Main Character Hides His Strength – Chapter 41 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s the 4th guaranteed chapter of the week!

We will be reducing the schedule a bit to 3 a week as we have to clear the chapters and this catching up has been quite difficult. We are currently burning ourselves badly over the schedule (I’m posting this chap at 4:30 am my time not website time….haven’t slept). With only 2 translators on 2 novels while simultaneously checking as well has been quite taxing for us. I hope you the readers understand. Thank you

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Chapter 41 – Difficult Assignment (1)

6 thoughts on “Main Character Hides His Strength – Chapter 41 is out!”

  1. Thanks a bunch for all you do! Main Character is definitely one of my favorites out there and you guys do an amazing job. Thanks for the work you do!

  2. if there is an issue with too much work most translators put out a post asking for someone good at editing to help. If tere are too many of them than they give a test and narrow it down that way

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