Master Hunter K – Chapter 64 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s the 2nd guaranteed chapter of the week!

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Also, I would like to announce that we have started work on our 3rd novel – ‘Chemi’. Expected release is in Feb.

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Chapter 64 – Tahrakhan Plateau (9)

5 thoughts on “Master Hunter K – Chapter 64 is out!”

      1. wouldnt it be better to have 2 novels with a fair pace instead of 3 novels so slow it feels like none of them are getting anywhere? it just is really a bummer for fans who like one of the novels and not the rest.

          1. if you had done ANY research donateing to this series has no effect on the speed and bonus chapters are a thing of the past when they didnt use to do mchhs. and now they dont have the time for it. in fact it seems if i donate or not master hunter k will receive no speed up and eventually be slowed down with the third novel.

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