Main Character hides his Strength Book 1 is out!

Hey, everybody! No1oppa here

The book has finally been released across all regions:) You can get it here

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The book has been edited thoroughly and currently sits at a bit over 129k words from Prologue to Chapter 55 and contains 4 exclusive illustrations which were commissioned specially for this release. So it is THE definitive edition.

It’s been a tough July month for us as we pushed hard towards completing edits and various other things and I can’t tell how good it feels seeing the product of our love and labor being finally released.

I’d like to thank the team for bearing with my sometimes not so cool schedule, our patrons who have supported us through Patreon and Paypal which has helped us along these months to continue doing what we do and our readers (especially the ones who disable adblock :p) for being our audience (seriously without an audience all of this would have been meaningless) and lastly the Author for supporting us in this initiative.

We wish to provide the work in print and audio format someday. We can’t right now due to the massive expenditure that entails with it. So hoping for the best with the ebook! ^^

11 thoughts on “Main Character hides his Strength Book 1 is out!”

  1. FYI, 6 hours ago I received an email from Amazon about my order failing. Looking into it, it turned out to relate to the original preorder from weeks ago that was taken down, not the second pre-order. Everything with the second preorder was fine. Just putting it out there in case someone might understandably misunderstand the email and accidentally make a THIRD order when the second one is good.

    1. Amazon was supposed to send that a week ago but it’s great system is so fast that it sent it today right at release that might lead to misunderstanding with those who pre-ordered.

    1. Hi
      So today when the book had released we had pushed out our final update on the ebook as well. We have been working on completing it and wanted to first get it done before going nooks and kobo and iBooks. Now it’s done and we are submitting it to the stores today. Will take 2-3 days for them to put it up on store. So u can expect it by Monday or Tuesday max. Thank you

  2. Sungchul is saving the world now for him to personally destroy it in the future. LoL. There must be a reason why he became a calamity in the future. Maybe he is still trying to save the world at that time or he already grew tired of it.

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