An update on Current and Future Novels

Hello all this is No1Oppa here

This post is mainly to keep our readers updated on what’s going on behind the scenes and about the progress on the novels we are working on.

Current Novels

  1. Master Hunter K- We are still waiting for author to send us the next chapter hence there hasn’t been a chapter release of this yet.
  2. Main Character hides his Strength- We are working on it. Releases have been slow and I’ll discuss the reason why below.
  3. Chemistry- This novel is translated by Gamja and it’s pretty difficult to translate plus due to his day job and other work here he isn’t able to do a lot hence the releases are slow. We are trying to change this.

Upcoming novels

  1. Poten- We are making steady progress on this one. Over 50 chapters have been translated and the checker and editor is currently working on it and getting enough chapters ready for us to do a mass release. We are aiming for a 20+ chapter release on release day of the novel followed by a steady stream of chapters with a good schedule. We dont want this to go slowly like our current novels and so we are stocking up a good number of chapters and the team working on potenย is a separate team that is solely dedicated to potenย alone.
  2. Colossi Hunter- The translator has done over 100 chapters of translation on this one but none have been checked and edited. Why? It’s because our focus right now is on Poten. We were unable to find the right person to check and edit this novel till now and the one we found has been assigned on Poten. The others with us are working on our current novels and simply do not have the time to give here. After Poten release we will focus on this novel’s release in earnest.

Lastly, I’d like to inform everyone that the condition right now in my family hasn’t been well. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer and her treatment is about to begin. It is a very heavy time mentally and physically for us and I have a lot of added responsibility on my shoulders suddenly. This has resulted in me being unable to edit faster which is causing delay in main character hides his strength chapter releases and a delay in other areas that I work in here. Life just dosen’t ever go as planned.

I wanted to keep you my readers informed as we aren’t really the best at communicating but we want you to know that we are trying our best.

Thank you

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  1. Just glad we have an update on what’s going on! Take the time you need, there are plenty of stories out there, but you only get one family. Hope things get better for you!

  2. Aye, I wish you and your family the best of luck. Stay strong! Also waiting for final chapters for Master Hunter K so I can finish it in one fell swoop.

    1. This is so heartless. You should have your ip permanently blocked from visiting oppatranslations.

    2. Can comment flagging be turned on so we can report / ban this guy? Children who can’t play without a stick up their ass should just leave. Prayers for your mom, hope everything goes well.

    3. WTH!?
      Same wish goes for your mom, may she never gave birth another like you!

      And for No1Oppa, sorry about your mom, hope her treatment goes well, and you may consider some permanent ban on unwanted individuals.

  3. I am sorry to know about your mother. I wish you and your family the strength to resist this troubling times. Hope your mother recuperates from this and beat the cancer down.

  4. Take all the time you need we can wait just focus on your family hope your situation gets better

  5. Hello, I have so many comments on any site that could be counted with the fingers on my hand.

    This however deserves a comment from me, even though I am not an active follower of this site.

    I find it good that you guys give background information how everything goes, that in my opinion is a big step in hooking up with the readers and give us insight on our expectations.

    Hope the best for your personal live and solutions to the other translation diffculties.

    kind regards, a big ass leecher

  6. Thanks, as for cancer treatment I wish you luck, and from personal experience – be positive(thought it’s hard for most ppl in this situation) coz i had same situation(mother), father paniced non-stop for half a year and thought he was 100% cancer-free(checked himself too) he catched it from nothing. Well all ended well for me, so hope it will be same for you.

  7. i feel sorry for the translator of Colossi Hunter,,he translated over than 100 chapter!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ i wonder how much time ou spent every day translating
    Let’s be frank, you should find an another translating site, there is no way you can become successful here

  8. To the few entitled fucks above me, OppaTL does not owe you anything. If they release it – cool, if not… well you’re SOL, quit barking.

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