Main Character Hides His Strength Chapter 1 is out!

Hey everybody 🙂 Many if you have been waiting for the release and here it is!

If you haven’t read the Prologue then click here to read it – Prologue

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Chapter 1 – Summoning Palace (1)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 50 is out!

Hey everybody 🙂 Here’s the second guaranteed chapter of the week!

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Chapter 50 – Count Dimitri’s Castle Ruins (6)

Main Character Hides His Strength Prologue released!

Hey everybody 🙂

With this post, I’ll be spoiling the surprise for those who haven’t read chapter 48 of mhk but had to create it for novelupdates submission.

I’m proud to announce the release of our second project ‘Main Character Hides His Strength’

It is an ongoing novel on munpia with 207 chapters written till now and it is also one of the top novels on munpia 🙂

The novel is being translated by NaturalRice with KitKat as its editor, we are glad to have them in our team!

So here’s the Prologue! There will also be a mass release of chapters for the novel tomorrow ^^ Enjoy 🙂


Master Hunter K – Chapter 48 is out!

Hello everybody! and Merry Christmas 🙂 Here’s the fourth guaranteed chapter of the week.

We have changed the chapter numberings removing the ‘0’ before the chapter numbers.

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Enjoy! Also, we have a special surprise for you readers.

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Chapter 48 – Count Dimitri’s Castle Ruins (4)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 047 is out!

Hello everybody 🙂 Here’s the third guaranteed chapter of the week!

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Chapter 047 – Count Dimitri’s Castle Ruins (3)