Master Hunter K – Chapter 157 is out!

Hey everyone! Important announcement before you read the chapter-

Rin the translator has been trying to obtain his Certified Public Accountant Certification. Sadly he wasn’t able to clear his AICPA test and has to give another attempt on 15 November. So he is studying for it.
Gamja got a sick leave from work for this week to get a checkup done regarding his present health condition. We will be removing scheduled release rate as there is no point keeping it when we aren’t able to meet it nor we will be able to at the current scenario. We will try release whenever we can.

The current pace I know is slow but it won’t be slower than this as this is what we are able to manage with the current difficulties we are facing. Please bear with us. Thank you

Chapter 157 – Great Plains of Barrastan (8)

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  1. Good luck with all the difficulties~ ^^.

    Well, the novel is soon to be finished in about 25 chapters, so we’ll just have to wait XD!

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