2 thoughts on “Main Character hides his Strength – Chapter 223 is out!”

  1. You know… your current schedule is about once every 2 weeks, why don’t you inform the readers on the day of “supposed posting” itself if you know you could not make it in time?
    The way you are going about it right now I’ll try to present it in the form of an analogy.
    Imagine you are own clinic, the translator is the doctor and the person who posts the chapters is the nurse manning the counter. Readers are patients.
    We arrive 9am when the clinic opens cause that’s when the doctor usually arrives, but today he is late. The nurse at the counter knows what is going on but doesn’t tell us why the doctor is late… A few weeks later the doctor comes back and personally tells us he was sick. Why don’t the nurses just tell us then and there what happened to the doctor? Why wait so long?
    I just also want to say that back in 2019 – 2020 when the first long hiatus happened and there were more comments before, the users actually themselves volunteered to be editors and asked that you find a backup translator. But you said no, you wanted to maintain a standard etc. Hopefully I survive long enough in this pandemic and maybe we will get to see the end of this novel.

    1. Sorry about not informing earlier. We thought we could get back soon but that soon took a month before we knew it…
      We are aiming to finish the tl by next year!

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