Update on MCHHS Chapter 174

TL;DR – Here’s the chapter link that works

For some reason the site is having trouble. ISP is still troubleshooting the issue, and they have not discovered the cause.

HOWEVER, a workaround exists so you can still read the chapter. Trick is adding the extra ?/ after the chapter URL. Thanks for people that commented the solution. You came to that conclusion FASTER than the ISP who suggested I use /?nocache/ after the URL to force it to load.

I’m obviously using the solution suggested by a commenter. (:3)

Sorry for the wait, please enjoy this chapter. I think the content of this chapter will be VERY interesting for most people.

I will be continuing to work on fixing the link but I won’t be making any additional announcement on this specific chapter.


Author: GamjaLvL1

Translator for Oppa Translations

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