Main Character hides his Strength Book 2: Demon Realm releases on Amazon Kindle on May 7th!

Hello everyone, been a looooong while since we made such an announcement. Almost 3 years in fact from the first book release. A lot of things have happened in between but today we are happy to type this. A lot of effort later, the book is finally ready for release and will be out on the 7th of May on the Amazon store. Just a week to go till it is in your hands!

Like for the first release we have decided to do a discounted preorder for our fans who have stuck with us for so long and have been nothing short of amazing. The book will retail for 4.99$(equivalent price in other territories) but in this preorder period from today till end of May 6th GMT time, you can grab it for just 2.99$ (and its equivalent price in other territories). Click here to visit the preorder page.

To give an example the first book on preorder was 3.99$ and was released for 4.99$ and it has kept its full price since then. No promotions have been done. This preorder period is a good opportunity for anybody wanting to get the book for a lower price. As a bonus, book 2 will be available on Kindle Unlimited from day 1:)

Now coming to the specifics, the book starts from right where the first ended from Chapter 56 on our website and ends at Chapter 113 right at the chapter where Sungchul puts an end to the first Calamity, the calamity of the Demon King. It is a meaty 138000 word book all in all and has been translation checked, edited 3 times, proofread and formatted to give the best possible reading experience. Those of you who have read the first book know exactly what quality they can expect and you wont be disappointed! Oh and if you haven’t guessed it yet, Sungchul here is standing in front of the mountain opening that leads inside Pandemonium, the palace of the Demon King.

To add to the experience, we have also commissioned exclusive black and white artworks for the book which you will find inside while reading just like you did in the first book!

Lastly, I would like to inform all fans looking to purchase book 1 in the coming days to avoid doing it. To celebrate the release of Demon Realm we wanted to go a step further in our marketing efforts, Book 1 Enemy of the World will be Free to own from May 7th to May 11th on the kindle store. This is also the first time in its almost 3 years on sale where it has been in any kind of promotion. Once you get it it will be in you account forever. So make sure to get it!

Stay safe, stay inside, and keep reading!

10 thoughts on “Main Character hides his Strength Book 2: Demon Realm releases on Amazon Kindle on May 7th!”

  1. That’s really cheap for such big book. Okay I’ll buy book 2. I honestly never opened book 1 hahha, I just bought it and put it on a shelf lol

        1. Within the next 21 days. I have the final pdf ready for paperback and the cover. I need to see amazon’s print result before I can make it open for public to buy.

  2. I’m going to buy it right now, thanks for your fabulous job translating this novel ^^

    Love you guys, keep on with the good stuff 😉

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