Main Character hides his Strength – Chapter 187 is out!

Book 2 Demon Realm released today! You can read about it here-

Here’s the next chapter and it brings back a character I am sure you all will love!

Chapter 187

Main Character Hides his Strength Chapter 186 is out!

Here’s the chapter everyone. Took a bit of time with this one but we got another announcement! Book 2 of Mchhs- Demon Realm is releasing on May 7th on Amazon! To read all about it go here-

Now without further ado, here’s the chapter:)

Chapter 186

Main Character Hides his Strength – Chapter 179 is Released!

Chapter 179

I am really sorry about the long delay between the chapters. Lots of things were going on, the most disruptive of which is that I’VE HAD NO INTERNET ACCESS THIS WEEK.

That and health issues. No Covid, thankfully.