Colossus Hunter – Chapters Prologue to 17 is out!

Hello all, here’s the novel a lot have asked me about since we said we will be translating it. Finally, after a long wait here you go. But before that please read the note below the chapter link.


Please read this before you proceed to read the novel.

Regarding Colossus Hunter
Back when we announced it we had recruited a new translator who was given this novel to translate. Over time we had collected a number of chapters as he kept translating and our plan was to have these chapters checked by another translator and edited after that. BUT, as readers of our work have seen, we kept on having some issue whether medical or professional and couldn’t work on our own novels much less check this. We even talked about this with you readers and many of you suggested to release it as is but we hesitated with this idea.

So we have been mulling recently what to do about it since this work has been with us kept for a while and we just dont have the time even now to check the translation or edit it. And after discussion we thought we will just release it as is. The novel might have a few errors and will have some grammatical issues. It is not upto par with our current releases. But from what I’ve read it is still pretty solid. So here’s the novel:)

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