Main Character hides his Strength is now available in Audiobook format!

The series is being narrated by the illustrious Nick Podehl the narrator of the Kingkiller Chronicles and various litrpgs.

Book 1 Enemy of the World is being released on 2nd March 2021 with book 2 Demon Realm narration soon to follow in a few months. As the books release the audiobook narration will be picked up accordingly.

We(the team and the author) are very pleased to be able to present our work through one of the best voices in the business and we look forward to your impressions!

You can order the audiobook here-

(Audible premium plus users can use their monthly credit to purchase and first time users can get the subscription on free trial and purchase the audiobook with the credit that comes with the free trial. The audiobook will be yours to keep even after the end of the free trial.)