Chapter 24 – Absolute Domination (4)

ㅡLooks like ‘seeing’ is all you are capable of. I wonder how a half-wit like you was born among the children of the ‘Sun King’.
ㅡThere can be only one to inherit the name of the Sun King. Kill, and then kill some more! If you cannot do that…
ㅡUriel. You are one foppish coward. I need not even spill blood by my hand. Live on for eternity, driven by your cowardice, for the only reason I let you live is so that I will not fall into ‘sloth’.
ㅡI hear a daughter was born to you? A daughter that ate her mother’s placenta, gnawing her to death! The newly crowned Sun King has taken an interest in your daughter. Send her to the Sun King, and your safety shall be provided for.

I felt dizzy, like vomiting.

What was this? A never before seen scene was playing out in front of my eyes. This was definitely due to the Universal Authority, but it was clearly different from what I’d experienced up until now. I was in the midst of synchronization; being swallowed by the ‘memories’ playing out before my eyes like a dream.

I had never seen such a enormous castle before. It looked like all the powerful monsters of the abyss were gathered here. The Sun King was one of the four absolute ruling figures since the beginning of the abyss. One man crossed his boundaries, escaping from the castle.

Uriel…Uriel Diablo. This was his memories before he succeeded the name of Diablo.

ㅡI am weak. Thus I must grow stronger by feeding on those weaker than I.

Fortunately Uriel was blessed with the power of piercing sight; a power exclusive to him alone. No one apart from him knew of the proper usage of this power because he had intentionally hidden it.

Uriel exactly identified those weaker than himself and hunted them, and that way he grew stronger, bit by bit, over a long period of time. And as time passed he even became renown throughout the abyss.

ㅡLaila. The abyss is a place where only the strong survive. You possess countless possibilities, unlike me, so you must never give up.
ㅡYes! Father. I will become strong.
ㅡFinally the ‘Great Star’ has risen. Battle for and obtain the Star, and it is possible to become a true god. It is told that only a select 72 individuals are given that chance.
ㅡI have also heard that rumour. Even the Four Rulers are apparently having their followers participate. The Sun King, Hell King, Heaven King, even the Lion King…I wonder why they do not personally participate?
ㅡThey desire to become a true god that rules over a god. They are arrogant, but they are indeed qualified to be so.
ㅡWe should also participate. I do not believe Father to be lacking in qualification.

The two had then set forth on a challenge. More than a hundred million of monsters killed, and killed one another for the sake of entering the roster of that select 72. This time, even Uriel didn’t avoid confrontation. Thanks to his eye of piercing sight, he steadily rose to the peak. And then after hundreds, thousands of days had passed in that manner, he heard a ‘voice.’

ㅡHenceforth you are Uriel Diablo. May the Dominator’s Authority make you further complete.

It was a peerless being. I could tell just by the voice. However, Uriel hadn’t kneeled. While receiving his Authority in the presence of the other gods, of the other monsters, Uriel alone was gritting his teeth and staring toward the sky. For he was no longer the weakling of the past, or so he wished to believe…

ㅡMay that insolence of yours lead you to victory, I hope.

Diablo’s voice disappeared, and at the same time Uriel Diablo fell into a long slumber. The other Demon Lords were the same, however…his slumber had lasted especially long. And when he had awoken once more, I had become Uriel Diablo.


I lifted my heavy body up, feeling as if I’d dreamt an amazing dream. However, I was soon able to come to reality; it was no dream but the memories of ‘Uriel Diablo’, and that I had once again returned to his body.

[‘Transfer’ will be mainted for 480 hours.]

Two days in abyss was equivalent to one day in reality. I had fallen into a forced sleep lasting 240 hours due to Jörmungandr. It was then, apparently, that Transfer had activated. I didn’t know whether I’d used it out of instinct, or because
Uriel Diablo’s body had summoned me, in any case I had returned to the abyss.


I remembered; I had climbed the castle tower. Upon finding the ‘Colossus’, I had charged toward it before I was sent back due to the time limit having run out.

Where was this?

‘Looks like I’m still on the top of the tower.’

I hadn’t moved from where I’d been, to my relief. Apparently this body would simply stay still unless I used Transfer.

‘This body’s in a mess.’

I felt completely out of energy. I examined my body and frowned.

‘The wounds I received…are still there?’

The injuries I had incurred during the fight with the gnoll shaman were mostly healed by Syria, but those that weren’t healed remained where they were on Uriel Diablo’s body. It was obvious what this phenomenon entailed.

‘Is my body and Uriel Diablo’s truly influenced by one another?’

I felt my heart drop.

If wounds were shared, death may also be shared. It wasn’t a simple synchronization at this point. This being the case…

‘I am Uriel Diablo, and Uriel Diablo is me.’

Maybe because I had a glimpse of his memories, but I strongly felt the notion. And if my body mirrored the wounds incurred by Uriel Diablo’s body…then I was truly blessed by luck. If this body had died charging toward the Colossus then my self in reality would have also died, and if I’d raised a commotion prior to that, going out with a bang, then I would have met the same result.

‘I should be careful.’

For now I simply decided to be careful. It was much too early to come to any other conclusions.

I turned my gaze around.

The Colossus was still there. When I reached my hand toward it, my fingers were repelled. Apparently I wasn’t able to go any closer like before.

“What are you?”

I heard a voice from the side. I turned my head around and exclaimed internally: Andalton Bruxelles!

He was also here, now that I looked. The other fool who had recklessly charged the Colossus.

“Were you watching me all this time?”

“Because it was my first time seeing a suicidal Demon Lord.”

Andalton Bruxelles had previously never spoken a word toward me. Bruxelles, the Demon Lord who had inherited the name of the ultimate evil god. He must have thought Uriel lacking in ‘Prestige’, even if he had inherited the name of Diablo. But it was true that the monster army he had brought along would make one tremble.

‘Was that something to wait 100 or so days for?’

It was a mystery. Taking into account the time I’d spent in reality, close to 100 days must have passed in the abyss…and he had waited on the spot, watching me all this time?

‘An oddball.’

He wasn’t sound in his head, that’s for sure.

Now that I thought about it, Andalton Bruxelles was a Demon Lord who didn’t belong to any faction, if Uriel’s memory served correctly. Actually, before that, wasn’t it normal to take some kind of action if you saw something unmoving for close to 100 days?

“I was curious, whether that was the reason why you could enter a place I couldn’t.”

After hearing Andalton Bruxelles words, I took a look around myself.

Now that I realized…I was currently in a spot that was a nose distance away from the Colossus. He had always been obstructed in a spot far from where I was.

“Who knows. Perhaps the Great Star deems me more worthy.”

Andalton Bruxelles creased his brows. But I felt as if I’d seen a look similar to his before.

‘Ah…it was then.’

I had seen the real Bruxelles once. There was an incident where I was chased out of another dimension, which I had crossed over into when I had gained the Keeper’s power, by Bruxelles, the evil god of that place. Indeed, the atmosphere around these two were strangely similar. I vaguely felt like I knew why he was chosen.

“You meant to say I am lacking than the likes of you?”

“Ask your god. He would give you an answer.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Exactly what I said.”

I truly didn’t mean anything else.

I rose from the spot, and slowly walked out. I felt like my consciousness would fly away again if I stayed here any longer.

“What is your name.”

I once more heard Andalton Bruxelles voice from behind. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t made an appearance in 100 years, or because Uriel Diablo didn’t have much of a presence…in any case, I clicked my tongue internally and replied.

“…Uriel. It is Uriel Diablo…Andalton Bruxelles.”

“Uriel Diablo.”

He repeated.

I winced inside. Did this mean he keep an eye on me from now?

I shook my head and thought,

‘It’s now confirmed that I can return again.’

I hadn’t tried using Transfer all this time, just in case, because I had to consider the possibility of being unable to return once again. But seeing as how there was a time limit this time also, it looked like that wasn’t the case.

‘The time limit is pretty long this time.’

I had earned quite a bit of things the last time I used Transfer. The time limit this time round was many times more than the other time. I was a little worried for my body in reality, but there shouldn’t be an immediate danger with Jörmungandr and Syria there.

‘If two bodies can influence one another…’

The extent of the influence wasn’t limited to simply sharing wounds. Just like how I’d gained Mind’s Eye and Dominator, gaining other things may also be possible. Like Uriel Diablo’s trademark great magic, Black Star, or perhaps something else.

‘I’ll have to find out whatever I can.’

I breathed in deeply.

I needed to know just how much I could influence, not just regarding skills. For example…would I be able to interfere in the affairs of Earth right now? If so, to what extent? Etc, etc…

That’s why, there was much work to be done.

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