Master Hunter K Book 1: Initialization is now available on Amazon!

Hello everyone,

We are fortunate to be able to launch our works as official releases. Today,I am happy to announce that our very first translation work is now available on Amazon Kindle. And if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read it for free!

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The Kindle version will come with a host of improvements regarding general edits and formatting. It is the definite way to experience the story. We have also included 5 black and white illustrations inside the ebook for fans. They will depict key characters and scenes. Our readers loved it on our official releases for Main Character hides his Strength ebooks and so we had commissioned artwork for Master Hunter K as well!

The team and the author looks forward to the release. I also want to announce that the series will be coming to Audiobooks as well in a few months!

There’s 1 more thing. We have decided to archive the first 55 chapters of Master Hunter K on our website. This decision stems from the fact that Kindle Unlimited demands exclusivity of content if one wants to be in it. And from our experience with Main Character hides his Strength series, being on Kindle Unlimited is very vital. The other factor being that Master Hunter K was finished in May 2019 and 2 years later there are very very few views on the chapters(less than 100 a month/chapter). So we believe that it will not affect most of our readers as they have already read through the novel. If you would like to do a reread I highly recommend the kindle version because it is a better experience by a good margin.

As for why Mchhs can be on our website while being on Kindle Unlimited? Actually Kindle did remove it from KU back when the ebook came out but after a lot of convincing via mails and calls they agreed. We first want to convince this time instead of getting removed again(Repeating same mistake might also flag us on the platform and we dont want that.)

Please leave a review or rating on Amazon. It helps us immensely

Get your copy here

Main Character hides his Strength Book 2 Audiobook is UP for Preorder on Audible and Amazon+Reward for Preorder!

Demon Realm Book 2 of Mchhs is releasing as an audiobook with the amazing Nick Podehl returning as Narrator this August 31st and the preorder for the same is now live! Get your copy here:-

We also have a reward for everyone who preorders! If you have preordered the audiobook then send us a screenshot of the preorder to with the title- “Demon Realm Preorder” and we will send you a kindle copy of Book 3 of MCHHS for FREE when it releases in July! (Yep book 3 is coming with the amazing illustrations and the editing you expect from our kindle releases).

When preorder opens for the kindle release of book 3 we will send you a code which you can use to redeem a copy of book 3 kindle release:)

As always the best cheapest way to go about buying the audiobook is via the credit you receive from your audible premium subscription. If you dont have a subscription simply go for the 30 day free trial in there which grants you a credit which you can use it towards the purchase of the audiobook essentially getting it for free!:) (Dont worry amazon pays us regardless.)

Thank you all for your love and support on book 1 audiobook. The sales of the first has made this possible. Seeing our work read and praised brings us tremendous joy and all of this… makes it worth it.