Chapter 52 – Laila Diablo (1)

I couldn’t help grinding my teeth upon returning to the territory. I shook all over, unable to contain the fury.

It was them. They were the culprits widening the rift.

‘Invasion of Earth becomes easier the wider the rift becomes.’

If the rift grows wider, the restriction of travel from the abyss to Earth would gradually disappear. Although Lv5 was the limit for now, later on all animals, monsters, and demons would be able to go over to Earth.

I did wonder about something though.

In what way does the rift widen? Perhaps it grew bigger by itself over time.


Darkmen. Those who we had called dark merchants. Every time they carried out ‘invasions’ of dimensions, of worlds, the rift had been growing wider.

My hand curled into a fist by itself. While it was the demon lords who had let loose destruction upon the world, in the end, the darkmen were the ones to have opened its floodgates.

‘How can I obstruct them?’

I agonized over it, thoughts revved into overdrive.

I wasn’t capable of crushing the Great Star and the Dark Company by myself, of course. Those powerful demon lords wouldn’t have agreed to ‘non-aggression’ with them for no reason; it was in their nature to beat and break to obtain what catches their fancy. But even they did naught but participate in the auctions like docile sheeps, did they not?

‘Fight demon lords with demon lords.’

I recalled the words spoken by the darkmen, that the darkmen couldn’t lay a hand on demon lords. In other words, it was possible for other demon lords!

Then…what if I were to win over a darkman?

‘Fight darkmen with darkmen.’

In that instant I felt as if a very small light turned on in my mind. If I couldn’t lay a hand on them, then I should make the darkmen cause troubles among themselves.

But there still remained the question of how I should go about creating that ‘line’.

‘They’re hierarchy oriented.’

Their ranks were just like those of medieval society. I had definitely heard words like baronet, count, and marquis being mentioned. Simply put, the higher rank they became, the more powerful an ‘influence’ they could have. And at the top of them all, there should be a ‘king’.

A king would listen to his subjects and handle all ambassadors. In other words, I may be able to prevent the rift from opening if only I could plant an agent by the king’s side!

‘What if I were to dominate a darkman?’

The Dominator’s Authority which I had.

I could definitely dominate a darkman. They also showed ‘values’ as well. They each had different values, which meant that they could be affected by Dominator.

I had to be careful, however. If a darkman I dominated were to be exposed by another darkman, the aftermath would be a great mess.

A single weak demon like me might be disposed of in an instant. It was obvious that things would become difficult if they were to immediately give even a little bit of strength to Carpediem.

‘I have to pick the agent to plant, and increase my own strength too.’

I decided. I mustn’t be negligent in whatever I would do.

Until now I had only held importance in myself as ‘Hansung Oh’; I had taken into account the possible situation of being unable to return to Uriel Diablo’s body again. If that happened and Uriel Diablo were to develop upon the foundation that I had built, my efforts would be for naught.

But now it was all-or-nothing. I ruled out that possibility. Even if it did come to pass, all I had to do was develop myself as Hansung Oh even faster.

Because in one way or another, all the same I would delay the opening of the rift as much as possible and obstruct the demon lords.

“My Lord. I have brought the Yaksha.”

Inside the castle. I sat on the king’s throne and looked down upon them.

The Yaksha who were captured and moved. Among them was ‘Hwarang Gu’.

They looked up at me. Right now I was an existence they couldn’t compare to. Because however strong they were, they couldn’t do anything to a demon lord.

“What do you intend with us?”

Hwarang Gu. He asked a question on behalf of the group. The fierce light in his eyes remained as ever.

A powerful individual who was chief of the Flame Lotus Division, and blood-related elder brother to Hwarin Gu.

I was in the middle of contemplating how to deal with him. The moment I had purchased him at the auction, ‘Dominator’s Authority’ did activate. But not completely.

[Dominator’s Authority has activated. However, the Yaksha’s jewel, Yaksha’s soul, possess resistance to the power of ‘domination’. This is a permanent power of blessing which the ‘Great Warrior’ passed down to their descendants, Yaksha and Rakshasa.]

Domination resistance!

It wasn’t as if it had no effect, but it wasn’t complete either. I didn’t know who the Great Warrior was, but apparently the jewels of the Yaksha possessed such an effect.

‘So an Authority isn’t omnipotent.’

Indeed, if the Authority was omnipotent then I would be able to dominate other demon lords, and the Colossus as well. The impossibility of it proved that the Dominator’s Authority wasn’t perfect.

I gave a short reply.

“You all will fight for me, and die protecting me.”

I couldn’t make fun of Hwarang Gu or the other powerful Yaksha. Especially Hwarang Gu. He was one of the super strong individuals above Lv8.

If he were to fight for me, then the war against Carpediem would become far easier.

Out of everything I had, Laila was the only one who could compete with him. Igneel and Etaqua still hadn’t developed enough.

Hwarang Gu raised his brows.

“Fight with our lives staked for someone we do not even know?”

“I am Uriel Diablo. Your new master, Hwarang Gu.”


Hwarang Gu became wide eyed. He must wonder how I knew his name.

But the first person I saw when I had opened my eyes on Rakshasa Citadale was him, Hwarang Gu. There was no way I wouldn’t know, even without Mind’s Eye.

But then right away Hwarang Gu hardened his expression and spoke.

“A strange character you are. However, I do not fight for someone weaker than I. The same goes true for the other Yaksha as well. No…even if you, Uriel Diablo, happen to be stronger than I…”

“I shall let you return.”


I spoke lazily.

“Give your all for my sake. Do so, and I shall send you back to Rakshasa Citadale. Besides, the life and death of all that is in Rakshasa Citadale rests in my hands.”

It wasn’t a lie. I was certain of it.

The barrier of Rakshasa Citadale would be broken through. Even if the 108 Barrier, or something even more powerful was set up, the darkmen would begin raiding once again.

It was a matter of time in the end.

Abruptly I recalled the time I had met Rakshasa, or Wolcheon.

He had called me an ‘usurper’. He had said that because I was an usurper, those chasing him wouldn’t be able to find me.

Thinking closely, I wasn’t a person of the Rakshasa realm. It was only natural that the darkmen wouldn’t be able to find me, someone who wasn’t an inhabitant of that world.

Perhaps Wolcheon was being chased by the darkmen. Rakshasa Citadale had already fallen at that time. To prevent the downfall of that place, to change the future, I am the only option.

Many things may already be late by the time Minshik arrives at the Rakshasa realm. Moreover, Minshik wanted to become the ‘hero of humanity; he hadn’t the slightest of inclination to become the ‘hero of the Rakshasa realm’.

In conclusion, it was no exaggeration to say that their life and death depended on my efforts.

“Just…who exactly are you?”

There was a faint disturbance in Hwarang Gu’s expression. Clearly he was wondering as to how I knew all that.

But I had no reason to reveal it. There was no way he would believe it even if I were to say that I was Hansung Oh. It would only buy further suspicion in this state, and I would keep silent even if suspicion didn’t arise.


“Uriel Diablo. The one to become your new master.”

I made this one point crystal clear.

Then I said to Laila,

“Laila. Let them know who is on top.”

“Will that be okay?”

“They are no easy opponents. You will also have to do your best.”

Laila smiled slightly.

That smile was full of confidence.

“Worry not, my Lord. I give my all even when facing weak enemies.”

No doubt about that.

I knew she spoke truth after all. Her asking ‘Will that be okay?’ was seeking confirmation with me, because she was incapable of being lenient and she may greatly injure, or even kill the Yaksha.

At that, I gave my permission, and she spread her wings.


Laila then cut away their bindings.

Life returned to the Yaksha’s eyes as their physical restrictions disappeared and mana returned. They were mostly full of ferocity. Even Dominator’s Authority couldn’t completely affect them; this was how the Yaksha were. Hadn’t even the dark merchants marveled at their ferocity?

The moment their bindings were released, it was a clear indication for them to attack.

Before they began acting, I spoke slowly.

“I shall promise. You shall be free if you defeat Laila.”

“Free? You mean you’ll let us go back?”


Hwarang Gu breathed in deeply.

“How can I trust those words?”

“What will you do if you don’t trust?”

“I will kill you.”

Kill a demon lord, he says. I liked it, even though the words were directed at me.

“Then you will not be able to go back?”

“Kill all those here, and one among them should lead the way.”

I tried to suppress the laughter.

The will to break through if blocked, and smash apart if that doesn’t work. It was clear to see that they would become a big strength, if only they could be made to follow me.

“To believe or not, that is up to you.”

Then Hwarang Gu nodded and spoke.

“We have been wounded, and starved. It should think it fair to give us weapons at least.”



Laila waved her hand once. Then a demi-plane appeared in midair, various weapons pouring out of it. Nothing that could be called masterpieces, but suitable enough for casually swinging around. They were all trophies which Laila had taken after killing. It seemed that the good weapons were all sold and only the suitable weapons remained.

“Pick what is familiar to you. For this is the last excuse for your ill-mannered lot.”

Laila’s words were prickly with thorns. She didn’t even hide her great displeasure at the attitude Hwarang Gu showed toward me. Hwarang Gu, on the other hand, smiled.

The warrior skills that he and the others learned. They seemed to think that as long as they were given suitable weapons, they could defeat Laila at least.

It was true that they were no pushovers. Hwarang Gu’s overall stats was 415. The other Yaksha were in the range of 300. On top of that, there were 40 of them, so there was a possibility of even Laila being defeated in a moment of carelessness.

‘I’m curious.’

I slightly looked forward to it as well.

To see whether Laila could indeed show me the ‘Queen of Terror and Slaughter’ I had witnessed in the past against the Yaksha who weren’t humans.

I didn’t think she would lose, of course. Laila wasn’t a fool either. If she talked big, naturally she would match it with actions.

Finally, the Yaksha had all picked their weapons.

And then.


Thorns sprang out from beneath Laila’s feet.

Countless thorns entirely covered Laila and gathered to create a silver mask. The mask covered half of her face. Following that, Laila lifted her right hand. Then as she brushed the palm of her hand with her lips once, a single drop of blood ran down her hand and fell onto the ground.

The blood which was instantly absorbed into the ground created a magic circle. As the pentagram magic circle came into effect, a black sword rose out of the ground.

Demon Sword Black Sun. It was a trademark weapon of the Queen of Terror and Slaughter. The ultimate reason why Carpediem couldn’t simply underestimate my territory.

The moment Laila grasped it.


Her body radiated black waves of heat.

It was as if she were a berserker. But she didn’t lose her rationality, for her mind was far too great to be controlled by the likes of a demon sword.

Behind the silver mask, Laila smiled enchantingly.

“Since I have also drawn my weapon…shall we start then?”

A stage prepared for her, and her only.

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