Main Character Hides his Strength- Chapter 166 is out!

Here’s the chapter for those of you eager to jump into the story. Enjoy~
Chapter 166

If you would take a bit of your time to read my ramblings below:

For those of you unaware, I like writing stories. I’ve written for RRL before and peaked at top 200 briefly. But I’ve always taken down my longer works due to being hypercritical of my work, thinking I can do better.

I have some bit of time (finally) to do some leisurely activity. I’ve entertained ideas of playing games but I feel little to no inclination to do so. Even if I do so, I’d probably do it as a stream and there’d be build up to doing something like that.

Anyway, I’ve thought about doing either a community interactive storytelling or straight up posting original works by me.

Would you guys be interested in reading something like that? If the idea has enough support, I could try to post it as an official Oppatranslations chapter.

About the story.
I have written two hundred odd chapters spanning three arcs (roughly half million words) taking place in a world I’ve been building for the past 5 years. The world has enough lore, history, and detail to be flexible about the type of stories that can be written about it, and it seems a shame to write story only about a dozen people ever get to read. (No I will not release the previously written work because the quality is uneven and editing would take an exorbitant amount of time that it’s better to leave them alone, at least for now. Crawling through half a million word to edit and correct is no small feat)

I look forward to your input. I encourage feedback as it would be highly appreciated. You could simply comment to THIS post or hop on the discord. I plan on being active for the most part of the day (PDT). Failing that, you could also email me at if you don’t have wordpress/discord account but would still like to reach me. (Psst… discord has guest mode and it also runs off the browser so you could message me as soon as you click on the link on the right side of our site without creating an account or downloading anything)

Author: GamjaLvL1

Translator for Oppa Translations

7 thoughts on “Main Character Hides his Strength- Chapter 166 is out!”

  1. I’d be interested in reading it. You clearly spent lot of time and effort on it and even if you don’t put it on this site, I think you should put it up somewhere.

  2. I’d be interested, you wouldn’t be the first author to lure me in with translations and then get me hooked on their original work.

  3. My wife is also writing, and I feel like you’re not going in the right direction about this. No one can one-shot write a great story, every piece of writing worth reading went through lots of edits and rewrites. By editing your story, finding issue, fixing them, you learn a lot more than by writing a new one.

    Being a writer is crazy hard work, but it can be extremely rewarding. Don’t just strive to write good story, the extra step to edit them to greatness is how you actually succeed.

    That said, I’m not a picky reader and I love the story itself more than the writing, and would be happy to read what you did =)


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