Master Hunter K – Chapter 127 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s the 3rd guaranteed chapter of the week!

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Chapter 127 – Kariharan Frostplains (6)

4 thoughts on “Master Hunter K – Chapter 127 is out!”

  1. Thanks, but I dont get it how your schedules are worked but it seems somethings off, no chapter for 4 days yet is 3 graduated chapter of the week, when is was actually Tuesday, I mean, really?

    Hope you guys back from when this series started, where everything was so good. But ofcourse, RL already take them right? Please don’t get it wrong.

    I wish I could read Koreans, must be great.

    1. This 3rd chap is last week’s not this.

      The way we update schedule is like last week we released 2 not 3 so now we released third. The next chap this week will have 1st guaranteed chap written on it.

      So release remains same. We aren’t skipping it. 3rd here is last week’s not this. It’s just the way we post.

      We do want to release more but delays happen due to our life priorities coming in the way. As you can see we don’t even have a ‘sponsored chapters’ system of either mhk or mchhs because we just don’t have the time to translate it at the quality we aim at. We don’t push out hurried ok tled chaps. We spend lot of time on each to do our best.

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