Master Hunter K – Chapter 028 is out! Plus Announcement please read

Hello everybody! Here’s today’s scheduled chapter, it is also the 30th chapter! Another small milestone achieved in a long journey ahead 🙂

With this we also have some announcements to make. It is regarding our chapter release schedule, donations and Ads. So I hope you read them before clicking on the chapter link 🙂


We have decided to remove sponsored chapter queue; There will no longer be ‘sponsored chapters’.

Before, we promised to release an extra chapter each time the queue filled up. But this gave the impression that we are somehow ‘locking up’ chapters behind a paywall.

We aren’t using donations as a pay wall. And so we have decided to do away with the donation queue model, and instead  release as often as we can manage. Does this affect our release rate? It does not; Instead we are increasing our release rate.

Donations have and always been a way of helping us get by. Pay our server costs, motivate us to spend hours on translating. A donation of any amount, big or small, helps us. If you enjoy our work please consider supporting us with a donation 🙂

The shout-out column will stay. If the donor does not want to be named we will keep it as Anonymous.


Before we were releasing chapter every alternative day which resulted in 7 chapters in 2 weeks (14 days).

We have decided to bump it up to 4 scheduled chapters a week. This means 8 chapters will be released in 2 weeks time frame(14 days). So you will see an increase in the number of releases by a bit. 🙂

Also if we are able to translate more chapters in a week than the scheduled releases then we will post them ASAP. So going forward, you are guaranteed 4 chapters per week, plus more if we get around to it.

So long story short; on a weekly basis, you will see more chapters on our site based on our availability (Minimum of 4).


Our website now has ads. A note here. We promise you there will be NO VIDEO ADS  ANYWHERE regardless of whether or not you use PC OR MOBILE to access our site.

All ads are text or image ads ONLY.

So please consider adding our website to your whitelist to help support our projects. If you see any disturbing ads, please take a print screen and report the problem to us. We will do our best to follow up.

Also, there is a small widget on your top right. You can now change the color of the website to white with the fonts being black with its help. You can also increase/ decrease the font size as well. To go back to default click clear cookies.

Thank You for reading 🙂

Here’s the chapter! Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 028 – Giant’s Canyon (6)

9 thoughts on “Master Hunter K – Chapter 028 is out! Plus Announcement please read”

  1. I truly appreciate your concerns about the donation feeling and I would donate money if I weren y a poor student, thank you realy much for the hardwork!

  2. It’s nice to see that your realease speed will increase, Master Hunter K seems to be a good novel with a good TL team behind so far 🙂

    I hope you won’t suffer too much from lack of donations, people tend to bitch a lot about anything so don’t try to take those comments to heart. Anyways i’m adding your site to my whitelist o/

    1. Thanks 🙂 nobody bitched about it, some inquired but that’s not a problem 🙂 we decided it in our own. To let go of the sponsored chapter model. We only had 1 till yet anyways. We decided to keep donations as donations. If a reader likes it and would like to support us he is welcome to 🙂 we will continue to work hard and provide you the readers a quality read

      Thanks for whitelisting the website ^^

  3. Having a donation queue never really felt right to me. I can understand why it´s there and since everything is free I don`t have a real problem with it, but it is so prevelent that it is the standard now. Internet translations are still very new and I think the translators should be able to make money from their work, but other ways to generate income are just better in my opinion. Nothing beats the reliability of patreon for example. With time and an increase in readers more and more translators will hopefully move away from the donation queue and look towards other ways of making money from their work.
    Big props for moving away from it, I´ll consider donating if my financial situation allows it even if it isn`t for extra chapters 🙂

  4. You guys are a lifesaver. I always feel bad when I have adblock on, but some TL’s website have so many video ads loading that I can’t read anything properly. Thank you for taking our viewing quality into consideration.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 We understand that as readers it lags the website especially on phones and increases data consumption plus a drain on battery. It is why we decided to not have video ads even though it’s quite lucrative in comparison to text and image ads. We just hope that readers in return would whitelist our website ^^

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