Demon Realm: Main Character hides his Strength Book 2 is out now! And Book 1 is free for a limited time!

Hello all,

This is it. The ebook is out and the paperback will soon follow in about 2-3 weeks from now. Demon Realm encompasses the Demon King arc till chapter 113 with some beautiful artworks to make the read even better. We have done our very best so you can get the best possible experience from it. Also it up for a special launch price of just 2.99$ for another 2-3 days at most until it goes to its intended price of 4.99$. You can get the book here

Lastly, if anybody wants a taste how good the ebooks are then redeem Enemy of the World Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength and give it a read. It is Free from today May 7th to May 11th on Amazon Kindle. Once you claim it it will be yours forever. So get it now here-

Do leave a review on Amazon after reading them. Every review helps us immensely!

Dear readers, thank you for all your support which has resulted in us being able to do this today.

3 thoughts on “Demon Realm: Main Character hides his Strength Book 2 is out now! And Book 1 is free for a limited time!”

  1. Hi

    I just saw your book advertised on Reddit so I grabbed it on sunday it kept me awake way past my bedtime and now on Wednesday I’m in need of book 3. Hope you will release more like this since I much prefer to have my books on kindle instead of on the internet 😀

    1. I am glad you loved our work! Book 3 will take a 2-3 months, It will be longer than book 2 I think(book 2 is longer than book 1). We are doing our best to get it out asap. Kindle version as always will be another experience compared to website so you will be in for a treat:) Do leave a review on amazon for the books!

  2. So glad getting more updates on this book now. I made sure to give it 5 stars on amazon for both books! can’t wait for more!

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