Recruiting Translators and Editors

Hello everybody πŸ™‚:) Oppatranlsations is looking for some passionate people who would like to contribute towards translations.

We are looking for Korean translators. We have another work with permission to translate but we are already occupied with Master Hunter K and so are unable to start work on it. However, if the person has a novel in his/her mind that he/she would like to translate we are happy to hear you out as well :)
(Note: If the translator wants to work on a different novel then we will be reaching out to the author to gain permission first. We will NOT start work on any novel without giving prior intimation and gaining permission from the author to translate the work)
Candidate will be given a chapter to translate by us. We do not demand perfect English work. No, that’s the editor’s job to ensure. We just want to test how well the meaning has been preserved between the original and the translated work.

We have some readers even from South Korea so please do apply for translator position if you want to give it a shot as well!

Interested people can mail me at

We are also looking for Editors. We need dedicated people with a good hold on the English language. If you are fluent and have never tried editing you may still apply as I believe we can all take up new challenges!
A translated chapter will be given to you which you must edit. If the results are good you’re in!

A note here. We want people who can really put in work and hit schedules. We maintain an alternative day schedule (which is 7 chaps in 2 weeks) for Master Hunter K as regular release. At the minimum we want the novel to have 3 chapters a week of regular release so being able hit the schedules on time is a must.
Terms can be discussed in private :)
So if you wanna give it a spin come join Oppatranslations!

Master Hunter K – Chapter 014 is out!

Hey everybody! Here is today’s scheduled chapter πŸ™‚ I’m also proud to announce that work on our self hosted website has been going well ! Do support us if you like our work

The next chapter will be released on Saturday as per schedule (release on every alternative day) unless a sponsored chapter’s queue clears. Enjoy!

Chapter 014 – Black Market Second Shopping

Master Hunter K Chapter 012 is out!

Hey everybody:) Here is another great release of Master Hunter K!

From today we will be releasing chapters of Master Hunter K every alternative day. Previously we had posted that we would provide 3 chapters a week but now we have decided on releasing a chapter every alternative day instead:) This actually means an extra chapter every 2 weeks compared to before πŸ™‚ Next chapter will be out on Tuesday then as per schedule:)

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Chapter 012 – Ahenna’s Forest (5)

Master Hunter K Chapter 011 is out!

Hello everybody πŸ™‚ We present to you another great chapter of Master Hunter K!

This is our 13th release and with this, we conclude the opening week daily chapter release. Our schedule will now be a chapter every alternating day instead.

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Chapter 011 – Ahenna’s Forest (4)

Master Hunter K Chapter-008 is out!

Hello everybody:) Here is today’s chapter of Master Hunter K! This our 10th chapter so a small milestone in a long journey has been achieved!

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Chapter 008 – Ahenna’s Forest(1)

Master Hunter K Chap 007 is out!

Hello everybody:) We were very happy with how happy the readers were reading the novel. So we decided that the first week that is till this Saturday we will release 1 chapter daily for free and from the next we will continue with our schedule of 3 chapters a week.

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Chapter 007-Black Market First Shopping