Master Hunter K – Chapter 65 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s the 3rd guaranteed chapter of the week!

Some readers have been asking that by working on more novels will our current output of chapters decrease for existing ones? Or will it delay the chaps?

I will be clarifying this here. Yes, it will affect us but we will not lower our chapter release rate(4 a week). Each new novel we are working and will work on is being done by a different translator. We also believe in quality releases and to maintain that we do a check on each chapter that is not of mhk to see how others are translating it. Helping like this takes time, creating pressure on us, however, this quality check is required as a translator takes time some 10-20 chaps to get the hang of it, know the correct terms etc. We can easily release chapters with well done edits and you readers will not notice any minor flaws here and there as you can’t read the Korean raws, but we don’t want to be such a group. We want to convey the author’s words in the best possible way we can. Quality matters to us. As we pick up more novels we will be checking each of them and soon a translator won’t require checks anymore after a while but a new one might take his place. To grow OppaTranslations we just cannot translate only mhk, our aim is to provide you, the readers, various types of novels. And as I have said before, we will not decrease our release rate. We do not do sponsored chapters, if you enjoy our work and would like to support us you may through paypal or patreon. Thank you

Sorry about the long note. Enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 65 – Tahrakhan Plateau (10)

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