learn the Yaksha’s warrior skills, and the Yaksha Laila’s irregular method of attack.

I had tried teaching Igneel as well, but that fellow didn’t show much interest in it.

Hwarang Gu shook his head in resignation.

“Isn’t the discrimination between us and the lord too harsh?”

“That is because my Lord is whom I must serve, and you lot are those I must order around.”

“That’s too much.”

Breathing out a sigh, Hwarang Gu plodded inside the castle. He had to distinguish and separate the slimes, and then head over to the training hall.

“Is it fine for you not to go?”

Laila had to prepare as well if she were to spar.

At this, Laila asked cautiously.

“Will it be okay for me to accompany you a little longer?”

If I were to say that she had become more forthcoming as compared to before, would I be mistaken?

As I moved ahead without replying, Laila drew right close to my side and began walking, her gaze as if every minute and second were precious.

At the Island of Blue Coral.

Truly befitting its name, it was a small island with blue corals in abundance.

A huge palace was built that, and countless individuals gathered there.

There were so many that it should be likened to a sea of monsters, as opposed to a sea of people.

Indeed, a land of monsters. From a ‘Bachelor Rats’ who were the size of children and looked like a rat, there was a vampires and orc decked in all kinds of jewels, a twin-head ogre, and even a death knight.

Powerful monsters rarely seen such as medusas. When I saw a balrog, which was called the most destructive monster, I thought I would stop breathing.

The moment I made my appearance, crossing over the gate with a ‘Shuang’ noise, a commotion broke out in the surroundings.

“Laila Diablo?”

“Is it really Laila Diablo?”

“I can’t believe it.”

Laila received more attention rather than me.

On the contrary, it seemed that they didn’t know of me. In truth, it was only at the Dark Company that there were those with distinguishing eyes, officially Uriel Diablo had made no movements for 100 years.

“Isn’t it the first time that she showed up at a place like this?”

“Ha! She is as gallant and beautiful as ever.”

“That kind of attire…surely she hasn’t come in search of a partner?”

“D-, damn. I think the clothes I picked are too casual.”

It was an explosive popularity. Laila acted nonchalantly. On the contrary, she even showed signs of irritation at their interest.

When Laila drew closer to me, only then did the attention gather on me.

“However, who is the demon race at the side?”

“Mm. I can feel extraordinary mana from him.”

“That appearance is definitely…”

Only then did they become wary of me.

While there were indeed some among them who recognized me, they were the extreme minority.

I slowly took a look around me.

Countless monsters. However, it definitely ‘smelled of points’.

There were many who had come dressed up, even though they were monsters. As I used Mind’s Eye to examine the things they brought, and the things they wore, I was soon able to realize the meaning behind this banquet.


I could tell why Creeky had said to ‘come come dressed stylishly and beautifully.

The place where the millionaires of the abyss gathered. But these individuals were no simple millionaires.

The owner of a military corps, the leader of a race, and even owners of several cities.

Most likely there would be other demon lords as well.

As such, it meant that today I had to become the main character of this place. For the sake of leaping to a higher level, so to say.

I placed a hand on Laila’s shoulder.

“M-, my Lord?”

“Smile with composure as you walk. You are too stiff.”

“U-, understood.”

Laila forced a smile.

It was passable, albeit awkward.

Like that, we set foot into the banquet hall.

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I know you must be disappointed reading this. You should be. And we are as well. All I can say is, let’s hope for the best.

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