Announcement: What’s going on with us.

Hello everybody No1Oppa here, we are back after taking an unannounced hiatus for which we would like to apologize.

So what had happened?

My side. It was a tough time for me and my family, my mother was undergoing treatment and it is a huge amount of suffering that is borne by the patient. She underwent chemotherapy, an operation and will undergo radiation after a month or so. I took over work that my mother did and was there for my family. My grandmother passed away mid-September which also hit us hard.

Gamja’s side. He had been ill quite consistently this year and he started seeing a doctor. Around July he started taking new meds which messed up his health badly. He started feeling sleepy all day and felt he had no energy to do anything. Severe pains, not being able to focus and drowsiness all the time he even lost his full time job in the end. I don’t want to reveal his illness as he doesn’t wish to disclose in public. He is recovering and recently he has been trying to translate again the result of which is today’s chapter release.

So the way forward?

We resumed work albeit going very slowly. We don’t know how the translation community has been the past 6 months, I even have to read up on how wordpress has changed to manage website and seo properly, because it has changed a lot. Here’s an update on the novels:

Current novels:

Master Hunter K- We dont have raws for more chapters. As you know the novel is getting a different ending than the one on Munpia. The author has said this in our discord server to all readers a month ago,

“Hi, I am a writer. I have no time to write MHK cuz im writing a new series in Korea.
This is a prize contest piece.
This is tied up with a contract. I can’t stop till i finish it
But the new work is almost complete.
I think it’ll be over by October or November.
Then maybe even mhk can finish writing then.
Revised version
And the next novel that won the contest is fantasy.
So I think we can publish it here.
This is a Google translator. I don’t know if it was delivered properly.
Anyway, please wait. mhk will be out soon.”

We will begin work as soon as we get further raws from him.

Main Character hides his Strength- The translator NaturalRice has been translating this novel in the background while we were away. This has led to us having a stock of chapters to edit and release. You might ask why wasnt this translation released if he was working? Because Gamja and Fiyre check the chapters for errors(All our chapters go through a second look from another translator to minimize mistakes) and I edit them. Gamja’s and mine unavailability led to it going to hiatus. We have resumed work but it wont be fast. It’ll be slow as we are still facing issues in our lives. Things have been a bit better which is why we have resumed work on it.

Chemistry- Gamja translates the novel and so it went to hiatus as well. He will resume translation on this.

Ebook release:

Book 2 of Main Character Hides His Strength is resuming. For those asking about the release, don’t worry we are working on it. It will come out soon.

Upcoming novels:

Poten- It is being translated and edited by neither me or Gamja so work on this has been progressing well. We have a stock of over 100 chapters translated out of which 30 have been edited currently. We dont want this to go on hiatus and face similar issues as our other ongoing works which is why we didnt release it yet until we were back to work. This novel will be released soon.

Colossi Hunter- It is being translated by another translator and so we have a stock of over 150+ chapters. Translation checking and editing hasn’t begun. It’ll hopefully start soon as we get more into order. We will take it slowly and first release Poten then after a while release Colossi Hunter.

Needless to say we will make sure that when they are out you won’t be disappointed like how you must have been for our current works.

I want to thank all of you who messaged us wanting to lend a helping hand with the work here in our time of trouble. And to all the hate comments received we do not care nor are we deleting them. Nice wall of shame they would be for the posters themselves when they look back and realise what they wrote one day.

Lastly, we never take money for extra chapters. Our Patreon has from the start been a way for readers to help us out of their own will without a reward in return. A donation. Our Patreon page says,

‘This Patreon is primarily a way for our readers to contribute to our project, to support what we do – Providing quality translations.
With the author’s explicit permission, we translate for free to provide our readers a fun and enjoyable read.
Your donations will not only help us cover the costs of maintaining our website, it will also help us grow our team and expand our pool of projects.’

Couldn’t be more clear. We want to start rewarding patrons with extra chapters but it is something that we have been really horrible at. Thankfully at least for the next 2 new novels we will be able to do that. So for the commentor who wrote about us scamming money, no we never asked money in return of more chapters, we are not going around ‘scamming’ here. We work, we compile our work, we release it as ebook for people to purchase and we have a patreon for people who would like to donate. Simple.

I again would like to apologize to everyone for the unnannounced hiatus. We never thought it would last this long. We handled it wrongly by not informing you guys.

Thank you and I hope everyone is having a good day.

44 thoughts on “Announcement: What’s going on with us.”

  1. To be honest, if it wasn’t for someone that made a Pick Up request on NU for MCHHS, I would have totally forget about you guys.
    Well, good to see you guys back, though I wonder if you guys will stay for longs again or will just going hiatus again….then only time will tell.

  2. Sorry to hear about your family and health difficulties. I hope everything will improve for you soon. I think sometimes readers forget that translators have real lives too. Thanks for keeping up the good work despite your challenges.

  3. Welcome back, it is good to know that you are well and are improving, unfortunately I am underage and not work, otherwise I would certainly help patreon. You are one of the best translation sites and with great stories, I hope there is no longer a hiatus. (This was done in Google Translate)

  4. Welcome back, I am glad you are still putting the effort to translate, your apoligys for the unanunced hiatus is good, but to those guys that trashed your name and complained like little b*** well screw them, you don’t need to apologize for it. You had a problem and that neede your full attention more that translating. Hope you all keep strong on your personal lifes, wish you the best of luck.

  5. I honestly think it would be better to release chapters at a steady pace and go back and edit them at a later time than just leaving your readers with nothing for months. Most people don’t like to see nothing and would probably prefer lower quality translations than nothing at all.

  6. Although we are all happy that you guys can edit again, it would be very much appreciated if hiatus statements were released at the beginning of the breaks (when you guys think that you wont be able to edit for a while) and not afterwords. Even a simple notice is better then radiosilence for us readers.

  7. I am glad you are back, but sad that you have been having a rough time. Take your time, I will wait however long you need 😁

  8. Welcome back. This was one of my go-to and must read Korean Novels out in the dark web. Glad that you guys got through all RL struggles.

    I am looking forward for Colossi Hunter and Poten. Colossi hunter is one of my anticipated novels after reading a few chapters from the past translaor.

    I hope you guys finish things out well and hope to read more of MC Hides his Strength.

    More power.

  9. Love you guys and missed you. Thank you so much for still thinking of us even after all this time. Slow and steady wins the race.

  10. Take care yourself.
    If said got already stockpiles of chapters days passed since editing.
    Then update some more not just 1 chap in a week.
    Main Character Hides His Strength is my fav to this site.

    And welcome back and jolly early Merry Xmas!

  11. Oh my gosh, welcome back! Your personal lives are important so go do what you gotta do. Just let us know from time to time about delays or how you all were doing. We do care about how you, as translators, are doing too.

  12. I’m your all back and about the hiatus don’t worry about people have their lives to manage plus with the situation mentioned I would be more shock if you guys still translated while dealing that situation. You don’t need to immediately release chapters just give announcements that keep people updated on the progress of the novels translation.

  13. ‘comes back after a 6 month unexplained hiatus’
    ‘leave for another unexplained 6 month’

  14. “I again would like to apologize to everyone for the unnannounced hiatus. We never thought it would last this long. We handled it wrongly by not informing you guys.”

    Glad you learned from past mistakes.

  15. Sounds like you have it rough, I hope Gamja and your mother gets better! 😀

    If you Gamja or your mother would be interested in trying something out, I would recommend looking into the keto diet(not a temporary thing but a lifestyle), which is said to help with cancer treatments and multiple people have been able to get off their medications, it is a strict LCHF diet so not everyone has the willpower to change.

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