Master Hunter K – Chapter 110 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s the 1st guaranteed chapter of the week!

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We made some changes earlier on the website. You may have realised especially mobile readers that it’s now quite smooth. Earlier there was a bit of lag on website on mobile. We cleaned up the code a bit and removed an ad unit from both phones and pc. So it should be working great now. I hope that y’all have our website whitelisted on your adblocks. The ad revenue and your support is our bread.

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Chapter 110 – Red Dragon’s Lair (16)

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  1. my ad block is getting an ad every .5 seconds on my pc, if i try to access your site on my kindle the ads are so cpu intensive i cant even scroll… what the fuck did you do….

    1. The issue u r facing is because a while back we disabled a caching plugin and modified a setting as a bug has popped up regarding ads and we are fixing it currently. Please be patient. Sorry about the inconvenience

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